Introducing Another Guest Author – A. J. Mithra

A. J. has offered some of his articles for publishing here. He is a music teacher and an amateur birder. He and his family like to sing and worship the Lord together. They live in Chennai, India. He is a worship leader and an evangelist. One of his main burdens is to encourage people to worship not just when everything is fine, but to worship and serve the Lord even during the darkest and toughest times. He also has a passion to help youngsters and kids to know the Lord through nature. “Above all, I would like to be introduced as a worshiper of Yeshua.”

A. J. has many short sayings, poems, and articles that are going to be made available to use. He and I are both thanking the Lord for letting us work together on this. We both want to honor the Lord through what we are doing. By telling about the fantastic birds which the Lord has created, and being challenged, we trust our readers will receive not only knowledge, but a blessing.

Below are two examples of his writings:

Spiritual Catastrophe

Good ground - American Yellow Warbler (Dendroica aestiva) by J Fenton

American Yellow Warbler (Dendroica aestiva) by J Fenton

If birds
don’t sing,
they wouldn’t find
a mate
if they don’t find a mate,
there would be
no reproduction…
If there is no reproduction,
there would a major
Ecological disaster…
If we don’t worship,
the presence of the LORD
wouldn’t be there,
If the presence of the LORD
is missing,
the church would be empty,
If the churches are empty
there would be a
Spiritual catastrophe…


If they do not eat well
they would surely die
the night before…

Savannah Sparrow singing by Ray

Savannah Sparrow singing by Ray

That’s why,
the birds sing at dawn,
to advertise to the world
they are still alive
and that,
they are ready to face
another tough day ahead
in life…

Each new morning,
most of us grumble at the thought of
facing another hectic day..

If only we sing unto the LORD
at all times,
life would be far more beautiful
than what it is now..

After all, the joy of the LORD
Is our strength isn’t it?

Did you sing for the LORD
this morning?
Why I ask you this
is cos,
those who are dead never sing..

Do they?

For You, O LORD, have made me glad by what You have done, I will sing for joy at the works of Your hands. (Psalms 92:4 NASB)

To see more of A. J.’s articles – Click Here

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