Birds of the Bible – Eagles

But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. (Isa 40:31)

Bald Eagle by Raymond J Barlow

To find out more about Eagles:

Accipitriformes – Order, Accipitridae – Family (Kites, Hawks & Eagles)

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Ian’s Bird of the Week – Wedge-tailed Eagle

Eagle Facts from WhatBird.com:
Bald Eagle
Golden Eagle
Stellar’s Eagle
White-tailed Eagle

8 thoughts on “Eagles

  1. Great work. I am a raptors fanatic and slowly compiling photos which I aim to use to make a book on raptors with scriptural quotes. So far I’m up to 65 species from Africa, Australia and North America. Wish me luck!


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  3. Am sorry I don’t have a website but I hope my important comment will reach you. ‘The Eagle Bird Gives A True Picture of Divinity’ these words summed up my research work on the Eagle and has inspired my book title ‘Self Discovery’. The Eagle Bird shares 32 characters with divinity and this can make any man successful. i.e. finishing strong, parenting, leadership, vision, Focus, Early, divine wisdom, speed, energy, youthful age etc. The Eagle is reflected in each person of the trinity. Its eyes, beak and feet speaks of divinity. The Eagle’s eyes is an exact semblance of God. It is gamboge in colour…meaning flaming yellow colour. Rev.1:14..God eyes is a flaming fire. Psalms talks of God’s ministers as flaming fire and his angels ministrying spirit.God is a mother Eagle making us like him. Deut. You are the apple’s of God’s eyes. Proofing you are precious and love. I can say all but visit http://www.redleadbooks.com and search for the book. Have a lovely day.


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  5. Good thoughts, but the Bald Eagle is a North American bird???

    The eagles of Israel were not Bald Eagles.

    Perhaps although a legend it was known.


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