Oops! Forgot a Few!

Rainbow Lorikeet at Lowry Pk Zoo by Dan

Rainbow Lorikeet at Lowry Pk Zoo by Dan

Oops! Forgot a Few! (follow-up to Updated Birds of the World to I.O.C. 3.1 – Subspecies Definitions)

Guess I was too big a hurry to say I was finished. Realized that I forgot all 40 Order pages and the main Introductory Index pages. After updating almost 50 more pages, “I think” I am finished with the I.O.C. 3.1 Version update.

There was more that needed to be said, so, will do that now.

Now that the names are up to date for now, I am going to go back through each Family page and try to work on them more slowly. Hope to find more photographs for the species that are missing. Now that the “subspecies” are listed, photos for those need to be found. If you are a photographer of birds or know of any that would be willing to let their photos be used here, please contact me at: Lee@Leesbird.com. A link will be provided to your photo site or theirs in the sidebar under Photography and at the bottom of each Family page that uses a photo of yours. Or other arrangements could be made. Photography sites that list the bird’s names are the most useful. (Otherwise I have no clue as to what the bird is, especially ones from around the world.)

Also, there will other items added to the Family pages. Some general facts about the overall family will be added. Our Life List of All Birds Seen (*LLABS*) will be indicated by individual birds that we have seen. Will try to find a photo we took, besides the good ones from photographers that we use (see above).

I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your works; I muse on the work of Your hands. (Psalms 143:5 NKJV)

Aren’t we thankful that when the LORD created the world and all that is in them, that he didn’t say, “Oops! I forgot…..?” We may make mistakes and miss a few items, but God is Perfect and nothing He does is ever a MISTAKE.


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