L – Last Name

White-crowned Lapwing (Vanellus albiceps) at NA by Lee

White-crowned Lapwing (Vanellus albiceps) at NA by Lee

L – Last Name Listing – I.O.C. 9.2 Version

Lancebill, Blue-fronted
Lancebill, Green-fronted
Laniisoma, Andean
Laniisoma, Brazilian
Lapwing, African Wattled
Lapwing, Andean
Lapwing, Banded
Lapwing, Black-headed
Lapwing, Blacksmith
Lapwing, Black-winged
Lapwing, Brown-chested
Lapwing, Crowned
Lapwing, Grey-headed
Lapwing, Javan
Lapwing, Long-toed
Lapwing, Masked
Lapwing, Northern
Lapwing, Red-wattled
Lapwing, River
Lapwing, Senegal
Lapwing, Sociable
Lapwing, Southern
Lapwing, Spot-breasted
Lapwing, Spur-winged
Lapwing, White-crowned
Lapwing, White-tailed
Lapwing, Yellow-wattled
Lark, Agulhas Long-billed
Lark, Angolan
Lark, Archer’s
Lark, Ash’s
Lark, Asian Short-toed
Lark, Athi Short-toed
Lark, Barlow’s
Lark, Bar-tailed
Lark, Beesley’s
Lark, Bengal Bush
Lark, Benguela Long-billed
Lark, Bimaculated
Lark, Black
Lark, Blanford’s
Lark, Botha’s
Lark, Burmese Bush
Lark, Calandra
Lark, Cape Clapper
Lark, Cape Long-billed
Lark, Collared
Lark, Crested
Lark, Desert
Lark, Dune
Lark, Dunn’s
Lark, Dupont’s
Lark, Dusky
Lark, Eastern Clapper
Lark, Eastern Long-billed
Lark, Fawn-colored
Lark, Flappet
Lark, Foxy
Lark, Friedmann’s
Lark, Gillett’s
Lark, Gray’s
Lark, Greater Short-toed
Lark, Horned
Lark, Horsfield’s Bush
Lark, Hume’s Short-toed
Lark, Indian Bush
Lark, Indochinese Bush
Lark, Jerdon’s Bush
Lark, Karoo
Lark, Karoo Long-billed
Lark, Kordofan
Lark, Large-billed
Lark, Lesser Short-toed
Lark, Madagascan
Lark, Maghreb
Lark, Malabar
Lark, Masked
Lark, Melodious
Lark, Mongolian
Lark, Mongolian Short-toed
Lark, Monotonous
Lark, Obbia
Lark, Pink-billed
Lark, Pink-breasted
Lark, Raso
Lark, Red
Lark, Red-capped
Lark, Red-winged
Lark, Rudd’s
Lark, Rufous-capped
Lark, Rufous-naped
Lark, Rufous-rumped
Lark, Rufous-tailed
Lark, Rusty Bush
Lark, Sabota
Lark, Sand
Lark, Sclater’s
Lark, Short-clawed
Lark, Short-tailed
Lark, Singing Bush
Lark, Somali
Lark, Somali Short-toed
Lark, Spike-heeled
Lark, Stark’s
Lark, Sun
Lark, Sykes’s
Lark, Temminck’s
Lark, Thekla’s
Lark, Thick-billed
Lark, Tibetan
Lark, White-tailed
Lark, White-winged
Lark, Williams’s
Laughingthrush, Ashambu
Laughingthrush, Ashy-headed
Laughingthrush, Assam
Laughingthrush, Banasura
Laughingthrush, Bare-headed
Laughingthrush, Barred
Laughingthrush, Bhutan
Laughingthrush, Black
Laughingthrush, Black-faced
Laughingthrush, Black-hooded
Laughingthrush, Black-throated
Laughingthrush, Blue-crowned
Laughingthrush, Blue-winged
Laughingthrush, Brown-capped
Laughingthrush, Brown-cheeked
Laughingthrush, Buffy
Laughingthrush, Cambodian
Laughingthrush, Chestnut-backed
Laughingthrush, Chestnut-capped
Laughingthrush, Chestnut-crowned
Laughingthrush, Chestnut-eared
Laughingthrush, Chestnut-hooded
Laughingthrush, Collared
Laughingthrush, Elliot’s
Laughingthrush, Giant
Laughingthrush, Golden-winged
Laughingthrush, Greater Necklaced
Laughingthrush, Grey
Laughingthrush, Grey-sided
Laughingthrush, Lesser Necklaced
Laughingthrush, Malayan
Laughingthrush, Masked
Laughingthrush, Moustached
Laughingthrush, Nilgiri
Laughingthrush, Orange-breasted
Laughingthrush, Palani
Laughingthrush, Plain
Laughingthrush, Red-tailed
Laughingthrush, Red-winged
Laughingthrush, Rufous-cheeked
Laughingthrush, Rufous-chinned
Laughingthrush, Rufous-crowned
