D – Last Name

White-winged Dove by Reinier

White-winged Dove by Reinier

D – Last Name Listing – I.O.C. 9.2 Version


Dacnis, Black-faced
Dacnis, Black-legged
Dacnis, Blue
Dacnis, Scarlet-breasted
Dacnis, Scarlet-thighed
Dacnis, Tit-like
Dacnis, Turquoise
Dacnis, Viridian
Dacnis, White-bellied
Dacnis, Yellow-bellied
Dacnis, Yellow-tufted
Darkeye, Rufescent
Darter, African
Darter, Australasian
Darter, Oriental
Dipper, American
Dipper, Brown
Dipper, Rufous-throated
Dipper, White-capped
Dipper, White-throated
Diucon, Fire-eyed
Dollarbird, Azure
Dollarbird, Oriental
Donacobius, Black-capped
Doradito, Crested
Doradito, Dinelli’s
Doradito, Subtropical
Doradito, Ticking
Doradito, Warbling
Dotterel, Black-fronted
Dotterel, Eurasian
Dotterel, Hooded
Dotterel, Inland
Dotterel, Red-kneed
Dotterel, Shore
Dotterel, Tawny-throated
Dove, Adamawa Turtle
Dove, African Collared
Dove, Amethyst Brown
Dove, Atoll Fruit
Dove, Azuero
Dove, Banded Fruit
Dove, Banggai Fruit
Dove, Bare-faced Ground
Dove, Barred
Dove, Bar-shouldered
Dove, Beautiful Fruit
Dove, Black-banded Fruit
Dove, Black-billed Wood
Dove, Black-chinned Fruit
Dove, Black-naped Fruit
Dove, Black-winged Ground
Dove, Blue Ground
Dove, Blue-capped Fruit
Dove, Blue-eyed Ground
Dove, Blue-headed Wood
Dove, Blue-spotted Wood
Dove, Bronze Ground
Dove, Caribbean
Dove, Carunculated Fruit
Dove, Cinnamon Ground
Dove, Claret-breasted Fruit
Dove, Cloven-feathered
Dove, Common Emerald
Dove, Common Ground
Dove, Coroneted Fruit
Dove, Cream-breasted Fruit
Dove, Crimson-crowned Fruit
Dove, Croaking Ground
Dove, Diamond
Dove, Dusky Turtle
Dove, Dwarf Fruit
Dove, Eared
Dove, Ecuadorian Ground
Dove, Emerald-spotted Wood
Dove, Eurasian Collared
Dove, European Turtle
Dove, Flame-breasted Fruit
Dove, Galapagos
Dove, Golden Fruit
Dove, Golden-spotted Ground
Dove, Grenada
Dove, Grey-chested
Dove, Grey-fronted
Dove, Grey-green Fruit
Dove, Grey-headed
Dove, Grey-headed Fruit
Dove, Henderson Fruit
Dove, Inca
Dove, Island Collared
Dove, Jambu Fruit
Dove, Knob-billed Fruit
Dove, Kosrae Fruit
Dove, Laughing
Dove, Lemon
Dove, Lilac-crowned Fruit
Dove, Long-tailed Ground
Dove, Makatea Fruit
Dove, Malagasy Turtle
Dove, Many-colored Fruit
Dove, Mariana Fruit
Dove, Maroon-chested Ground
Dove, Marquesan Ground
Dove, Mindanao Brown
Dove, Moreno’s Ground
Dove, Mourning
Dove, Mourning Collared
Dove, Namaqua
Dove, Negros Fruit
Dove, Norfolk Ground
Dove, Oberholser’s Fruit
Dove, Ochre-bellied
Dove, Orange Fruit
Dove, Orange-bellied Fruit
Dove, Orange-fronted Fruit
Dove, Oriental Turtle
Dove, Ornate Fruit
Dove, Pacific Emerald
Dove, Palau Fruit
Dove, Palau Ground
Dove, Pallid
Dove, Peaceful
Dove, Picui Ground
Dove, Pink-headed Fruit
Dove, Pink-spotted Fruit
Dove, Plain-breasted Ground
Dove, Polynesian Ground
Dove, Purple-capped Fruit
Dove, Purple-winged Ground
