Pacific Baza - Aviceda subcristata by Ian

Pacific Baza – Aviceda subcristata by Ian

Order – ACCIPITRIFORMES  (Raptors)

Family Name – (Scientific) – Cathartidae ~~~ (English) – New World Vultures
* * * * *
Family Name – (Scientific) – Sagittariidae ~~~ (English) – Secretarybird
* * * * *
Family Name – (Scientific) – Pandionidae ~~~ (English) – Ospreys
* * * * *
Family Name – (Scientific) – Accipitridae ~~~ (English) – Kites, Hawks & Eagles
* * * * *

I.O.C. Version

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Below from the Color Key to North American Birds, by Frank M. Chapman (1912)

Order XII. Vultures, Hawks, and Owls. RAPTORES. (4 families, 56 species, 33 subspecies.)

Generally large birds with hooked bill; strong, heavy feet, and long, curved nails; wings large; tail rather long, usually square.

Family 35. AMERICAN VULTURES. Cathartidæ.

Bill not strongly hooked; toe-nails comparatively weak; nostrils large, piercing the bill; head and more or less of neck, bare.


Family FALCONS, HAWKS, EAGLES, ETC. Falconidæ.

Nostrils opening in a cere at the base of the bill; hook of bill and claws well developed; plumage firm and close; tarsus usually largely bare.

(Owls and Falcons are now in other Orders)


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