Home again, Home again!

Painted BuntingPraise the the Lord, I am home again after a 5 day stay in the hospital. Thank all of you who have been praying for me while I have been fighting this infection. I have a viral respiratory infection (severe bronchitis) and it has to run it’s course. Could be several more months, so they tell me. With all their agressive treatments, I am much improved, but not well yet. At least they helped keep it from turning into pneumonia.

So, it’s back to try to do the “construction” I started some time back.

Thanks again for all your prayers. They were felt and appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Home again, Home again!

  1. I love this site! When I try to subscribe I get: Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.


  2. Hello Lee, We pray for your good health and are sorry to hear about your bronchitis, it is so hard to shake. We have just found your site and love it. We are Christian birders who travel in a RV 6months of the year and go to Florida from Maine usually. We would like to get together with other birders that are Christian. Take care and hope you feel in the pink soon, your sister in Christ, Brenda Witham


    • That article was written way back when and I am fine. Thanks for your concern and thanks for stopping by the blog. If you get to central Florida, especially in the Lakeland-Winter Haven area, leave a note or e-mail to Lee@Leesbird.com. Lord bless your travels. We were full-timers for 7 yrs, way back when.


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