Peterson Field Guide-Videos

Following are very informative videos from Peterson Field Guide that were produced and released on YouTube. They were prodcuced by Jeffrey A. Gordon and Bill Thompson III.

To introduce Roger Tory Peterson see:

Roger Tory Peterson – Foremost Naturalist in the World
Roger Tory Peterson: Almost Like Resurrection

How-to Videos:

How to Identify Birds
Topography (Parts of the Bird)
Bird Songs and Sounds
Range Maps

Bird Families:

Common Loon
Atlantic Puffin
Ducks, Geese, Swans
Wood Duck
Shorebirds Overview
Shorebirds ID
Gulls and Terns
Heron, Egrets, Bitterns – Updated
Wild Turkey
Raptors Overview
Raptors ID
Bald Eagle
Peregrine Falcon
Greater Roadrunner
Red-Headed Woodpecker
Northern Mockingbird
American Robin
Northern Cardinal

To see the whole Peterson YouTube Channel – CLICK HERE


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