Staying Close To The Father

Thought you would enjoy this post from a Christian friend on WordPress


Three years ago two things happened, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and earlier that year he gave me a camera for my birthday. At first I wished he had got me an ipad, but now I would never trade my camera for anything. Those close to me soon got tired of my taking pictures of them, so I decided to look for more willing subjects.

While my husband was recuperating we would go on slow walking adventures and that is where I developed my love for nature photography. Even when I couldn’t get to go out in nature, I still had the desire to be photographing, so I decided to bring it to my backyard.

The following photos are taken from my kitchen, where it is now a joy to stay and linger, also making cooking less of a chore.

“Give us this day our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11…

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