Birdwatching Tips

Articles and links to Birdwatching Tips:

Birdwatching Tips #1

Birdwatching Tips #2

How To Identify A Bird

Birdwatching Terms – About’s Bird Bill Parts

Birdwatching From A Christian Perspective – Lesson

ID Body Parts

Heard, But Not Seen

Color Key To North American Birds ~ by Frank M Chapman

Be a Citizen Scientist – Cornell Ornithology Lab Video

What Birds Count on a Life List?

Why Use The Birds of the World?

Teaching About Birdwatching

Tail Feathers of North American Birds – Article

Bird Tail Feather Identification

Slides From Birdwatching Lesson


Peterson Field Guide – Videos from YouTube


One thought on “Birdwatching Tips

  1. I have moved to Polk County and swear that my uncdle in St. Louis has told the Cardinals (MLB) to boycott Kissimmee. I have put out bird seeds and am only seeing Doves, one wood pecker and one blue jay


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