American Robin (Turdus migratorius) eating by Jim Fenton

American Robin (Turdus migratorius) eating by Jim Fenton

Guest Authors

Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book! (Job 19:23 KJV)

Below are the links to the Guest Authors who have given permission to either publish or reprint their articles. We are very thankful to them for the added input to this blog. They are all very talented writers and I enjoy their way of expressing themselves. All of them are striving to honor the Lord in what they write.

At their pages there is a list of the articles that are produced here with links to them.
Also Written:
Dorothy (Dottie) Belle Malcolm’s:

Emma Foster:

Emma Stories (Now a regular)

Stephen Simpson’s:

 James J. S. Johnson

Other Writers

Guest Writers From the Past:


16 thoughts on “Guest

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  2. Lee, I love your website & will have to start spending some time here now that I know how to find it.
    Birds are interesting to look at & watch. Especially the birds that mate for life.
    Birds don’t stock pile their food or water but God provides daily for their needs.

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  3. Hello Lee, I love your website. Glad to see other Christian birdwatchers out there.

    I have a birdwatching/wildlife blog that needs more exposure, and I think if I had a guest article on your site it’d help it tremendously.

    Do you accept guest articles? If so, I would love to write one and I promise that the article I write will meet your expectations.

    By the way, I am experienced in birdwatching and wildlife in general so I will run a topic by you if you want me to write one.

    Cheers, Harper Moses

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  4. What a worthy blogsite! Perhaps you would be interested to read a short devotional I wrote, about the Holy Land’s migratory STORK (in light of Jeremiah 8:7), which devotional is posted on . If you like it, tell me say so (note: my work email is There are som emore article I have written about birds, form a Christian perspective, that I’ll happily send you the links on, or PDFs, if you are interested. For example, I also wrote an articl ecalled “Of Grackles and Gratittude” which is posted at . > JJSJ


  5. I’m a Christian artist and have recently done 6 paintings of birds: a Yellow Warbler, 2 paintings of Cardinals, an Eastern Bluebird, an Eastern Yellow Robin (Australia), and a Bohemian Waxwing. I found your sight while searching for Bible verses about birds. Would it be appropriate or possible for me to share my paintings of birds on your sight? If so, I’d be happy for you to look at them prior to my post.


    • Very nice website, JB. I would definately reccomen it to all ohio birders or those in search of a eagle cam. I also agree with your comment about this website. It is very nice.


  6. Interesting blog. I think you will appreciate my latest blog entry (Hymns of the Faith) at

    You might also want to read a book I am using for homeschool. It is called Animal Life in Field and Garden. It is not exclusively about birds, but there is quite a bit about them.


    • Thanks, Joanna. Checked out your blog and looks like you are just getting started. Good luck in your endeavors. Did you check out our Birds in Hymns section?


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