Birdwatching Tips

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Birdwatching Tips #1

Birdwatching Tips #2

How To Identify A Bird

Birdwatching Terms – About’s Bird Bill Parts

Birdwatching From A Christian Perspective – Lesson

ID Body Parts

Heard, But Not Seen

Color Key To North American Birds ~ by Frank M Chapman

Be a Citizen Scientist – Cornell Ornithology Lab Video

What Birds Count on a Life List?

Why Use The Birds of the World?

Teaching About Birdwatching

Slides From Birdwatching Lesson


Peterson Field Guide – Videos from YouTube

Birding Glossary from About Birds

Being familiar with common birding terms and their definitions will help you enjoy birding with ease and expertise. This collection of terms is continuously updated to provide a valuable reference for both beginning and advanced birders. Here you can look up specific birding terms alphabetically, or check out the related vocabulary lists below for collections of terms relating to your favorite birds.

Names of Groups of Birds and see Group Names for Birds
List of collective nouns for different groups of birds.


One thought on “Birdwatching Tips

  1. I have moved to Polk County and swear that my uncdle in St. Louis has told the Cardinals (MLB) to boycott Kissimmee. I have put out bird seeds and am only seeing Doves, one wood pecker and one blue jay


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