C – Last Name

Fish Crow (Corvus ossifragus) at Lake Morton By Dan'sPix

Fish Crow (Corvus ossifragus) at Lake Morton By Dan’sPix

C– Last Name Listing – I.O.C. 9.2 Version


Cacholote, Brown
Cacholote, Caatinga
Cacholote, Grey-crested
Cacholote, White-throated
Cacique, Ecuadorian
Cacique, Golden-winged
Cacique, Mexican
Cacique, Northern Mountain
Cacique, Red-rumped
Cacique, Scarlet-rumped
Cacique, Selva
Cacique, Solitary
Cacique, Southern Mountain
Cacique, Subtropical
Cacique, Yellow-billed
Cacique, Yellow-rumped
Calyptura, Kinglet
Camaroptera, Green-backed
Camaroptera, Grey-backed
Camaroptera, Hartert’s
Camaroptera, Olive-green
Camaroptera, Yellow-browed
Canary, Atlantic
Canary, Black-faced
Canary, Black-headed
Canary, Black-throated
Canary, Brimstone
Canary, Cape
Canary, Forest
Canary, Lemon-breasted
Canary, Papyrus
Canary, Protea
Canary, White-bellied
Canary, White-throated
Canary, Yellow
Canary, Yellow-crowned
Canary, Yellow-fronted
Canary-flycatcher, Citrine
Canary-flycatcher, Grey-headed
Canastero, Austral
Canastero, Berlepsch’s
Canastero, Cactus
Canastero, Canyon
Canastero, Cipo
Canastero, Cordilleran
Canastero, Dark-winged
Canastero, Dusky-tailed
Canastero, Hudson’s
Canastero, Junin
Canastero, Line-fronted
Canastero, Many-striped
Canastero, Maquis
Canastero, Pale-tailed
Canastero, Patagonian
Canastero, Puna
Canastero, Rusty-fronted
Canastero, Rusty-vented
Canastero, Scribble-tailed
Canastero, Sharp-billed
Canastero, Short-billed
Canastero, Steinbach’s
Canastero, Streak-backed
Canastero, Streak-throated
Capercaillie, Black-billed
Capercaillie, Western
Caracara, Black
Caracara, Carunculated
Caracara, Chimango
Caracara, Guadalupe
Caracara, Mountain
Caracara, Northern Crested
Caracara, Red-throated
Caracara, Southern Crested
Caracara, Striated
Caracara, White-throated
Caracara, Yellow-headed
Cardinal, Crimson-fronted
Cardinal, Masked
Cardinal, Northern
Cardinal, Red-capped
Cardinal, Red-cowled
Cardinal, Red-crested
Cardinal, Vermilion
Cardinal, Yellow
Cardinal, Yellow-billed
Carib, Green-throated
Carib, Purple-throated
Casiornis, Ash-throated
Casiornis, Rufous
Cassowary, Dwarf
Cassowary, Northern
Cassowary, Southern
Catbird, Abyssinian
Catbird, Arfak
Catbird, Black
Catbird, Black-capped
Catbird, Black-eared
Catbird, Green
Catbird, Grey
Catbird, Huon
Catbird, Northern
Catbird, Ochre-breasted
Catbird, Spotted
Catbird, Tan-capped
Catbird, White-eared
Chachalaca, Buff-browed
Chachalaca, Chaco
Chachalaca, Chestnut-headed
Chachalaca, Chestnut-winged
Chachalaca, Colombian
Chachalaca, East Brazilian
Chachalaca, Grey-headed
Chachalaca, Little
Chachalaca, Plain
