Our Photos

Our Birdwatching Photos

My photos seem to only show up in an occasional article and my computer is full of photos from our birdwatching adventures. This is a way to share them and Dan’s by Families. He has a photo website, Dan’s Pix, but I do not have one and will share them here. Pages will be added as photos are taken and found of those family species. This will be in the taxonomy order, but within the pages, they will be there in some order, to be determined.

This is a new project starting 4-1-2013. Let’s see what develops. It will be a work in progress.

Below are some random photos to view while I build some pages. As the pages are built, a link will appear below these photos.


Family Photos so far:

Life List of All Birds We Have Seen

6 thoughts on “Our Photos

  1. It’s me – Mary Lou Hall and I am “pecking” away at writing my book and unapologetically glorifying Christ. I’m finding out it is no easy task. My hubby and I are in Florida for the winter (Leesburg). I’m enjoying my morning walks and all the birds I’ve been able to photograph – and all the wonderful birding areas in FL. We went to Crystal River last week. Do you find one area better than others? The bird that is eluding me is the kingfisher. I’ve seen him a couple of times but can’t get close enough with my 200mm camera. I would love to have you look at and comment on some of my “rough draft” completed chapters. God bless you as you continue to do your blog.


  2. Someone visited my site from this page, so I came to see it. I would be thrilled to see this author’s book. I wonder how it is coming along.

    I was contacted by a Christian birder who authored a book, but sadly he believes in evolution. :(


  3. I am so excited to happen upon your site. I am currently doing research and photographing birds for a book about birds from a Christian perspective. Wow – God has brought you my way and I thank Him and you too.


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