Around Polk County, Florida

Around Polk County, Florida

Birdwatching Trips in Polk County, Florida

Polk County Links for Birdwatchng:

Birds of Polk County, Florida
Polk County Bird List
Ridge Audubon’s Birding Hot Spots
Lake Region Audubon Society
Central Florida Bird Watchers
Bird watcher finds 216 birds in Polk County

Saddle Creek Park

Our Birdwatching Trips Below:

Mosaic Peace River Park – Heard, But Not Seen



More Birdwatching Trips


4 thoughts on “Around Polk County, Florida

  1. While playing African music in my front yard….I attracted a beautiful Falcon. He has been on a limb only 20 feet away for hours. Other blue birds have rested at his side. It’s an amazing Christmas treat for my grands.

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    • Hi, Shirley. That must have been quite a treat, especially for Christmas. Only thing we had yesterday was a squirrel sitting on the feeder looking around. Thought maybe he was looking for a Christmas present. :)


  2. Hi Armando,
    I had to laugh when I saw that first image. That is one of the Muscovy ducks that so many people detest. The Goose, I am not sure what it is. We have always called them just domestic geese. You have some great photos on your site. Maybe you would let us use some of them in these blogs.
    Lord bless you, Lee


  3. Hi!
    I enjoyed reading your website. I also do “Christian bird-watching.” I pray a lot while watching and photographing birds. I am a pastor at Christ U. Methodist Church, Lakeland.
    There are a few birds at Lake Morton that I cannot identify. I am a novice when it comes to birds, but already fascinated. What birds are these:
    and what geese is this:
    (you can leave messages underneath my pictures if you want).
    These might be very common birds, but I just don’t know their names.
    Many, many thanks,


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