Ovenbirds – Ground Singers by A J Mithra

Ovenbirds – Ground Singers

Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapillus) by Kent Nickell

Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapillus) by Kent Nickell

Using bird songs to find the population of birds,
according to the team conducting the study of a
more accurate estimate of bird population numbers
is reached when using this technique.
The bird song used in the study that employed
this latest technique is the Ovenbird, a small warbler found in North America.
Researchers gathered their data by recording the bird’s chirping.
Four microphones were used to record the birdsong
and the team combined the sound information and then
employed a computational method in which to convert
the recordings to give a more accurate estimate of the density
of the birds in certain areas..

If the same method is used in church, i am sure,
researchers would be fooled, cos,
we have more of silent churches than of singing churches..
But, Bible says,

O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph. (Psalm 41:1)

Most of us fail to understand that GOD loves our noise and not our voice..

JESUS did ground level ministry…
HE asked Zachaeus to come down from the tree
before offering to go with him to his house…

People feel proud to sing in the choir seated high above the ground..
Jonah praised from the whale’s belly and GOD delivered him.. (Jonah chapter 2)
Nebuchadnezzar praised from his lowly place
and GOD delivered him.. (Daniel chapter 4)
Don’t we need to learn to sing praises even from a lowly place
like these Oven birds?
Let us learn to sing not only from the ground
but also sing when we are aground…

A small, inconspicuous bird of the forest floor,
the Ovenbird is one of the most characteristic birds of the eastern forests.
Its loud song, “teacher, teacher, teacher,” rings through the summer forest,
but the bird itself is hard to see
Neighboring male Ovenbirds sing together.
When one male starts singing, the second will join in immediately after.
They pause, and then sing one after the other again, for up to 40 songs.
The second joins in so quickly that they may sound from a distance
as if only one bird is singing.
Ovenbirds rarely overlap the song of their neighbors…

Joshua and his men were silent for six days in unison
And they shouted together in unison…
Their oneness brought them victory…
Your silence at the presence of the LORD is worship you know?
Paul and Silas sang in unison and their praise shook the prison and broke their chains…
We have been singing in church for ages but still nothing of this sort
has happened..Why?
Is it because, we still overlap our neighbors’ song?
Is it because, we still haven’t learned to sing together as one like these birds?

For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. (Romans 14:11)

Have a blessed day!
Yours in YESHUA,

A. J. Mithra

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Ovenbirds in the Parulidae – New World Warblers Family of the Passeriformes Order

Video of an Ovenbird by Robert Schaefer (IBC)

2 thoughts on “Ovenbirds – Ground Singers by A J Mithra

  1. Amen to that…For most of us, worship is a ritual , rather than a relationship… When we pray God sends His angels with the answer but, when we worship, He Himself comes in our midst… As you rightly said GOD just expects a fre commandments and COMMONSENSE..


  2. Beautiful. And the I wonder how this bird got it’s name? But the song in unison is what counts, and not our names. We sing to the Lord in Church, but how many of us are thinking about the song. We may be thinking about dinner, or some problem, or what the time is. So many do this as a duty to a church, which is only a building, God’s church also is in our homes and in the bush where hides the tiniest bird. So let our songs have meaning, as the song of the bird has the meaning of communicating with other birds, as our song shall have us communicating with the Lord. He expects not much from us, just a few commandments and some common sense, and to remember him and thank him. That’s not much, but we who find ourselves all wrapped up in today’s problems, forget. And we must realize that when today’s problems are resolved, there will be many more to come, so let’s not let problems stand in our way because our solution is at hand, yet we ignore Him, who has all the answers.


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