Chachalaca, Rufous-bellied
Chachalaca, Rufous-headed
Chachalaca, Rufous-vented
Chachalaca, Scaled
Chachalaca, Speckled
Chachalaca, West Mexican
Chachalaca, White-bellied
Chaffinch, Common
Chaffinch, Gran Canaria Blue
Chaffinch, Tenerife Blue
Chat, Angolan Cave
Chat, Anteater
Chat, Ant-eating
Chat, Arnot’s
Chat, Boulder
Chat, Brown Rock
Chat, Brown-tailed Rock
Chat, Buff-streaked
Chat, Congo Moor
Chat, Crimson
Chat, Familiar
Chat, Grey Bush
Chat, Grey-throated
Chat, Herero
Chat, Jerdon’s Bush
Chat, Karoo
Chat, Mocking Cliff
Chat, Moorland
Chat, Orange
Chat, Pied Bush
Chat, Red-breasted
Chat, Rose-breasted
Chat, Ruaha
Chat, Rüppell’s Black
Chat, Sickle-winged
Chat, Sombre Rock
Chat, Sooty
Chat, Tractrac
Chat, White-bellied Bush
Chat, White-browed Bush
Chat, White-crowned Cliff
Chat, White-fronted
Chat, White-fronted Black
Chat, White-throated Bush
Chat, White-winged Cliff
Chat, Yellow
Chat, Yellow-breasted
Chat-Tanager, Eastern
Chat-Tanager, Western
Chatterer, Rufous
Chatterer, Scaly
Chat-Tyrant, Blackish
Chat-Tyrant, Brown-backed
Chat-Tyrant, Crowned
Chat-Tyrant, D’Orbigny’s
Chat-Tyrant, Golden-browed
Chat-Tyrant, Jelski’s
Chat-Tyrant, Kalinowski’s
Chat-Tyrant, Maroon-belted
Chat-Tyrant, Piura
Chat-Tyrant, Rufous-breasted
Chat-Tyrant, Slaty-backed
Chat-Tyrant, White-browed
Chat-Tyrant, Yellow-bellied
Chickadee, Black-capped
Chickadee, Boreal
Chickadee, Carolina
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed
Chickadee, Grey-headed
Chickadee, Mexican
Chickadee, Mountain
Chicken, Greater Prairie
Chicken, Lesser Prairie
Chiffchaff, Canary Islands
Chiffchaff, Common
Chiffchaff, Iberian
Chiffchaff, Mountain
Chilia, Crag
Chlorophonia, Blue-crowned
Chlorophonia, Blue-naped
Chlorophonia, Chestnut-breasted
Chlorophonia, Golden-browed
Chlorophonia, Yellow-collared
Chough, Alpine
Chough, Red-billed
Chough, White-winged
Cicadabird, Admiralty
Cicadabird, Black
Cicadabird, Black-bibbed
Cicadabird, Black-shouldered
Cicadabird, Common
Cicadabird, Grey-capped
Cicadabird, Kai
Cicadabird, Makira
Cicadabird, Palau
Cicadabird, Pale
Cicadabird, Pale-shouldered
Cicadabird, Pohnpei
Cicadabird, Sula
Cicadabird, Sulawesi
Cicadabird, Yap
Cinclodes, Blackish
Cinclodes, Buff-winged
Cinclodes, Chestnut-winged
Cinclodes, Chilean Seaside
Cinclodes, Cordoba
Cinclodes, Cream-winged
Cinclodes, Dark-bellied
Cinclodes, Grey-flanked
Cinclodes, Long-tailed
Cinclodes, Olrog’s
Cinclodes, Peruvian Seaside
Cinclodes, Royal
Cinclodes, Stout-billed
Cinclodes, White-bellied
Cinclodes, White-winged
Cisticola, Aberdare
Cisticola, Ashy
Cisticola, Black-backed
Cisticola, Black-lored
Cisticola, Black-tailed
