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A J Mithra

A J Mithra

a j mithra

(Update – 2/1/2014  Aj Mithra is now with our Lord)

A. J. has offered some of his articles for publishing here. He is a music teacher and an amateur birder. He and his family like to sing and worship the Lord together. They live in Chennai, India. He is a worship leader and an evangelist. One of his main burdens is to encourage people to worship not just when everything is fine, but to worship and serve the Lord even during the darkest and toughest times. He also has a passion to help youngsters and kids to know the Lord through nature. “Above all, I would like to be introduced as a worshiper of Yeshua.” He also said, “I would like to say to the world that I was a drug addict.. If God could pull me out from it and use me, He could use anyone.. I had wasted my youth hurting the Lord through my sins.. I pray that the younger generation doesn’t fall into satan’s trap but walk over the devil all the days of their live and bring glory and honor to our Lord who is still a youth..”

A. J. has many short sayings, poems, and articles that are going to be made available to use. He and I are both thanking the Lord for letting us work together on this. We both want to honor the Lord through what we are doing. By telling about the fantastic birds which the Lord has created, and being challenged, we trust our readers will receive not only knowledge, but a blessing.

A. J. (who prefers a j mithra) also has these sites that you might want to check out:

His YouTube Channel is at http://www.youtube.com/user/ajmithra

Cornell University’s – A virtual music video collaboration page about A. J. Mithra

Here is one of his creations:

I will be posting his articles as often as I can. He has many already for me to work on. This page will contain links to those articles.

Spiritual Catastrophe
Do They?
Golden Bowerbird – From the Smallest
Clark’s Nutcracker
Bar-tailed Godwit – Self Control
What Would God Say of Us?
Cassowary Seed Spreaders
Is The Bride Ready?
Emu – The Model Father
Stork – The Kind Mother
Cedar Waxwing
The Feet
World Sparrow Days
Azores Bullfinch and the Holly Tree…
Hermit Warbler – The Worshiper..
Worthen’s Sparrow – Lost, but found..
Ovenbirds – Ground Singers
Master Builder’s Master Builders
Malleefowl’s Incubators
Hoatzin – The Stinker
White-Fronted Bee-eaters – The Life Guards
Kirtland’s Warbler Reveals…
The Eagle – The Loyal Mate
Atlantic Puffin – The Deep Sea-Diver
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – Chief Corner Stone’s Keystone
Thick-billed Murre – Did GOD Create Us To Fall?
Out of the Mouth of Babes…
The Purple Gallinule – The Awkward Beauty!
The Surrendered Anhinga
The Inspired and the Inspiring Rose-breasted Grosbeak
The American Dipper – The Intercessor
Araripe Manakin – The Indicator of Environmental Quality…
The White-crowned Sparrow – The Restorer
Flight 7
The Sage in the sagebrush…
Three-wattled Bellbird – The Noise Maker
Kagu – The High Profile Endemic Emblem
Wompoo Fruit Dove – The Seed Distributor
Birds, It’s Coffee-time
Long-wattled Umbrellabird – The Dawn Dancer..
Snowflake and the Eye
I Don’t Show Off – The Great Horned Owl
The Thirsty Sandgrouse…
Island Scrub Jays – The Ultimate Home-makers
The Mountain Bluebird – The Zealous Bridegroom
The Hummingbird – The Believer..
A Beauty from THE BEAUTY…
The Cerulean Warbler – The V I P …
A Beauty fro THE BEAUTY…
Cerulean Warbler – The V I P…
The Capercaillie – The Stethoscope
The Superb Fairywren – The Corporate Mob
The Space sharing seed storing Redpoll…
Montserrat Oriole – The Super Survivor
Macaw – The Beautician
The Black Skimmer – The Graceful Flier…
The Futuristic Whip-poor-wills….
Andean Cock-of-the-rock – The Changer…
Wattled Jacana – The Perfect Partner
Birds-Advertisers of Life
Worship – The God Pleaser
Birds – Purpose Filled Singers
Renewing For Rapture
Blue Chaffinch – The High Dwellers
Birds – Watchers of Light
Scare Scarer
Disiplined Avian
Worship – Our Mating Song
Artic Terns – The Light Seekers
Yellow-rumped Cacique – The Trusted Watchman
Red-billed Leiothrix – The Rain Seekers…
Humming Birds – The Believing Believers… (Superb)
Birds – The Engineers..
Secretary Bird – The Walker
Swinhoe’s Pheasant – The Secret Agents..
Bobolink – Extraordinary Migrant…
Mrs. Mom…
The Launching Pad…
Light Rain..
Mysterious Sungrebe…
Tasty Household…
The Smooth-billed Ani – The Corporates…
Coppersmith Barbet – The Fruit-giver…
Macrocephalon Maleo – The Mute Missionary…
Oilbird – Mission With a Vision
Avian Worship…
The Little Spiderhunter – The Praising Pollinator
(Common) Pauraque — Big Mouth
Pompadour Continga – The Concealed Incubators…
The Apostlebird – The Ground Dwellers…
The Red-eyed Vireo – The Persistent Singer…
Goldcrest – The Royal Crown
Red-billed Quelea – Unity Unplugged
Cedar Waxwing – Fruit Passer…
The Broad-billed Prion – The well oiled night mates..
Island Scrub Jay – The Fallen One Yet The Chosen One..
Brown Thrasher – The Singing Assasin..
Red-breasted Goose – Wise Nester
American Goldfinch – The Latecomers..
White-fronted Bee-eater – The Community Developer..
Willow Flycatcher – The Solitary Singer
Baya Weaver – The Model Church
The Limpkin – Created Special..
The Christmas Bird?
Black Rosy Finch – The Grace Seeker..
The Black-throated Sparrow – The Desert Dwellers
Stop Flying Solo…

Fly Light…
Is Eagle’s Weight Our Weight?
Oriental White-eye – The Grace Seeker..

Birds of the Bible – Hidden Covenant – IntroPart 2Part 3

Videos by a j:
Fusion Unplugged by Boat-tailed Grackles
His Eye Is On The Sparrow
LoUiSiAnA oh LoUiSiAnA…

Nuggets Plus Series by ajmithra

Aj Mithra is now with our Lord

10 thoughts on “a j mithra

  1. Sir im roshini harsha from sri lanka and student university of visual and performing art colombo. My final year research in “bird song and music instrument”. I want to many details for birds sound make composed by musical instrument. sir ,i think you have to details in this topic .plz help me and po
    st this details your facebook.

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    • Roshini, I’m sorry, but you missed the update at the top of this post.
      (Update – 2/1/2014 Aj Mithra is now with our Lord)
      We really enjoyed his articles and became a friend. Yet, we know that He is enjoying the music of heaven.
      This page has all of his articles that he shared with us. Trust you can find some of the information you seek.


    Pastor Dennis


  3. Thank you Ms. Marzie for taking time to encourage us.. GOD be with you in all that you do for His glory..
    a j mithra


  4. sure it’s not only knowledge but a great blessing….like always…. Mr Mithra’s articles have always been a real great blessin for me as a reader….
    God bless u


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