S – Last Name

White-bellied Seedeater (Sporophila leucoptera) by Dario Sanches

White-bellied Seedeater (Sporophila leucoptera) by Dario Sanches

S – Last Name Listing – I.O.C. 9.2 Version

Sabrewing, Buff-breasted
Sabrewing, Curve-winged
Sabrewing, Dry-forest
Sabrewing, Grey-breasted
Sabrewing, Lazuline
Sabrewing, Long-tailed
Sabrewing, Napo
Sabrewing, Rufous
Sabrewing, Rufous-breasted
Sabrewing, Santa Marta
Sabrewing, Violet
Sabrewing, Wedge-tailed
Sabrewing, White-tailed
Saddleback, North Island
Saddleback, South Island
Saltator, Black-cowled
Saltator, Black-headed
Saltator, Black-throated
Saltator, Black-winged
Saltator, Buff-throated
Saltator, Golden-billed
Saltator, Green-winged
Saltator, Greyish
Saltator, Lesser Antillean
Saltator, Masked
Saltator, Orinoco
Saltator, Streaked
Saltator, Thick-billed
Sandgrouse, Black-bellied
Sandgrouse, Black-faced
Sandgrouse, Burchell’s
Sandgrouse, Chestnut-bellied
Sandgrouse, Crowned
Sandgrouse, Double-banded
Sandgrouse, Four-banded
Sandgrouse, Lichtenstein’s
Sandgrouse, Madagascan
Sandgrouse, Namaqua
Sandgrouse, Painted
Sandgrouse, Pallas’s
Sandgrouse, Pin-tailed
Sandgrouse, Spotted
Sandgrouse, Tibetan
Sandgrouse, Yellow-throated
Sandpiper, Baird’s
Sandpiper, Broad-billed
Sandpiper, Buff-breasted
Sandpiper, Common
Sandpiper, Curlew
Sandpiper, Green
Sandpiper, Kiritimati
Sandpiper, Least
Sandpiper, Marsh
Sandpiper, Moorea
Sandpiper, Pectoral
Sandpiper, Purple
Sandpiper, Rock
Sandpiper, Semipalmated
Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed
Sandpiper, Solitary
Sandpiper, Spoon-billed
Sandpiper, Spotted
Sandpiper, Stilt
Sandpiper, Tahiti
Sandpiper, Terek
Sandpiper, Tuamotu
Sandpiper, Upland
Sandpiper, Western
Sandpiper, White-rumped
Sandpiper, Wood
Sandpiper-Plover, Diademed
Sapphire, Blue-chinned
Sapphire, Blue-headed
Sapphire, Blue-throated
Sapphire, Gilded
Sapphire, Golden-tailed
Sapphire, Humboldt’s
Sapphire, Rufous-throated
Sapphire, White-chinned
Sapphirewing, Great
Sapsucker, Red-breasted
Sapsucker, Red-naped
Sapsucker, Williamson’s
Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied
Satinbird, Crested
Satinbird, Loria’s
Satinbird, Yellow-breasted
Saw-wing, Black
Saw-wing, Fanti
Saw-wing, Mountain
Saw-wing, Square-tailed
Saw-wing, White-headed
Scaup, Greater
Scaup, Lesser
Scaup, New Zealand
Schiffornis, Brown-winged
Schiffornis, Foothill
Schiffornis, Greenish
Schiffornis, Guianan
Schiffornis, Northern
Schiffornis, Russet-winged
Schiffornis, Varzea
Scimitarbill, Abyssinian
Scimitarbill, Black
Scimitarbill, Common
Scoter, Black
Scoter, Common
Scoter, Stejneger’s
Scoter, Surf
Scoter, Velvet
Scoter, White-winged
Screamer, Horned
Screamer, Northern
Screamer, Southern
Scrubbird, Noisy
Scrubbird, Rufous
Scrubfowl, Biak
Scrubfowl, New Guinea
Scrubfowl, Orange-footed
Scrubwren, Atherton
Scrubwren, Bicolored
Scrubwren, Buff-faced
Scrubwren, Grey-green
Scrubwren, Large
Scrubwren, Large-billed
Scrubwren, Pale-billed
Scrubwren, Papuan
Scrubwren, Perplexing
Scrubwren, Spotted
Scrubwren, Tasmanian
Scrubwren, Tropical
Scrubwren, Vogelkop
Scrubwren, White-browed
Scrubwren, Yellow-throated
Scythebill, Black-billed
Scythebill, Brown-billed
Scythebill, Curve-billed