Laughingthrush, Rufous-fronted
Laughingthrush, Rufous-necked
Laughingthrush, Rufous-vented
Laughingthrush, Rusty
Laughingthrush, Scaly
Laughingthrush, Silver-eared
Laughingthrush, Snowy-cheeked
Laughingthrush, Spot-breasted
Laughingthrush, Spotted
Laughingthrush, Streaked
Laughingthrush, Striated
Laughingthrush, Striped
Laughingthrush, Sumatran
Laughingthrush, Sunda
Laughingthrush, Variegated
Laughingthrush, Wayanad
Laughingthrush, White-browed
Laughingthrush, White-cheeked
Laughingthrush, White-crested
Laughingthrush, White-necked
Laughingthrush, White-speckled
Laughingthrush, White-throated
Laughingthrush, White-whiskered
Laughingthrush, Yellow-throated
Leafbird, Blue-masked
Leafbird, Blue-winged
Leafbird, Bornean
Leafbird, Golden-fronted
Leafbird, Greater Green
Leafbird, Jerdon’s
Leafbird, Lesser Green
Leafbird, Orange-bellied
Leafbird, Philippine
Leafbird, Sumatran
Leafbird, Yellow-throated
Leaflove, Red-tailed
Leaflove, Yellow-throated
Leaftosser, Black-tailed
Leaftosser, Dusky
Leaftosser, Grey-throated
Leaftosser, Rufous-breasted
Leaftosser, Scaly-throated
Leaftosser, Short-billed
Leaftosser, Tawny-throated
Leiothrix, Red-billed
Linnet, Common
Linnet, Warsangli
Linnet, Yemen
Liocichla, Bugun
Liocichla, Emei Shan
Liocichla, Red-faced
Liocichla, Scarlet-faced
Liocichla, Steere’s
Logrunner, Australian
Logrunner, Papuan
Longbill, Dwarf
Longbill, Grey
Longbill, Kemp’s
Longbill, Kretschmer’s
Longbill, Pulitzer’s
Longbill, Pygmy
Longbill, Slaty-headed
Longbill, Yellow
Longbill, Yellow-bellied
Longclaw, Abyssinian
Longclaw, Cape
Longclaw, Fülleborn’s
Longclaw, Grimwood’s
Longclaw, Pangani
Longclaw, Rosy-throated
Longclaw, Sharpe’s
Longclaw, Yellow-throated
Longspur, Chestnut-collared
Longspur, Lapland
Longspur, McCown’s
Longspur, Smith’s
Longtail, Green
Loon, Black-throated
Loon, Common
Loon, Pacific
Loon, Red-throated
Loon, Yellow-billed
Lophorina, Crescent-caped
Lophorina, Greater
Lophorina, Lesser
Lorikeet, Biak
Lorikeet, Blue
Lorikeet, Blue-crowned
Lorikeet, Blue-fronted
Lorikeet, Citrine
Lorikeet, Coconut
Lorikeet, Duchess
Lorikeet, Fairy
Lorikeet, Goldie’s
Lorikeet, Iris
Lorikeet, Josephine’s
Lorikeet, Kuhl’s
Lorikeet, Leaf
Lorikeet, Little
Lorikeet, Marigold
Lorikeet, Meek’s
Lorikeet, Mindanao
Lorikeet, Musk
Lorikeet, New Caledonian
Lorikeet, Olive-headed
Lorikeet, Orange-billed
Lorikeet, Ornate
Lorikeet, Palm
Lorikeet, Papuan
Lorikeet, Plum-faced
Lorikeet, Pohnpei
Lorikeet, Purple-crowned
Lorikeet, Pygmy
Lorikeet, Rainbow
Lorikeet, Red-chinned
Lorikeet, Red-collared
Lorikeet, Red-flanked
Lorikeet, Red-fronted
Lorikeet, Red-throated
Lorikeet, Scaly-breasted
Lorikeet, Stephen’s
Lorikeet, Striated
Lorikeet, Sunset
Lorikeet, Ultramarine
Lorikeet, Varied
Lorikeet, Yellow-billed
Lory, Black
Lory, Black-capped
Lory, Black-winged
Lory, Blue-eared
Lory, Blue-streaked
Lory, Brown
Lory, Cardinal
Lory, Chattering
Lory, Collared
Lory, Dusky
Lory, Purple-bellied
Lory, Purple-naped
Lory, Red
Lory, Red-and-blue
Lory, Violet-necked
Lory, White-naped
Lory, Yellow-bibbed
Lory, Yellowish-streaked
Lovebird, Black-cheeked
Lovebird, Black-collared
Lovebird, Black-winged
Lovebird, Fischer’s
Lovebird, Grey-headed
Lovebird, Lilian’s
Lovebird, Red-headed
Lovebird, Rosy-faced
Lovebird, Yellow-collared
Lyrebird, Albert’s
Lyrebird, Superb


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