Alexander And The Fishing Contest

Brown Pelican and Laughing Gull by Dan MacDill Shore 2014

Brown Pelican and Laughing Gull by Dan MacDill Shore 2014

Alexander and the Fishing Contest ~ by Emma Foster

Once there was a pelican named Alexander who lived near the beach. Every day, he would go fishing and he would always bring his favorite fishing pole. One day, as he was flying to the shore, he landed on a huge rock and noticed a sign on the beach. Alexander read the sign. The sign said in big, red letters:




Alexander decided he would join the fishing contest to see if he could catch the biggest fish. All day he practiced his fishing Every now and then Alexander would catch a fish, but he knew there was a bigger fish somewhere in the water. At noon, it was time for the fishing contest to start and many people had entered. There were people sitting on the beach fishing as far as Alexander could see. A referee blew a whistle and the contest began. Eventually fish started biting and Alexander caught a few, but he knew there was a bigger fish somewhere in the ocean.

Pelican Reaching in water - Flickr Nagarajan Kanna

Pelican Reaching in water – Flickr Nagarajan Kanna

And then, something started tugging on Alexander’s line. He had to pull so hard Alexander almost fell off the rock he was fishing on. Eventually, Alexander had to dive down and scoop part of the fish up in his beak and pull the fish out of the water and drag it onto the shore. The referee blew his whistle again to signal that the contest was over. The judges came over to look at Alexander’s fish and immediately agreed that his fish was the winner. Alexander’s fish was almost twelve feet long! From then on, whenever Alexander went fishing, he brought his favorite fishing pole and his new boat The End

Lee’s Addition:

Simon Peter went up and dragged the net to land, full of large fish, one hundred and fifty-three; and although there were so many, the net was not broken. (Joh 21:11)

Well our young writer, Emma, has really come up with a “fish story” this time. She has such a great creative mind and even though the story is a little far-fetched, I like it very much. I wonder if Peter’s net contained any fish as large as Alexander’s? Humm? *

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3 thoughts on “Alexander And The Fishing Contest

  1. Emma, you have done it again! What an entertaining story you have woven for us, to be entertained by. What a feat it must have been for Alexander to haul in that huge fish! The new boat is surely a prize that he is enjoying very much, as he continues his fishing adventures. : )


  2. What a fish tale – I could imagine Alexander fishing and his happy success – I really liked this fish tale. And , yes, I wonder what type of fish Peter caught. We are sure to know they were all delicious to eat and what a lesson of looking to the Lord for our everyday duties. Thanks for this story.

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