Scythebill, Greater
Scythebill, Red-billed
Seedcracker, Black-bellied
Seedcracker, Crimson
Seedcracker, Lesser
Seedeater, Band-tailed
Seedeater, Black-and-tawny
Seedeater, Black-and-white
Seedeater, Black-bellied
Seedeater, Black-eared
Seedeater, Blackish-blue
Seedeater, Brown-rumped
Seedeater, Buffy-fronted
Seedeater, Cabanis’s
Seedeater, Caqueta
Seedeater, Carrizal
Seedeater, Chestnut
Seedeater, Chestnut-bellied
Seedeater, Chestnut-throated
Seedeater, Cinnamon-rumped
Seedeater, Copper
Seedeater, Dark-throated
Seedeater, Double-collared
Seedeater, Drab
Seedeater, Dubois’s
Seedeater, Ecuadorian
Seedeater, Grey
Seedeater, Kipengere
Seedeater, Lesson’s
Seedeater, Lined
Seedeater, Marsh
Seedeater, Morelet’s
Seedeater, Paramo
Seedeater, Parrot-billed
Seedeater, Pearly-bellied
Seedeater, Plain-colored
Seedeater, Plumbeous
Seedeater, Principe
Seedeater, Reichard’s
Seedeater, Reichenow’s
Seedeater, Ruddy-breasted
Seedeater, Rufous-rumped
Seedeater, Rusty-collared
Seedeater, Salvadori’s
Seedeater, Slate-colored
Seedeater, Streaky
Seedeater, Streaky-headed
Seedeater, Tawny-bellied
Seedeater, Temminck’s
Seedeater, Thick-billed
Seedeater, Tropeiro
Seedeater, Variable
Seedeater, West African
Seedeater, White-bellied
Seedeater, White-naped
Seedeater, White-rumped
Seedeater, White-throated
Seedeater, Wing-barred
Seedeater, Yellow-bellied
Seedeater, Yellow-browed
Seedeater, Yellow-rumped
Seedeater, Yellow-throated
Seedsnipe, Grey-breasted
Seedsnipe, Least
Seedsnipe, Rufous-bellied
Seedsnipe, White-bellied
Seriema, Black-legged
Seriema, Red-legged
Serin, Ankober
Serin, Arabian
Serin, European
Serin, Mountain
Serin, Red-fronted
Serin, Syrian
Serin, Tibetan
Serin, Yemen
Shag, Antarctic
Shag, Auckland
Shag, Bounty
Shag, Campbell
Shag, Chatham
Shag, Crozet
Shag, European
Shag, Foveaux
Shag, Heard Island
Shag, Imperial
Shag, Kerguelen
Shag, Macquarie
Shag, New Zealand King
Shag, Otago
Shag, Pitt
Shag, Rock
Shag, South Georgia
Shag, Spotted
Shama, Andaman
Shama, Black
Shama, Rufous-tailed
Shama, White-browed
Shama, White-crowned
Shama, White-rumped
Shama, White-vented
Sheartail, Beautiful
Sheartail, Lucifer
Sheartail, Mexican
Sheartail, Peruvian
Sheartail, Slender
Shearwater, Audubon’s
Shearwater, Balearic
Shearwater, Bannerman’s
Shearwater, Barolo
Shearwater, Black-vented
Shearwater, Boyd’s
Shearwater, Bryan’s
Shearwater, Buller’s
Shearwater, Cape Verde
Shearwater, Christmas
Shearwater, Cory’s
Shearwater, Flesh-footed
Shearwater, Fluttering
Shearwater, Galapagos
Shearwater, Great
Shearwater, Heinroth’s
Shearwater, Hutton’s
Shearwater, Little
Shearwater, Manx
Shearwater, Newell’s
Shearwater, Persian
Shearwater, Pink-footed
Shearwater, Rapa
Shearwater, Scopoli’s
Shearwater, Short-tailed
Shearwater, Sooty
Shearwater, Streaked
Shearwater, Subantarctic
Shearwater, Townsend’s
Shearwater, Tropical
Shearwater, Wedge-tailed
Shearwater, Yelkouan
Sheathbill, Black-faced
Sheathbill, Snowy
Sheldgoose, Mauritius
Sheldgoose, Reunion
Shelduck, Australian
Shelduck, Common
Shelduck, Crested
Shelduck, Paradise
Shelduck, Raja
Shelduck, Ruddy
Shelduck, South African
Shorttail, Sao Tome
Shortwing, Chinese
Shortwing, Gould’s
