James J. S. Johnson

Bald Eagles 2 for Alaska' Bald Eagle

Dr. James (Jim) J. S. Johnson – Writer


Dr. Jim Johnson’s connection to the world of birds includes earned degrees in the biosciences; an ecology-related certification by (and years of service for) the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission; years of teaching bioscience, ecology, and ornithology courses (for Dallas Christian College); various published writings about birds; and teaching his grandkids to love birds.

Jim (a/k/a JJSJ) has also served, internationally, as an onboard naturalist/historian lecturer on 9 different cruise ships, belonging to 3 different cruise lines (Norwegian Cruise Lines, Orient Lines, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines), visiting countries as diverse as England, Iceland, Russia, Estonia, Portugal, Honduras, Norway, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and the Cayman Isles, — as well as to Alaska (4 times) — always with emphasis on the wonderful birds that God has made.

It was Mrs. Thelma Bumgardner, a Biblical creationist elementary school teacher, who gave Jim a bird book (in 2nd grade), who introduced Jim to the magnificent treasury of God’s avian marvels.  It was Bob Webel, as Jim’s youth/college pastor during AD1973-AD1976, who taught Jim the Biblical theology of God’s wonderful (and recent) creation.

(Jim has taught for Letourneau University, Dallas Christian College, Concordia University Texas at Fort Worth, and ICR-SOBA; now he teaches and otherwise serves at the Institute for Creation Research, as Associate Professor of Apologetics, often writing in Acts & Facts.)


The Bird Alphabet Series:


About Him  and Some of His Articles  at Institute For Christian Research:

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