When I Consider! – Salt Concentration

When I Consider!

When I Consider!

“Evidence From Geology”

Salt concentration in seawater can be used as a chronometer, because the oceans are getting saltier each year as rivers dump dissolved salts from the continents into the sea.  Traditionally, evolutionists have assumed that life evolved in a salty sea, some two to four billion years ago.  It is even taught that the mineral composition of our blood is similar to ancient seawater, because this is where the first living cell developed.  This belief is wrong, because the composition of our blood is not even remotely similar to the concentrations or types of the various salts in the oceans.   Furthermore, by measuring the rate at which salt is flowing from rivers into the ocean, scientists can estimate the maximum possible age of the current oceans.

Salt Fills The Sea Too Fast from AIG

Salt Fills The Sea Too Fast from AIG

Drs. Steven Austin and Russell Humphreys have done just that in a research paper called “The Sea’s Missing Salt:  A Dilemma For Evolutionists.”  In their research they systematically identified all known mechanisms and rates for the addition and removal of salt from the oceans.  This work has shown that there is nowhere near enough salt in the oceans if they are really thousands of millions of years old.  This is true even the oceans started as pure distilled water!  The oceans could not possibly be old enough for evolution to have taken place.

The Young Earth, p.85-87

Creation Magazine, Sept. 2000

In the beginning You  laid the foundations of the earth…   Psalm 102:25

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2 thoughts on “When I Consider! – Salt Concentration

  1. I can’t believe it! This extremely intelligent woman (me, silly!) actually learned something today! I did not know the oceans began as distilled pure water! I just assumed it was salt water. Wow! I feel so smart now! HaHaHa!

    BTW, my friend, I got that ‘problem’ worked out. Did you notice?


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