Shortwing, Great
Shortwing, Himalayan
Shortwing, Lesser
Shortwing, Rusty-bellied
Shortwing, Taiwan
Shortwing, White-browed
Shoveler, Australasian
Shoveler, Cape
Shoveler, Northern
Shoveler, Red
Shrike, Bay-backed
Shrike, Brown
Shrike, Bull-headed
Shrike, Burmese
Shrike, Chinese Grey
Shrike, Crimson-breasted
Shrike, Emin’s
Shrike, Great Grey
Shrike, Grey-backed
Shrike, Iberian Grey
Shrike, Isabelline
Shrike, Lesser Grey
Shrike, Loggerhead
Shrike, Long-tailed
Shrike, Mackinnon’s
Shrike, Magpie
Shrike, Masked
Shrike, Mountain
Shrike, Northern
Shrike, Northern White-crowned
Shrike, Red-backed
Shrike, Red-tailed
Shrike, Southern White-crowned
Shrike, Souza’s
Shrike, Tiger
Shrike, White-tailed
Shrike, Woodchat
Shrike, Yellow-billed
Shrike-babbler, Black-eared
Shrike-babbler, Black-headed
Shrike-babbler, Blyth’s
Shrike-babbler, Clicking
Shrike-babbler, Dalat
Shrike-babbler, Green
Shrike-babbler, Himalayan
Shrike-babbler, Pied
Shrike-babbler, Trilling
Shrikebill, Black-throated
Shrikebill, Fiji
Shrikebill, Rennell
Shrikebill, Santa Cruz
Shrikebill, Southern
Shrike-flycatcher, African
Shrike-flycatcher, Black-and-white
Shrike-Tanager, Black-throated
Shrike-Tanager, Fulvous
Shrike-Tanager, White-throated
Shrike-Tanager, White-winged
Shrikethrush, Arafura
Shrikethrush, Bower’s
Shrikethrush, Grey
Shrikethrush, Mamberamo
Shrikethrush, Rufous
Shrikethrush, Sandstone
Shrikethrush, Sangihe
Shrikethrush, Sepik-Ramu
Shrikethrush, Sooty
Shrikethrush, Tagula
Shrikethrush, Variable
Shrikethrush, Waigeo
Shriketit, Crested
Shrike-Tyrant, Black-billed
Shrike-Tyrant, Great
Shrike-Tyrant, Grey-bellied
Shrike-Tyrant, Lesser
Shrike-Tyrant, White-tailed
Shrike-Vireo, Chestnut-sided
Shrike-Vireo, Green
Shrike-Vireo, Slaty-capped
Shrike-Vireo, Yellow-browed
Sibia, Beautiful
Sibia, Black-headed
Sibia, Dark-backed
Sibia, Grey
Sibia, Long-tailed
Sibia, Rufous
Sibia, Rufous-backed
Sibia, White-eared
Sicklebill, Black
Sicklebill, Black-billed
Sicklebill, Brown
Sicklebill, Buff-tailed
Sicklebill, Pale-billed
Sicklebill, White-tipped
Silktail, Natewa
Silktail, Taveuni
Silky-flycatcher, Grey
Silky-flycatcher, Long-tailed
Silverbill, African
Silverbill, Grey-headed
Silverbill, Indian
Sirystes, Choco
Sirystes, Sibilant
Sirystes, Todd’s
Sirystes, White-rumped
Siskin, Andean
Siskin, Antillean
Siskin, Black
Siskin, Black-capped
Siskin, Black-chinned
Siskin, Black-headed
Siskin, Cape
Siskin, Drakensberg
Siskin, Ethiopian
Siskin, Eurasian
Siskin, Hooded
Siskin, Olivaceous
Siskin, Pine
Siskin, Red
Siskin, Saffron
Siskin, Thick-billed
Siskin, Yellow-bellied
Siskin, Yellow-faced
Siskin, Yellow-rumped
Sittella, Black
Sittella, Papuan
Sittella, Varied
Skimmer, African
Skimmer, Black
Skimmer, Indian
Skua, Brown
Skua, Chilean
Skua, Great
Skua, South Polar
Skylark, Eurasian
Skylark, Oriental
Snipe, African
Snipe, Chatham
Snipe, Common
Snipe, Fuegian
Snipe, Giant
Snipe, Great
Snipe, Imperial
Snipe, Jack
Snipe, Jameson’s
Snipe, Latham’s
Snipe, Madagascan
Snipe, Noble
Snipe, North Island
Snipe, Pin-tailed
Snipe, Puna
Snipe, Snares
Snipe, Solitary
Snipe, South American
Snipe, South Island
Snipe, Subantarctic
Snipe, Swinhoe’s
Snipe, Wilson’s
Snipe, Wood
Snowcock, Altai