Cisticola, Boran
Cisticola, Bubbling
Cisticola, Carruthers’s
Cisticola, Chattering
Cisticola, Chirping
Cisticola, Chubb’s
Cisticola, Churring
Cisticola, Cloud
Cisticola, Coastal
Cisticola, Croaking
Cisticola, Dambo
Cisticola, Desert
Cisticola, Dorst’s
Cisticola, Ethiopian
Cisticola, Foxy
Cisticola, Golden-headed
Cisticola, Grey-backed
Cisticola, Hunter’s
Cisticola, Lazy
Cisticola, Levaillant’s
Cisticola, Long-tailed
Cisticola, Luapula
Cisticola, Lynes’s
Cisticola, Madagascan
Cisticola, Pale-crowned
Cisticola, Pectoral-patch
Cisticola, Rattling
Cisticola, Red-faced
Cisticola, Red-pate
Cisticola, Rock-loving
Cisticola, Rufous
Cisticola, Rufous-winged
Cisticola, Short-winged
Cisticola, Singing
Cisticola, Socotra
Cisticola, Stout
Cisticola, Tana River
Cisticola, Tinkling
Cisticola, Tiny
Cisticola, Trilling
Cisticola, Wailing
Cisticola, Whistling
Cisticola, Winding
Cisticola, Wing-snapping
Cisticola, Zitting
Citril, African
Citril, Southern
Citril, Western
Cochoa, Green
Cochoa, Javan
Cochoa, Purple
Cochoa, Sumatran
Cockatoo, Baudin’s Black
Cockatoo, Blue-eyed
Cockatoo, Carnaby’s Black
Cockatoo, Gang-gang
Cockatoo, Glossy Black
Cockatoo, Major Mitchell’s
Cockatoo, Palm
Cockatoo, Red-tailed Black
Cockatoo, Red-vented
Cockatoo, Salmon-crested
Cockatoo, Solomons
Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested
Cockatoo, White
Cockatoo, Yellow-crested
Cockatoo, Yellow-tailed Black
Cock-of-the-rock, Andean
Cock-of-the-rock, Guianan
Comet, Bronze-tailed
Comet, Grey-bellied
Comet, Red-tailed
Condor, Andean
Condor, California
Conebill, Bicolored
Conebill, Blue-backed
Conebill, Capped
Conebill, Chestnut-vented
Conebill, Cinereous
Conebill, Giant
Conebill, Pearly-breasted
Conebill, Rufous-browed
Conebill, Tamarugo
Conebill, White-browed
Conebill, White-eared
Coot, American
Coot, Andean
Coot, Eurasian
Coot, Giant
Coot, Hawaiian
Coot, Horned
Coot, Mascarene
Coot, Red-fronted
Coot, Red-gartered
Coot, Red-knobbed
Coot, White-winged
Coquette, Black-crested
Coquette, Dot-eared
Coquette, Festive
Coquette, Frilled
Coquette, Peacock
Coquette, Racket-tailed
Coquette, Rufous-crested
Coquette, Short-crested
Coquette, Spangled
Coquette, Tufted
Coquette, White-crested
Cordon-bleu, Blue-capped
Cordon-bleu, Red-cheeked
Corella, Little
Corella, Long-billed
Corella, Tanimbar
Corella, Western
Cormorant, Australian Pied
Cormorant, Bank
Cormorant, Black-faced
Cormorant, Brandt’s
Cormorant, Cape
Cormorant, Crowned
Cormorant, Double-crested
Cormorant, Flightless
Cormorant, Great
Cormorant, Guanay
Cormorant, Indian
Cormorant, Japanese
Cormorant, Little
Cormorant, Little Black
Cormorant, Little Pied
