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Golden Eagle ©PD

Bibleworld Adventures has chosen to close down his website, due to a very busy schedule with work and his church ministries. We have decided to move his articles here. Baron has written articles here as Golden Eagle. This will preserve his and Dr. Johnson’s articles for us to enjoy. There are not many about birds, but are all very interesting. Some of the original Golden Eagle articles are already over on the Birds of the Bible For Kids blog.

Golden Eagle (Baron), Dr. James J. S. Johnson, (Dr. Jim) and I have been friends for some time now. We have been working together on our blogs and sharing articles. We all even went birdwatching together here.

Golden Eagle and Dr Jim – Circle B by Lee

Here is a list of the articles as they become available. The Golden Eagle ones were posted on both our blogs, originally around 2014, are still on the Birds of the Bible for Kids blog. Below those will be the links to those that are being added. Stay tuned!

Greetings From …?

But now, he has decided that he wants to be called:

Golden Eagle Takes A Name

Noah and the Dove

Eagle’s Eyesight

Birds Are Free

Coming For A Meal 

The Father Feeds Us 

Universe: Life Anywhere Else?

Fly Like A Bird? 

Goodness of God

You’re Invited To Supper

Bird-Brain Might Be a Compliment! 

Fly With An Open Bible!

Merry Christmas From Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Lands Here Again

Golden Eagle Returns After Long Voyage Around The World

Transferred and Re-Posted from Bibleworld Adventures

Not Deer or Bovine, So It Must Be ‘Antelope’

Don’t Under-estimate Young Boys!

Golden Eagle Comes Home To Rest

India’s Shrimp ‘Ranching’ Needs Re-set

Coming Soon

Golden Eagle Takes Us On An Adventure Out Of This World!

The Adventure Continues… It is truly out of this world!

The Adventure Continues… Welcome Boys and Girls!

You Have A Purpose On Planet Earth!

The Wonder of Matthew: The Gospel of the Kingdom

Is Christianity True?

You Are On An Adventure!