Snowcock, Caspian
Snowcock, Caucasian
Snowcock, Himalayan
Snowcock, Tibetan
Snowfinch, Afghan
Snowfinch, Black-winged
Snowfinch, Blanford’s
Snowfinch, Pere David’s
Snowfinch, Rufous-necked
Snowfinch, Tibetan
Snowfinch, White-rumped
Snowfinch, White-winged
Softtail, Delta Amacuro
Softtail, Orinoco
Softtail, Plain
Softtail, Russet-mantled
Softtail, Striated
Solitaire, Andean
Solitaire, Black
Solitaire, Black-faced
Solitaire, Brown-backed
Solitaire, Cuban
Solitaire, Rodrigues
Solitaire, Rufous-brown
Solitaire, Rufous-throated
Solitaire, Slate-colored
Solitaire, Townsend’s
Solitaire, Varied
Solitaire, White-eared
Songlark, Brown
Songlark, Rufous
Spadebill, Cinnamon-crested
Spadebill, Golden-crowned
Spadebill, Russet-winged
Spadebill, Stub-tailed
Spadebill, White-crested
Spadebill, White-throated
Spadebill, Yellow-throated
Sparrow, Abd al-Kuri
Sparrow, American Tree
Sparrow, Arabian Golden
Sparrow, Bachman’s
Sparrow, Baird’s
Sparrow, Bell’s
Sparrow, Black-capped
Sparrow, Black-chested
Sparrow, Black-chinned
Sparrow, Black-striped
Sparrow, Black-throated
Sparrow, Botteri’s
Sparrow, Brewer’s
Sparrow, Bridled
Sparrow, Cabanis’s Ground
Sparrow, Cape
Sparrow, Cassin’s
Sparrow, Chestnut
Sparrow, Chipping
Sparrow, Cinnamon-tailed
Sparrow, Clay-colored
Sparrow, Dead Sea
Sparrow, Desert
Sparrow, Eurasian Tree
Sparrow, Field
Sparrow, Five-striped
Sparrow, Golden-crowned
Sparrow, Golden-winged
Sparrow, Grasshopper
Sparrow, Grassland
Sparrow, Great
Sparrow, Green-backed
Sparrow, Half-collared
Sparrow, Harris’s
Sparrow, Henslow’s
Sparrow, House
Sparrow, Iago
Sparrow, Italian
Sparrow, Java
Sparrow, Kenya
Sparrow, Kordofan
Sparrow, Lark
Sparrow, LeConte’s
Sparrow, Lincoln’s
Sparrow, Nelson’s
Sparrow, Northern Grey-headed
Sparrow, Oaxaca
Sparrow, Olive
Sparrow, Orange-billed
Sparrow, Parrot-billed
Sparrow, Pectoral
Sparrow, Plain-backed
Sparrow, Prevost’s Ground
Sparrow, Red Fox
Sparrow, Rock
Sparrow, Rufous-collared
Sparrow, Rufous-crowned
Sparrow, Rufous-winged
Sparrow, Russet
Sparrow, Rusty
Sparrow, Rusty-crowned Ground
Sparrow, Saffron-billed
Sparrow, Sagebrush
Sparrow, Sahel Bush
Sparrow, Saltmarsh
Sparrow, Sao Francisco
Sparrow, Savannah
Sparrow, Saxaul
Sparrow, Seaside
Sparrow, Shelley’s
Sparrow, Sierra Madre
Sparrow, Sind
Sparrow, Slate-colored Fox
Sparrow, Socotra
Sparrow, Somali
Sparrow, Song
Sparrow, Sooty Fox
Sparrow, Southern Grey-headed
Sparrow, Spanish
Sparrow, Stripe-capped
Sparrow, Striped
Sparrow, Stripe-headed
Sparrow, Sudan Golden
Sparrow, Swahili
Sparrow, Swainson’s
Sparrow, Swamp
Sparrow, Thick-billed Fox
Sparrow, Timor
Sparrow, Tocuyo
Sparrow, Tumbes
Sparrow, Vesper
Sparrow, White-crowned
Sparrow, White-eared Ground
Sparrow, White-throated
Sparrow, Worthen’s
Sparrow, Yellow-browed
Sparrow, Yellow-spotted Bush
Sparrow, Yellow-throated
Sparrow, Yellow-throated Bush
Sparrow, Zapata
Sparrow, Zarudny’s
Sparrowhawk, Black
Sparrowhawk, Chestnut-flanked
Sparrowhawk, Chinese
Sparrowhawk, Collared
Sparrowhawk, Dwarf
Sparrowhawk, Eurasian
Sparrowhawk, Frances’s
Sparrowhawk, Japanese
Sparrowhawk, Levant
Sparrowhawk, Little
Sparrowhawk, Madagascan
Sparrowhawk, New Britain
Sparrowhawk, Nicobar
Sparrowhawk, Ovambo
