Egyptian Plover, Pit before Promotion…

After I read Lee’s article on the Egyptian Plover, a few thoughts flashed by.. And here am I with them… The Egyptian Plover is a localised resident in tropical sub-Saharan Africa. It breeds on sandbars in large rivers. Its two or three eggs are not incubated, but are buried in warm sand, temperature control being achieved … Continue reading

Article in the Fountain – Our Church Blog

But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand. (Isaiah 64:8 KJV) Birdwatching is not the only thing taking up my time these days. If you read the following article about our upcoming Ladies Retreat, you will discover another … Continue reading

Ian’s Bird of the Week – White-streaked Honeyeater

Ian’s Bird of the Week – White-streaked Honeyeater

Ian’s Bird of the Week – White-streaked Honeyeater ~ by Ian Montgomery (Australia) Newsletter ~ 09/23/11 Of the 4 species at the top of my wanted list on the trip to Iron Range, this one, the White-streaked Honeyeater, took the most effort to find and I found it only at the last possible location on … Continue reading

Interesting Things – Hummingbird Courtship Songs

Just received an interesting article from the Birdwatching Magazine Newsletter. Research has been going on about how the Hummingbird produces sound by the way they spread their tail. The vibrations send out sounds that they use for courtship. “As a diving bird spreads its tail, the motion exposes the tail feathers to air, causing it … Continue reading

Birdwatching – Lakes Hollingsworth and Morton in September

Dan and I finally found a little time to go birdwatching, and since I was sore from a fall, decided to just go to Lake Hollingsworth and Lake Morton in Lakeland, Florida. Neither require a lot of walking, but we can always find something worth looking at. Both lakes had some great finds. Lake Hollingsworth … Continue reading

Interesting Things – The Egyptian “Crocodile Bird” Plover

 I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which thou hast shewed unto thy servant…” (Genesis 32:10a) How would you like to be a dental hygienist for a crocodile? That’s how the crocodile bird makes his living. Of course, you do need to know that the crocodile … Continue reading

Ian’s Bird of the Week – Magnificent Riflebird

Ian’s Bird of the Week – Magnificent Riflebird ~ by Ian Montgomery Newsletter – 9/12/11 We’ve been dealing with Birds of Paradise for the last couple of birds of the week, so here’s another one from Iron Range, the Magnificent Riflebird. This, like the Trumpet Manucode is easier to hear than see as it spends … Continue reading

Some Very Unusual Birds

The following photos are from an e-mail I received. It has arrived many times from various friends. I don’t know who the photographers are and trust that they do not mind them being presented here. What I do know is that these very unusual birds have a very Imaginative Creator. For His pleasure He created … Continue reading

Birds of the Bible – Created Kinds

An interesting “News To Note” from Answers in Genesis reported on an article from BBC: “Species count put at 8.7 million” The following paragraphs are what prompted this blog. Created kinds are organisms representing or descended from those originally created by God about 6,000 years ago. Organisms within a created kind generally interbreed and produce only … Continue reading

Ian’s Bird of the Week – Trumpet Manucode

Ian’s Bird of the Week – Trumpet Manucode ~ by Ian Montgomery Newsletter ~ 9/6/11 I’m back home now after the 2 week trip to Cape York and happy to be able to provide the hoped-for Bird of Paradise, the Trumpet Manucode, as bird of the week. Your collective moral/spiritual support clearly worked again, as … Continue reading