Dove, Rapa Fruit
Dove, Red Turtle
Dove, Red-bellied Fruit
Dove, Red-eared Fruit
Dove, Red-eyed
Dove, Red-moustached Fruit
Dove, Red-naped Fruit
Dove, Ring-necked
Dove, Rock
Dove, Rose-crowned Fruit
Dove, Ruddy Ground
Dove, Santa Cruz Ground
Dove, Scaled
Dove, Scarlet-breasted Fruit
Dove, Silver-capped Fruit
Dove, Socorro
Dove, Spotted
Dove, Stephan’s Emerald
Dove, Stock
Dove, Sula Fruit
Dove, Sulawesi Ground
Dove, Superb Fruit
Dove, Tambourine
Dove, Tanna Fruit
Dove, Tanna Ground
Dove, Tawitawi Brown
Dove, Thick-billed Ground
Dove, Tolima
Dove, Tongan Ground
Dove, Vinaceous
Dove, Wallace’s Fruit
Dove, West Peruvian
Dove, Wetar Ground
Dove, Whistling Fruit
Dove, White-bibbed Fruit
Dove, White-breasted Ground
Dove, White-capped Fruit
Dove, White-eared Brown
Dove, White-fronted Ground
Dove, White-headed Fruit
Dove, White-throated Ground
Dove, White-tipped
Dove, White-winged
Dove, White-winged Collared
Dove, Wompoo Fruit
Dove, Yellow-bibbed Fruit
Dove, Yellow-breasted Fruit
Dove, Yungas
Dove, Zebra
Dove, Zenaida
Dowitcher, Asian
Dowitcher, Long-billed
Dowitcher, Short-billed
Drongo, Aldabra
Drongo, Andaman
Drongo, Ashy
Drongo, Black
Drongo, Bronzed
Drongo, Common Square-tailed
Drongo, Crested
Drongo, Crow-billed
Drongo, Fanti
Drongo, Fork-tailed
Drongo, Glossy-backed
Drongo, Grand Comoro
Drongo, Greater Racket-tailed
Drongo, Hair-crested
Drongo, Lesser Racket-tailed
Drongo, Mayotte
Drongo, Paradise
Drongo, Sharpe’s
Drongo, Shining
Drongo, Spangled
Drongo, Sri Lanka
Drongo, Sulawesi
Drongo, Sumatran
Drongo, Tablas
Drongo, Velvet-mantled
Drongo, Wallacean
Drongo, Western Square-tailed
Drongo, White-bellied
Drongo-Cuckoo, Fork-tailed
Drongo-Cuckoo, Moluccan
Drongo-Cuckoo, Philippine
Drongo-Cuckoo, Square-tailed
Duck, African Black
Duck, American Black
Duck, Andean
Duck, Black-bellied Whistling
Duck, Black-headed
Duck, Blue
Duck, Blue-billed
Duck, Bronze-winged
Duck, Chubut Steamer
Duck, Comb
Duck, Crested
Duck, Eastern Spot-billed
Duck, Falcated
Duck, Falkland Steamer
Duck, Ferruginous
Duck, Flying Steamer
Duck, Freckled
Duck, Fuegian Steamer
Duck, Fulvous Whistling
Duck, Harlequin
Duck, Hartlaub’s
Duck, Hawaiian
Duck, Indian Spot-billed
Duck, Knob-billed
Duck, Labrador
Duck, Lake
Duck, Laysan
Duck, Lesser Whistling
Duck, Long-tailed
Duck, Maccoa
Duck, Mandarin
Duck, Maned
Duck, Marbled
Duck, Masked
Duck, Meller’s
Duck, Mexican
Duck, Mottled
Duck, Muscovy
Duck, Musk
Duck, Pacific Black
Duck, Philippine
Duck, Pink-eared
Duck, Pink-headed
Duck, Plumed Whistling
Duck, Ring-necked
Duck, Ruddy
Duck, Spotted Whistling
Duck, Torrent
Duck, Tufted
Duck, Wandering Whistling
Duck, West Indian Whistling
Duck, White-backed
Duck, White-faced Whistling
Duck, White-headed
Duck, White-winged
Duck, Wood
Duck, Yellow-billed


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