Sparrowhawk, Red-thighed
Sparrowhawk, Rufous-breasted
Sparrowhawk, Rufous-necked
Sparrowhawk, Spot-tailed
Sparrowhawk, Vinous-breasted
Sparrow-Lark, Ashy-crowned
Sparrow-Lark, Black-crowned
Sparrow-Lark, Black-eared
Sparrow-Lark, Chestnut-backed
Sparrow-Lark, Chestnut-headed
Sparrow-Lark, Fischer’s
Sparrow-Lark, Grey-backed
Sparrow-Weaver, Chestnut-backed
Sparrow-Weaver, Chestnut-crowned
Sparrow-Weaver, Donaldson Smith’s
Sparrow-Weaver, White-browed
Spatuletail, Marvelous
Speirops, Black-capped
Speirops, Fernando Po
Speirops, Mount Cameroon
Speirops, Principe
Spiderhunter, Bornean
Spiderhunter, Grey-breasted
Spiderhunter, Little
Spiderhunter, Long-billed
Spiderhunter, Naked-faced
Spiderhunter, Orange-tufted
Spiderhunter, Pale
Spiderhunter, Spectacled
Spiderhunter, Streaked
Spiderhunter, Streaky-breasted
Spiderhunter, Thick-billed
Spiderhunter, Whitehead’s
Spiderhunter, Yellow-eared
Spindalis, Hispaniolan
Spindalis, Jamaican
Spindalis, Puerto Rican
Spindalis, Western
Spinebill, Eastern
Spinebill, Western
Spinetail, Apurimac
Spinetail, Ash-browed
Spinetail, Azara’s
Spinetail, Bahia
Spinetail, Black
Spinetail, Blackish-headed
Spinetail, Black-throated
Spinetail, Böhm’s
Spinetail, Bolivian
Spinetail, Cabanis’s
Spinetail, Cassin’s
Spinetail, Chestnut-throated
Spinetail, Chotoy
Spinetail, Cinereous-breasted
Spinetail, Coiba
Spinetail, Creamy-crested
Spinetail, Crested
Spinetail, Dark-breasted
Spinetail, Dusky
Spinetail, Great
Spinetail, Grey-bellied
Spinetail, Grey-headed
Spinetail, Hoary-throated
Spinetail, Itatiaia
Spinetail, Light-crowned
Spinetail, Line-cheeked
Spinetail, Madagascan
Spinetail, Maranon
Spinetail, Marcapata
Spinetail, McConnell’s
Spinetail, Mottled
Spinetail, Necklaced
Spinetail, Ochre-cheeked
Spinetail, Olive
Spinetail, Pale-breasted
Spinetail, Pallid
Spinetail, Parker’s
Spinetail, Pinto’s
Spinetail, Plain-crowned
Spinetail, Red-and-white
Spinetail, Red-faced
Spinetail, Red-shouldered
Spinetail, Rio Orinoco
Spinetail, Ruddy
Spinetail, Rufous
Spinetail, Rufous-breasted
Spinetail, Rufous-capped
Spinetail, Russet-bellied
Spinetail, Rusty-backed
Spinetail, Rusty-headed
Spinetail, Sabine’s
Spinetail, Sao Tome
Spinetail, Scaled
Spinetail, Silver-rumped
Spinetail, Silvery-throated
Spinetail, Slaty
Spinetail, Sooty-fronted
Spinetail, Speckled
Spinetail, Spix’s
Spinetail, Streak-capped
Spinetail, Stripe-breasted
Spinetail, Stripe-crowned
Spinetail, Sulphur-bearded
Spinetail, Tepui
Spinetail, White-bellied
Spinetail, White-browed
Spinetail, White-lored
Spinetail, White-rumped
Spinetail, White-whiskered
Spinetail, Yellow-chinned
Spoonbill, African
Spoonbill, Black-faced
Spoonbill, Eurasian
Spoonbill, Roseate
Spoonbill, Royal
Spoonbill, Yellow-billed
Spurfowl, Cape
Spurfowl, Grey-breasted
Spurfowl, Hartlaub’s
Spurfowl, Natal
Spurfowl, Painted
Spurfowl, Red
Spurfowl, Red-billed
Spurfowl, Red-necked
Spurfowl, Sri Lanka
Spurfowl, Swainson’s
Spurfowl, Yellow-necked
Starfrontlet, Blue-throated
Starfrontlet, Buff-winged
Starfrontlet, Dusky
Starfrontlet, Golden-bellied
Starfrontlet, Rainbow
Starfrontlet, Violet-throated
Starfrontlet, White-tailed
Starling, Abbott’s
Starling, Ashy
Starling, Asian Glossy
