Emma’s Stories

We have been sharing Emma Foster’s Bird Tales for several years. She has become such a great addition to this blog, that it is time to have her own page. Emma’s first story was written in January 2012. She was 10 years old, I believe, when she began this writing journey with us. She has steadily been improving and is now a Senior in College and soon hopes to work on a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.

Enjoy all of Emma’s Stories:

Parrot Had A Little Trouble Getting Into The House by Emma Foster

Parrot Had A Little Trouble Getting Into The House by Emma Foster [2012]

Mrs. Patterson’s Parrot

George The Hummingbird

Norman Joins The Baseball Team – Retold

Reginald, Turkey Commander

Lizzy and the Penguin Catapult

Reginald the Turkey Commander on Christmas

I Think I Need More Practice, by Emma [2012]

Martha and the Go Kart Race

The Old Man and the Ibises

The Crow and the Screwdriver

Alexander And The Fishing Contest

A Vulture Thanksgiving

The Hawk on the Washington Monument 

Logan, Morgan, and Their Historical Nest

The Long Christmas Journey

George And The Happy New Year

Susie And The Water-skiing Contest

The Great Roadrunner Race

The Substitute Teacher

Georgina Goes on Summer Vacation

Patty Becomes A Teacher

Abigail and the Pumpkin Carving Contest

Reginald The Turkey Commander – Part 3

Reginald’s Second Christmas

Lily’s New Camera

Pete’s Soccer Game

Mae and the Easter Egg Hunt 

The Great Graduation Ceremony

BEMA Birds

Reginald The Turkey Commander: The Great Snowstorm

Reginald and Oliver’s Christmas Tree

Morris The Finch In The Airport

The Spring Snowstorm

The Raven and The Old Woman’s Garden

The Painting

A Family of Ducks

Walter the Directionally Challenged Goose

The Locket In The Woods

Ted and Red

Tilly’s Pumpkin House

Reginald The Turkey Commander: The Spring Party

Clyde and Benny

Shelly and the Sand Castle

The Three Sparrows

Denny and Charles’s Museum

Reginald and Oliver’s Florida Parade

Reginald’s Rescue by Emma Foster