Nuggets Plus

Nuggets Plus

Nuggets Plus

From the Introduction to Nuggets Plus:
“We are introducing “Nuggets Plus” to our articles by ajmithra. We were chatting the other day, via Yahoo, and decided to use some of aj’s short little Nuggets of Truth that he has already written. He said that they were not all about birds and I reminded him that the Last Word of this blog’s name is “PLUS.” It was named that way so that other articles of interest could be added like creation or other animals, flowers, sunsets, etc.

A J Mithra, ajmithra as he prefers, lives in India and has been a regular contributor for several years. He has about 150 of these already written and will start posting them regularly. They are short, but have a “nugget of God’s Truth” tucked away in each of them. We may have our other writers add to them. Who knows the future, other than our Lord?”

Nuggets by ajmithra:

American Robin – Singing Slayer..

Grasshopper – Self Shredder..

Firefly – The Light house..

Flight No:10…

African Honey Bees – The Resister..

Asian Moth – Tear Feeder

Dragonfly – The Pusher…

The Accident Free African Locust

Caddisfly – The Healer

Cochineal Insect

The Righteous Cedar…

The Ant, stores to share…

African Lungfish, The Clay Dweller…

Baobab, the water tank..

Yellow Jacket Wasp, The Alarm…

Our Body – The Stardust

The Dove – Weather Reporter..

The Weaver, The Caller (Ready)

Bleeding Mom Pelican..

To Breathe Life Eternal

The Eider – The Cushion Maker.. 

More of Him…

Rooster –Stiff Neck..?

Protection and Providence

Nugget Plus – Trees, Trees, Trees

Nuggets by Lee

Herons – Patiently Waiting

Digestion and Meditation

The Mirror’s  Reflection



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