Starling, Atoll
Starling, Babbling
Starling, Black-bellied
Starling, Black-collared
Starling, Black-winged
Starling, Brahminy
Starling, Bristle-crowned
Starling, Bronze-tailed
Starling, Brown-winged
Starling, Burchell’s
Starling, Cape
Starling, Chestnut-bellied
Starling, Chestnut-cheeked
Starling, Chestnut-tailed
Starling, Chestnut-winged
Starling, Common
Starling, Copper-tailed
Starling, Daurian
Starling, Emerald
Starling, Fiery-browed
Starling, Fischer’s
Starling, Golden-breasted
Starling, Greater Blue-eared
Starling, Grosbeak
Starling, Hildebrandt’s
Starling, Hoopoe
Starling, Kenrick’s
Starling, Kosrae
Starling, Lesser Blue-eared
Starling, Long-tailed
Starling, Long-tailed Glossy
Starling, Madagascan
Starling, Magpie
Starling, Makira
Starling, Malabar
Starling, Mauke
Starling, Metallic
Starling, Meves’s
Starling, Micronesian
Starling, Miombo Blue-eared
Starling, Moluccan
Starling, Mountain
Starling, Narrow-tailed
Starling, Neumann’s
Starling, Pale-winged
Starling, Pied
Starling, Pohnpei
Starling, Polynesian
Starling, Principe
Starling, Purple
Starling, Purple-headed
Starling, Rarotonga
Starling, Red-billed
Starling, Red-winged
Starling, Rennell
Starling, Rodrigues
Starling, Rosy
Starling, Rüppell’s
Starling, Rusty-winged
Starling, Samoan
Starling, Sharpe’s
Starling, Sharp-tailed
Starling, Shelley’s
Starling, Short-tailed
Starling, Singing
Starling, Slender-billed
Starling, Socotra
Starling, Somali
Starling, Splendid
Starling, Spotless
Starling, Spot-winged
Starling, Striated
Starling, Stuhlmann’s
Starling, Superb
Starling, Tanimbar
Starling, Tasman
Starling, Tristram’s
Starling, Vinous-breasted
Starling, Violet-backed
Starling, Violet-hooded
Starling, Waller’s
Starling, Wattled
Starling, White-billed
Starling, White-cheeked
Starling, White-collared
Starling, White-crowned
Starling, White-eyed
Starling, White-faced
Starling, White-headed
Starling, White-shouldered
Starling, Yellow-eyed
Starthroat, Blue-tufted
Starthroat, Long-billed
Starthroat, Plain-capped
Starthroat, Stripe-breasted
Stilt, Banded
Stilt, Black
Stilt, Black-necked
Stilt, Black-winged
Stilt, Pied
Stilt, White-backed
Stint, Little
Stint, Long-toed
Stint, Red-necked
Stint, Temminck’s
Stonechat, African
Stonechat, Canary Islands
Stonechat, European
Stonechat, Madagascan
Stonechat, Reunion
Stonechat, Siberian
Stonechat, Stejneger’s
Stonechat, White-tailed
Stone-curlew, Beach
Stone-curlew, Bush
Stone-curlew, Eurasian
Stone-curlew, Great
Stone-curlew, Indian
Stork, Abdim’s
Stork, Black
Stork, Black-necked
Stork, Maguari
Stork, Marabou
Stork, Milky
Stork, Oriental
Stork, Painted
Stork, Saddle-billed
Stork, Storm’s
Stork, White
Stork, Wood
Stork, Woolly-necked
Stork, Yellow-billed
Straightbill, Olive
Straightbill, Tawny
Streamcreeper, Sharp-tailed
Streamertail, Black-billed
Streamertail, Red-billed
Stubtail, Asian
Stubtail, Bornean
Stubtail, Timor
Sugarbird, Cape
Sugarbird, Gurney’s
Sunangel, Amethyst-throated
Sunangel, Flame-throated
Sunangel, Gorgeted
Sunangel, Longuemare’s
Sunangel, Merida
Sunangel, Orange-throated
Sunangel, Purple-throated
Sunangel, Royal
Sunangel, Tourmaline
Sunbeam, Black-hooded
Sunbeam, Purple-backed
Sunbeam, Shining