Cormorant, Neotropic
Cormorant, Pallas’s
Cormorant, Pelagic
Cormorant, Pygmy
Cormorant, Red-faced
Cormorant, Red-legged
Cormorant, Reed
Cormorant, Socotra
Cormorant, White-breasted
Coronet, Buff-tailed
Coronet, Chestnut-breasted
Coronet, Velvet-purple
Cotinga, Banded
Cotinga, Bay-vented
Cotinga, Black-and-gold
Cotinga, Black-faced
Cotinga, Black-necked Red
Cotinga, Black-tipped
Cotinga, Blue
Cotinga, Chestnut-bellied
Cotinga, Chestnut-crested
Cotinga, Grey-winged
Cotinga, Guianan Red
Cotinga, Lovely
Cotinga, Palkachupa
Cotinga, Plum-throated
Cotinga, Pompadour
Cotinga, Purple-breasted
Cotinga, Purple-throated
Cotinga, Red-crested
Cotinga, Snowy
Cotinga, Spangled
Cotinga, Swallow-tailed
Cotinga, Turquoise
Cotinga, White-cheeked
Cotinga, White-tailed
Cotinga, White-winged
Cotinga, Yellow-billed
Coua, Blue
Coua, Coquerel’s
Coua, Crested
Coua, Giant
Coua, Red-breasted
Coua, Red-capped
Coua, Red-fronted
Coua, Running
Coua, Snail-eating
Coua, Verreaux’s
Coucal, Andaman
Coucal, Bay
Coucal, Biak
Coucal, Black
Coucal, Black-billed
Coucal, Black-faced
Coucal, Black-hooded
Coucal, Black-throated
Coucal, Blue-headed
Coucal, Buff-headed
Coucal, Burchell’s
Coucal, Coppery-tailed
Coucal, Gabon
Coucal, Goliath
Coucal, Greater
Coucal, Green-billed
Coucal, Ivory-billed
Coucal, Lesser
Coucal, Malagasy
Coucal, Pheasant
Coucal, Philippine
Coucal, Rufous
Coucal, Senegal
Coucal, Short-toed
Coucal, Sunda
Coucal, Violaceous
Coucal, White-browed
Coucal, White-necked
Courser, Bronze-winged
Courser, Burchell’s
Courser, Cream-colored
Courser, Double-banded
Courser, Indian
Courser, Jerdon’s
Courser, Somali
Courser, Temminck’s
Courser, Three-banded
Cowbird, Bronze-brown
Cowbird, Bronzed
Cowbird, Brown-headed
Cowbird, Giant
Cowbird, Screaming
Cowbird, Shiny
Crake, African
Crake, Andaman
Crake, Ascension
Crake, Ash-throated
Crake, Australian
Crake, Baillon’s
Crake, Band-bellied
Crake, Black
Crake, Black-banded
Crake, Black-tailed
Crake, Brown
Crake, Chestnut-headed
Crake, Colombian
Crake, Corn
Crake, Dot-winged
Crake, Galapagos
Crake, Grey-breasted
Crake, Henderson
Crake, Kosrae
Crake, Little
Crake, Ocellated
Crake, Paint-billed
Crake, Red-and-white
Crake, Red-legged
Crake, Red-necked
Crake, Ruddy
Crake, Ruddy-breasted
Crake, Rufous-faced
Crake, Rufous-sided
Crake, Russet-crowned
Crake, Rusty-flanked
Crake, Slaty-legged
Crake, Spotless
Crake, Spotted
Crake, St. Helena
Crake, Striped
Crake, Tahiti
Crake, Uniform
Crake, White-browed
Crake, White-throated
Crake, Yellow-breasted
Crane, Black Crowned
Crane, Black-necked
Crane, Blue
Crane, Common
Crane, Demoiselle
Crane, Grey Crowned
Crane, Hooded
