3 thoughts on “Black Butcherbird (Melloria quoyi) by Ian

  1. I have a pair of Black Butcherbirds visiting my verandah daily (often frequently each day) pilfering my cats’ dry food. They are not flighty when approached but will not allow you to get closer than 1-2 metres.
    They are a joy to observe and have a beautiful call. They generally call out when they land – perhaps advising me that the bowl is empty or warning the cats to stay away? I don’t think the cats pose much of a threat to the butcherbirds with those beaks…
    I have taken to supplying some biscuits out of the cats’ reach – is this a big no no???


    • Black Butcherbirds occur only in coastal areas of Queensland, the Northern Territory and in Papua New Guinea and like densely forested areas such as rainforest and mangroves. They are related to Australian Magpies and, more distantly, to crows and are highly intelligent and can probably look after themselves when it comes to cats. I don’t think feeding wild birds is a problem, though some people disapprove. Butcherbirds have the most beautiful calls and among the best Australian songsters. You’ll find photos of all four species here: http://birdway.com.au/artamini/index_aus.htm .
      Best wishes, Ian


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