Sunbeam, White-tufted
Sunbird, Abbott’s
Sunbird, Amani
Sunbird, Amethyst
Sunbird, Anchieta’s
Sunbird, Anjouan
Sunbird, Apo
Sunbird, Apricot-breasted
Sunbird, Banded Green
Sunbird, Bannerman’s
Sunbird, Bates’s
Sunbird, Beautiful
Sunbird, Black
Sunbird, Black-bellied
Sunbird, Black-throated
Sunbird, Blue-headed
Sunbird, Blue-throated Brown
Sunbird, Bocage’s
Sunbird, Bohol
Sunbird, Bronzy
Sunbird, Brown-throated
Sunbird, Buff-throated
Sunbird, Cameroon
Sunbird, Carmelite
Sunbird, Collared
Sunbird, Congo
Sunbird, Copper
Sunbird, Copper-throated
Sunbird, Crimson
Sunbird, Crimson-backed
Sunbird, Dusky
Sunbird, Eastern Double-collared
Sunbird, Eastern Miombo
Sunbird, Eastern Violet-backed
Sunbird, Elegant
Sunbird, Fire-tailed
Sunbird, Flame-breasted
Sunbird, Flaming
Sunbird, Forest Double-collared
Sunbird, Fork-tailed
Sunbird, Fraser’s
Sunbird, Giant
Sunbird, Golden-winged
Sunbird, Greater Double-collared
Sunbird, Green-headed
Sunbird, Green-tailed
Sunbird, Green-throated
Sunbird, Grey
Sunbird, Grey-chinned
Sunbird, Grey-headed
Sunbird, Grey-hooded
Sunbird, Grey-throated
Sunbird, Handsome
Sunbird, Hofmann’s
Sunbird, Humblot’s
Sunbird, Hunter’s
Sunbird, Javan
Sunbird, Johanna’s
Sunbird, Lina’s
Sunbird, Little Green
Sunbird, Loten’s
Sunbird, Lovely
Sunbird, Loveridge’s
Sunbird, Ludwig’s Double-collared
Sunbird, Luzon
Sunbird, Magnificent
Sunbird, Malachite
Sunbird, Malagasy Green
Sunbird, Mangrove
Sunbird, Marico
Sunbird, Maroon-naped
Sunbird, Mayotte
Sunbird, Metallic-winged
Sunbird, Moreau’s
Sunbird, Mrs. Gould’s
Sunbird, Neergaard’s
Sunbird, Newton’s
Sunbird, Nile Valley
Sunbird, Northern Double-collared
Sunbird, Olive
Sunbird, Olive-backed
Sunbird, Olive-bellied
Sunbird, Orange-breasted
Sunbird, Orange-tufted
Sunbird, Oustalet’s
Sunbird, Palestine
Sunbird, Pemba
Sunbird, Plain
Sunbird, Plain-backed
Sunbird, Prigogine’s Double-collared
Sunbird, Principe
Sunbird, Purple
Sunbird, Purple-banded
Sunbird, Purple-breasted
Sunbird, Purple-naped
Sunbird, Purple-rumped
Sunbird, Purple-throated
Sunbird, Pygmy
Sunbird, Red-chested
Sunbird, Red-throated
Sunbird, Regal
Sunbird, Reichenbach’s
Sunbird, Rockefeller’s
Sunbird, Ruby-cheeked
Sunbird, Rufous-winged
Sunbird, Rwenzori Double-collared
Sunbird, Scarlet-chested
Sunbird, Scarlet-tufted
Sunbird, Seychelles
Sunbird, Shelley’s
Sunbird, Shining
Sunbird, Socotra
Sunbird, Souimanga
Sunbird, Southern Double-collared
Sunbird, Splendid
Sunbird, Superb
Sunbird, Tacazze
Sunbird, Temminck’s
Sunbird, Tiny
Sunbird, Tsavo
Sunbird, Uluguru Violet-backed
Sunbird, Ursula’s
Sunbird, Usambara Double-collared
Sunbird, Van Hasselt’s
Sunbird, Variable
Sunbird, Vigors’s
Sunbird, Violet-breasted
Sunbird, Violet-tailed
Sunbird, Western Miombo
Sunbird, Western Violet-backed
Sunbird, White-bellied
Sunbird, White-flanked
Sunbird, Whyte’s Double-collared
Sunbird-Asity, Common
Sunbird-Asity, Yellow-bellied
Sungem, Horned
Swallow, American Cliff
Swallow, Andean
Swallow, Angolan
Swallow, Bahama
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Black-and-rufous
Swallow, Black-capped
Swallow, Black-collared
Swallow, Blue
Swallow, Blue-and-white
Swallow, Brown-bellied
Swallow, Cave
