Daddy’s Bedtime Bird Stories

Daddy’s Bedtime Bird Stories


Mary Graham Bonner

With four illustrations in color by
Florence Choate and Elizabeth Curtis


Daddys Bedtime Story ImagesNew York
Frederick A. Stokes Company

Copyright, 1917, by

Frederick A. Stokes Company

Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories by Mary Graham Bonner - 1917

Daddy’s Bedtime Bird Stories by Mary Graham Bonner – 1917

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Old Mr. Owl Writes a Book
The Woodpecker’s Bird Band
The Cardinal Bird and the Robin
The Winter Wrens’ Dew-drop Baths
The Seagulls Move to Bluey Cove
How the Little Redbird Became Red
Poor Old Mr. Owl’s Toothache
The Soloist of the Bird Concert
The Robins Open a Spring Shop
The Race Between the Secretary Bird
The Quarrel Between Naughty Little Sparrows
The Successful Concert of the Chickadees
The Colony of Starlings Give a Ball
Robin Redbreast’s and Miss Robin’s Wedding
The Tame Canary Bird and His Mistress
The Pet Bird of the Ward
The Eagle’s Pride as the Bird of Freedom
What the Birds Thought of the Fourth of July
Mr. Nightingale’s New Friend Mr. Blackbird
Mr. Plain Sparrow Calls on Ducks
Farmer’s Scarecrow Protects a Corn-field
The Brave Brown Sparrows in Winter
What the Rainbow Thinks of the World
Eagles and Ravens
The Eagles Who Were Always Still
The Bobolinks Have a Tea Party
A Happy Day in Birdland
The Robins’ Spring Concert
The Crows at the Fairies’ Ball
The Naughty Little Sick Snowbirds
A Sparrow Calls on a Hippopotamus
The Robins Come to the Rescue
Mr. and Mrs. Owl’s Storeroom
Polly Was the Heroine of the Fire
The Winter Home for the Wren Family
The Vain Goldfinch Learns a Lesson
The Bats Have a Jollification
The Repentance of Little Jim Crow
The Rescue of the Canary Bird
Small Fire Department Rescues Birds


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Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) ©©Flickr



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  Daddy’s Bedtime Bird Stories





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