How To Identify A Bird

Try to decide the size of the bird being observed. When you start looking in the guide books, the approximate size will be very helpful.

Smaller than a Sparrow – 2 to 5 inches

Sparrow Size – 5 to 8 inches

Robin Size – 8 to 12 inches

Pigeon Size – 12 to 16 inches

Crow Size – 16 to 24 inches

Goose Size – 24 to 36 inches

Larger than a Goose

Below are links to helpful articles on the internet about spotting birds and then how to identify them. There are plenty of online resources that specialize in this. No sense re-inventing the wheel.

Parts of a Bird from About Birds

Bird Idenification Tips from About Birds

Birding for Beginners Ten Tips for New Birders – from

There are some good articles on the internet that will help you get started identifying birds. Some of the simpler ones are:

How to identify a Bird – from Birdwatcher’s Digest

Bird Identification – from


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