Swallow, Chestnut-collared
Swallow, Chilean
Swallow, Ethiopian
Swallow, Forest
Swallow, Golden
Swallow, Greater Striped
Swallow, Grey-rumped
Swallow, Hill
Swallow, Lesser Striped
Swallow, Mangrove
Swallow, Mosque
Swallow, Northern Rough-winged
Swallow, Pacific
Swallow, Pale-footed
Swallow, Pearl-breasted
Swallow, Pied-winged
Swallow, Preuss’s Cliff
Swallow, Red Sea Cliff
Swallow, Red-breasted
Swallow, Red-chested
Swallow, Red-rumped
Swallow, Red-throated Cliff
Swallow, Rufous-bellied
Swallow, South African Cliff
Swallow, Southern Rough-winged
Swallow, Sri Lanka
Swallow, Streak-throated
Swallow, Striated
Swallow, Tawny-headed
Swallow, Tree
Swallow, Tumbes
Swallow, Violet-green
Swallow, Welcome
Swallow, West African
Swallow, White-backed
Swallow, White-banded
Swallow, White-bibbed
Swallow, White-rumped
Swallow, White-tailed
Swallow, White-thighed
Swallow, White-throated
Swallow, White-winged
Swallow, Wire-tailed
Swamphen, African
Swamphen, Australasian
Swamphen, Black-backed
Swamphen, Grey-headed
Swamphen, Philippine
Swamphen, Western
Swamphen, White
Swan, Black
Swan, Black-necked
Swan, Coscoroba
Swan, Mute
Swan, Trumpeter
Swan, Tundra
Swan, Whooper
Swift, African Black
Swift, African Palm
Swift, Alpine
Swift, American Black
Swift, Andean
Swift, Antillean Palm
Swift, Asian Palm
Swift, Band-rumped
Swift, Bates’s
Swift, Biscutate
Swift, Blyth’s
Swift, Bradfield’s
Swift, Cape Verde
Swift, Chapman’s
Swift, Chestnut-collared
Swift, Chimney
Swift, Common
Swift, Cook’s
Swift, Costa Rican
Swift, Dark-rumped
Swift, Fernando Po
Swift, Forbes-Watson’s
Swift, Great Dusky
Swift, Great Swallow-tailed
Swift, Grey-rumped
Swift, Horus
Swift, House
Swift, Lesser Antillean
Swift, Lesser Swallow-tailed
Swift, Little
Swift, Malagasy Black
Swift, Malagasy Palm
Swift, Mato Grosso
Swift, Mottled
Swift, Neotropical Palm
Swift, Nyanza
Swift, Pacific
Swift, Pale-rumped
Swift, Pallid
Swift, Papuan Spine-tailed
Swift, Philippine Spine-tailed
Swift, Plain
Swift, Pygmy Palm
Swift, Rothschild’s
Swift, Salim Ali’s
Swift, Scarce
Swift, Short-tailed
Swift, Sick’s
Swift, Sooty
Swift, Spot-fronted
Swift, Tepui
Swift, Vaux’s
Swift, White-chested
Swift, White-chinned
Swift, White-collared
Swift, White-fronted
Swift, White-naped
Swift, White-rumped
Swift, White-throated
Swift, White-tipped
Swiftlet, Ameline
Swiftlet, Atiu
Swiftlet, Australian
Swiftlet, Bare-legged
Swiftlet, Black-nest
Swiftlet, Bornean
Swiftlet, Cave
Swiftlet, Christmas Island
Swiftlet, Drab
Swiftlet, Edible-nest
Swiftlet, Germain’s
Swiftlet, Giant
Swiftlet, Glossy
Swiftlet, Grey-rumped
Swiftlet, Halmahera
Swiftlet, Himalayan
Swiftlet, Indian
Swiftlet, Island
Swiftlet, Mariana
Swiftlet, Marquesan
Swiftlet, Mascarene
Swiftlet, Mayr’s
Swiftlet, Mossy-nest
Swiftlet, Mountain
Swiftlet, Palau
Swiftlet, Philippine
Swiftlet, Plume-toed
Swiftlet, Pygmy
Swiftlet, Ridgetop
Swiftlet, Satin
Swiftlet, Seram
Swiftlet, Seychelles
Swiftlet, Sulawesi
Swiftlet, Tahiti
Swiftlet, Tenggara
Swiftlet, Three-toed
Swiftlet, Uniform
Swiftlet, Volcano
Swiftlet, Whitehead’s
Swiftlet, White-rumped
Sylph, Long-tailed
Sylph, Venezuelan
Sylph, Violet-tailed


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