Crane, Red-crowned
Crane, Sandhill
Crane, Sarus
Crane, Siberian
Crane, Wattled
Crane, White-naped
Crane, Whooping
Creeper, African Spotted
Creeper, Brown
Creeper, Hawaii
Creeper, Indian Spotted
Crescentchest, Collared
Crescentchest, Double-collared
Crescentchest, Elegant
Crescentchest, Maranon
Crescentchest, Olive-crowned
Crimsonwing, Abyssinian
Crimsonwing, Dusky
Crimsonwing, Red-faced
Crimsonwing, Shelley’s
Crocias, Grey-crowned
Crocias, Spotted
Crombec, Green
Crombec, Lemon-bellied
Crombec, Long-billed
Crombec, Northern
Crombec, Philippa’s
Crombec, Red-capped
Crombec, Red-faced
Crombec, Somali
Crombec, White-browed
Crossbill, Cassia
Crossbill, Hispaniolan
Crossbill, Parrot
Crossbill, Red
Crossbill, Scottish
Crossbill, Two-barred
Crow, American
Crow, Banggai
Crow, Bismarck
Crow, Bougainville
Crow, Brown-headed
Crow, Cape
Crow, Carrion
Crow, Collared
Crow, Cuban
Crow, Cuban Palm
Crow, Eastern Jungle
Crow, Fish
Crow, Flores
Crow, Grey
Crow, Hawaiian
Crow, Hispaniolan Palm
Crow, Hooded
Crow, House
Crow, Indian Jungle
Crow, Jamaican
Crow, Large-billed
Crow, Little
Crow, Long-billed
Crow, Mariana
Crow, New Caledonian
Crow, Northwestern
Crow, Pied
Crow, Piping
Crow, Sinaloa
Crow, Slender-billed
Crow, Somali
Crow, Tamaulipas
Crow, Torresian
Crow, Violet
Crow, White-billed
Crow, White-necked
Cuckoo, African
Cuckoo, African Emerald
Cuckoo, Ash-colored
Cuckoo, Asian Emerald
Cuckoo, Banded Bay
Cuckoo, Banded Ground
Cuckoo, Barred Long-tailed
Cuckoo, Bay-breasted
Cuckoo, Black
Cuckoo, Black-bellied
Cuckoo, Black-billed
Cuckoo, Black-eared
Cuckoo, Bornean Ground
Cuckoo, Brush
Cuckoo, Channel-billed
Cuckoo, Chestnut-bellied
Cuckoo, Chestnut-breasted
Cuckoo, Chestnut-winged
Cuckoo, Cocos
Cuckoo, Common
Cuckoo, Coral-billed Ground
Cuckoo, Dark-billed
Cuckoo, Diederik
Cuckoo, Dusky Long-tailed
Cuckoo, Dwarf
Cuckoo, Fan-tailed
Cuckoo, Great Lizard
Cuckoo, Great Spotted
Cuckoo, Grey-bellied
Cuckoo, Grey-capped
Cuckoo, Guira
Cuckoo, Himalayan
Cuckoo, Hispaniolan Lizard
Cuckoo, Horsfield’s Bronze
Cuckoo, Indian
Cuckoo, Jacobin
Cuckoo, Jamaican Lizard
Cuckoo, Klaas’s
Cuckoo, Lesser
Cuckoo, Lesser Ground
Cuckoo, Levaillant’s
Cuckoo, Little
Cuckoo, Little Bronze
Cuckoo, Long-billed
Cuckoo, Madagascan
Cuckoo, Mangrove
Cuckoo, Moluccan
Cuckoo, Olive Long-tailed
Cuckoo, Oriental
Cuckoo, Pacific Long-tailed
Cuckoo, Pallid
Cuckoo, Pavonine
Cuckoo, Pearly-breasted
Cuckoo, Pheasant
Cuckoo, Plaintive
Cuckoo, Puerto Rican Lizard
Cuckoo, Red-billed Ground
Cuckoo, Red-chested
Cuckoo, Rufous-throated Bronze
Cuckoo, Rufous-vented Ground
Cuckoo, Rufous-winged Ground
Cuckoo, Rusty-breasted
Cuckoo, Scaled Ground
