Using Whatever Talent the Lord Has Given You

Thought I would share an article that I wrote for our church blog (The Fountain).

As many of you know, around Faith Baptist, I am known as the “Bird Lady.” Also many have read the “Birds of the Bible” articles of the past. How did this come about?

When I was 16 years old (1960) I accepted the Lord as my Saviour and thus began my journey with the Lord. The Lord allowed me to attend Bob Jones University through the War Orphans Fund (my father died as a result of the war and my mother died when I was 13). Not being from an educational family (D+ average in high school), I struggled academically, but the desire to finish was strong. I finished my degree 16 years after I started with a Bible major. I had tried many majors, but never found what I wanted.

While we were on vacation this summer, we attended a friend’s church and they were questioning things that became a turning point in our lives. There were various testimonies given and then I remembered one that changed me. In 1979, Dan and I purchased our first computer, a Radio Shack Model I. I spent hours teaching myself all about it and learning to program. That computer and the many since gave me a direction and a niche for me to fill. I always told the Lord that I just didn’t have any talents to offer Him. Long story short, I became a computer teacher and ended up even getting a Masters degree in Computer Education.

Sunbittern at Lowry Park Zoo by Dan

In the late 80’s I became a birdwatcher. A naturalist at our local park became my mentor. I had always loved the out of doors and enjoyed watching God’s creation, but could not put many names on what I saw. Birds are just so beautiful and show the Lord’s creative hand so much. I am just amazed and love watching them. Another niche!

Now there were three important parts to my life; the Lord, computers and birds. (Of course Dan is there also) My desire and prayers were that the Lord would let me blend those three things into some sort of ministry for Him. It began by doing five-minute presentations to a junior Sunday School class each week. When we moved up here to Faith, I couldn’t find an outlet to do my bird presentations until the Lord, through Stephen, let me start doing the “Birds of the Bible” on the blog here.

I started my own blog to learn how to do the articles. Now, the Lord is blessing my blog by letting the “Birds of the Bible” and many other Christian birdwatching articles be read by people all over the world. And, now, I am the “Bird Lady” and I thank the Lord for His Love and Grace to let me be called by that name.

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. (Jeremiah 33:3 KJV)

My prayer and challenge for the readers is that you also will let the Lord use what ever talent or gift you have for Him. Maybe you love bugs, flowers, music, or whatever. Maybe you are an encourager, good cook, child sitter, nursery worker, like to visit the sick, etc. We all have something that the Lord has given us. Let the Lord use what you have for Him so that we can help reach others with the Gospel and God’s Love.

Gospel Message

Wordless Birds


14 thoughts on “Using Whatever Talent the Lord Has Given You

  1. Lee, even ten years after you wrote this ‘about’, your testimony is still at work in others. I got saved in 1993 and, at the time, I was already a wildlife enthusiast. For a long period of time, I supressed my love of the outdoors, wildlife and photogaphy thinking it wasn’t much of a spiritual pursuit nor any benefit to the Kingdom. But in the last five years or so, I had been asking God for a way to merge my spiritual passion with my wildlife passion and photography talents. Then God brought your blog across my path. I saw how easily these paths merge and was totally inspired to make my birding blogs much more spiritual in content. Thank you again for all you do here on and for allowing me the liberty to guest post articles. It has been a real blessing. William

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    • Thank you so much for the reminder of why this blog is here. The Lord has truly blessed it, and me for doing it. Also, for sending you and Dr. Jim, Emma, and others along the way to add posts.

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  2. Lee – thank you so much for Inviting me to your personal “birding” world. You are an amazingly talented and faithful lady. It is obvious that you have found your many gifts from the Lord. I have some as well, and the ones that you see each week that I enjoy sharing with you and many others. Carol-Lee


    • Thank you, Carol Lee. I am trying to be faithful for my Lord and use whatever He gives. It appears you have different talents, as the Lord likes variety, and you are using yours. Thanks for being such a great Weight Watcher leader.


  3. Hello Lee,
    I am so excited to find your blog! I very recently started a blog aimed at encouraging believers as we live by faith and walk in love. I also love birds! After one ornithology class in college I was hooked! I have been keeping a birding journal and was thinking, “maybe I could start a bird blog too.” I was looking to see what bird blogs were already out there and was thrilled to find yours! I love the way you glorify God with your passion and knowledge. Thank you for sharing! This is such an encouragement! Thank you so much! :-)


    • Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for stopping by and if we can assist you in any way with your new blog, let us know. If you would like to contribute articles here, that is also a possibility. Lord bless you in your encouraging of believers.


  4. My goodness, I found the gang all here. Lee, I will join in and say I love your testimony and can relate. I never knew you had your masters—quite the accomplishment! Yes, God has been good to you and all who have been called according to His purpose. Jesus Christ is gracious to lift us up and set us in ministry, even by increasing our gifts at times. Solomon prayed for the gift of wisdom and few have ever matched his. Only a minority of people can match your computer geek skills, Lee. You have assisted me tremendously. I am most grateful.

    Thank you so much for sharing with the cyberspace world.


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