Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Introducing another writer, Golden Eagle. He is going to share exciting facts and interesting things about birds. At first he was shy and didn’t know his name. Now we are trying to get him to sit still so we can take his picture.

For now, how about this one? Do you like it?

Golden Eagle ©PubDom

Greetings From …?

But now, he has decided that he wants to be called:

Golden Eagle Takes A Name

Noah and the Dove

Eagle’s Eyesight

Birds Are Free

Coming For A Meal 

The Father Feedeth Us 

Universe: Life Anywhere Else?

Fly Like A Bird? 

Goodness of God

You’re Invited To Supper

Bird-Brain Might Be a Compliment! 

Fly With An Open Bible!

Merry Christmas From Golden Eagle

Are You Personally On An Adventure?

Universe: Life Anywhere Else?


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2 thoughts on “Golden Eagle

  1. I think this website is a great idea. I hope my next door neighbors children might enjoy this–a great way to interest them more in birds and, of course, even more in the Bible and the Creator!

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