Cuckoo, Shining Bronze
Cuckoo, Squirrel
Cuckoo, St. Helena
Cuckoo, Striped
Cuckoo, Sulawesi
Cuckoo, Sumatran Ground
Cuckoo, Sunda
Cuckoo, Thick-billed
Cuckoo, Violet
Cuckoo, White-crowned
Cuckoo, White-eared Bronze
Cuckoo, Yellow-billed
Cuckoo, Yellow-throated
Cuckoo-Dove, Amboyna
Cuckoo-Dove, Andaman
Cuckoo-Dove, Barred
Cuckoo-Dove, Bar-tailed
Cuckoo-Dove, Barusan
Cuckoo-Dove, Black
Cuckoo-Dove, Brown
Cuckoo-Dove, Crested
Cuckoo-Dove, Enggano
Cuckoo-Dove, Flores Sea
Cuckoo-Dove, Great
Cuckoo-Dove, Little
Cuckoo-Dove, MacKinlay’s
Cuckoo-Dove, Philippine
Cuckoo-Dove, Pied
Cuckoo-Dove, Ruddy
Cuckoo-Dove, Sula
Cuckoo-Dove, Sultan’s
Cuckoo-Dove, Tanimbar
Cuckoo-Dove, Timor
Cuckoo-Dove, White-faced
Cuckoo-Hawk, African
Cuckoo-Hawk, Madagascan
Cuckooshrike, Andaman
Cuckooshrike, Bar-bellied
Cuckooshrike, Barred
Cuckooshrike, Black
Cuckooshrike, Black-bellied
Cuckooshrike, Black-faced
Cuckooshrike, Black-headed
Cuckooshrike, Blackish
Cuckooshrike, Black-winged
Cuckooshrike, Blue
Cuckooshrike, Boyer’s
Cuckooshrike, Buru
Cuckooshrike, Cerulean
Cuckooshrike, Comoros
Cuckooshrike, Eastern Wattled
Cuckooshrike, Golden
Cuckooshrike, Grauer’s
Cuckooshrike, Grey
Cuckooshrike, Grey-headed
Cuckooshrike, Ground
Cuckooshrike, Halmahera
Cuckooshrike, Hooded
Cuckooshrike, Indochinese
Cuckooshrike, Javan
Cuckooshrike, Large
Cuckooshrike, Lesser
Cuckooshrike, Madagascan
Cuckooshrike, Manus
Cuckooshrike, Mauritius
Cuckooshrike, McGregor’s
Cuckooshrike, Moluccan
Cuckooshrike, New Caledonian
Cuckooshrike, North Melanesian
Cuckooshrike, Petit’s
Cuckooshrike, Pied
Cuckooshrike, Purple-throated
Cuckooshrike, Pygmy
Cuckooshrike, Red-shouldered
Cuckooshrike, Reunion
Cuckooshrike, Slaty
Cuckooshrike, Solomons
Cuckooshrike, South Melanesian
Cuckooshrike, Stout-billed
Cuckooshrike, Sunda
Cuckooshrike, Wallacean
Cuckooshrike, Western Wattled
Cuckooshrike, White-bellied
Cuckooshrike, White-breasted
Cuckooshrike, White-rumped
Cuckooshrike, White-winged
Cupwing, Chinese
Cupwing, Nepal
Cupwing, Pygmy
Cupwing, Scaly-breasted
Cupwing, Taiwan
Curassow, Alagoas
Curassow, Bare-faced
Curassow, Black
Curassow, Blue-billed
Curassow, Crestless
Curassow, Great
Curassow, Helmeted
Curassow, Horned
Curassow, Nocturnal
Curassow, Razor-billed
Curassow, Red-billed
Curassow, Salvin’s
Curassow, Sira
Curassow, Wattled
Curassow, Yellow-knobbed
Curlew, Bristle-thighed
Curlew, Eskimo
Curlew, Eurasian
Curlew, Far Eastern
Curlew, Little
Curlew, Long-billed
Curlew, Slender-billed
Currawong, Black
Currawong, Grey
Currawong, Pied
Cutia, Himalayan
Cutia, Vietnamese


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