Interesting Things

Interesting Things from Smiley CentralThis is where the Interesting Things are posted. The PLUS in the blog name is for non-bird articles. Many are from Creation Moments.

Interesting Things from posts:

Bird Related:

Fleas, Birds, and Tools

Bird Evolution


Lyre Bird

Bird School

Reversible Wings: Mystery or Creativity?

Feathered Pilots

Wise and Calculating Owls

Bird Intelligence

A Lesson from the Stork

Amazing Bird Migration

One in a Billion Shots

World War I Hero – Cher Ami

Birds’ Unique Leg Structure Says No Evolution

“Darwin’s Finches” – No Proof of Evolution

Interesting Things – Not So Bird-Brained

Creation Moments’ – Designed For Flight

A Noisy, Bird Brained Harem

Eggs-ellent Examples of Design

Plus Related:

Pictures from an E-mail

Interesting Things – Dragonfly

Interesting Things – Dragonflies II

Amazing Giraffe


Techy Ants


Animals Can Tell Right From Wrong

Ark, No Meat, Creator, Plus

Similar Features Show Design – ICR

Interesting Things – Ron DiCianni’s Painting of the Resurrection

More Interesting Things from Creation Moments:

Tangled Tree of Life

What Do Chickens Talk About?

Do Birds Truly Make Music?

Listening to Plant.

Hornbills That Understand Monkey

Impacting Lives All Over God’s Creation!

Where Do Instincts Come From?

Amazing Butterfly

Butterfly Colors

Dinosaur Blood

Loving Poison Dart Frog

Most Interesting Sounds Never Heard

Mantis’s Hearing

Leaf With An Appetite

Grand Canyon and Squirrels

The Eygptian “Crocodile Bird” Plover

A Whale Problem

Tool-Using Animals

Largest Creature on Earth

Meerkat School

A Few Questions For Evolutionists


How The Seahorse Got Its Square Tail – Re-post

Interesting Things from Our Daily Bread:

Bird Song

Call of the Chickadees

Helpful Honks

Eagle Flight

Free-Falling (Eagle)

Shrike System

Beautiful and Broken (Tanager)

Pigeon Walk

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