T – Last Name

Bay-headed Tanager (Tangara gyrola) by Ian

Bay-headed Tanager (Tangara gyrola) by Ian

T – Last Name Listing – I.O.C. 9.2 Version

Tachuri, Bearded
Tachuri, Grey-backed
Tailorbird, Ashy
Tailorbird, Black-headed
Tailorbird, Cambodian
Tailorbird, Common
Tailorbird, Dark-necked
Tailorbird, Grey-backed
Tailorbird, Mountain
Tailorbird, Olive-backed
Tailorbird, Philippine
Tailorbird, Rufous-fronted
Tailorbird, Rufous-headed
Tailorbird, Rufous-tailed
Tailorbird, Trilling
Tailorbird, White-eared
Tailorbird, Yellow-breasted
Takahe, North Island
Takahe, South Island
Tanager, Ashy-throated Bush
Tanager, Azure-shouldered
Tanager, Bay-headed
Tanager, Beryl-spangled
Tanager, Black-and-gold
Tanager, Black-and-white
Tanager, Black-and-yellow
Tanager, Black-backed
Tanager, Black-backed Bush
Tanager, Black-capped
Tanager, Black-cheeked Ant
Tanager, Black-chested Mountain
Tanager, Black-chinned Mountain
Tanager, Black-crowned
Tanager, Black-faced
Tanager, Black-goggled
Tanager, Black-headed
Tanager, Blue-and-black
Tanager, Blue-and-gold
Tanager, Blue-and-yellow
Tanager, Blue-backed
Tanager, Blue-browed
Tanager, Blue-capped
Tanager, Blue-grey
Tanager, Blue-necked
Tanager, Blue-whiskered
Tanager, Blue-winged Mountain
Tanager, Brassy-breasted
Tanager, Brazilian
Tanager, Brown
Tanager, Brown-flanked
Tanager, Buff-bellied
Tanager, Buff-breasted Mountain
Tanager, Burnished-buff
Tanager, Cabanis’s
Tanager, Carmiol’s
Tanager, Cherry-throated
Tanager, Chestnut-backed
Tanager, Chestnut-bellied Mountain
Tanager, Chestnut-headed
Tanager, Cinnamon
Tanager, Common Bush
Tanager, Cone-billed
Tanager, Crested Ant
Tanager, Crimson-backed
Tanager, Crimson-collared
Tanager, Diademed
Tanager, Dotted
Tanager, Dusky Bush
Tanager, Dusky-faced
Tanager, Emerald
Tanager, Fawn-breasted
Tanager, Flame-colored
Tanager, Flame-crested
Tanager, Flame-faced
Tanager, Flame-rumped
Tanager, Fulvous-crested
Tanager, Fulvous-headed
Tanager, Gilt-edged
Tanager, Glaucous
Tanager, Glistening-green
Tanager, Golden
Tanager, Golden-backed Mountain
Tanager, Golden-chested
Tanager, Golden-chevroned
Tanager, Golden-collared
Tanager, Golden-crowned
Tanager, Golden-eared
Tanager, Golden-hooded
Tanager, Golden-naped
Tanager, Gold-ringed
Tanager, Grass-green
Tanager, Green-and-gold
Tanager, Green-capped
Tanager, Green-headed
Tanager, Green-naped
Tanager, Grey-and-gold
Tanager, Grey-crowned
Tanager, Grey-headed
Tanager, Grey-hooded Bush
Tanager, Guira
Tanager, Hepatic
Tanager, Hooded
Tanager, Hooded Mountain
Tanager, Huallaga
Tanager, Lacrimose Mountain
Tanager, Lemon-rumped
Tanager, Lemon-spectacled
Tanager, Lesser Antillean
Tanager, Magpie
Tanager, Masked
Tanager, Masked Crimson
Tanager, Masked Mountain
Tanager, Metallic-green
Tanager, Moss-backed
Tanager, Multicolored
Tanager, Ochre-breasted
Tanager, Olive
Tanager, Olive-backed
Tanager, Olive-green
Tanager, Opal-crowned
Tanager, Opal-rumped
Tanager, Orange-eared
Tanager, Orange-headed
Tanager, Orange-throated
Tanager, Palm
Tanager, Paradise
Tanager, Pirre Bush
Tanager, Plain-colored
Tanager, Puerto Rican
Tanager, Purplish-mantled
Tanager, Red
Tanager, Red-billed Pied
Tanager, Red-crowned Ant
Tanager, Red-headed
Tanager, Red-hooded
Tanager, Red-necked
Tanager, Red-shouldered
Tanager, Red-throated Ant
Tanager, Rose-throated
Tanager, Ruby-crowned
Tanager, Rufous-bellied Mountain
Tanager, Rufous-cheeked
Tanager, Rufous-chested
Tanager, Rufous-crested
Tanager, Rufous-headed
Tanager, Rufous-throated
Tanager, Rufous-winged
Tanager, Rust-and-yellow
Tanager, Saffron-crowned
Tanager, Santa Marta Mountain
Tanager, Sayaca
Tanager, Scarlet
Tanager, Scarlet-and-white
Tanager, Scarlet-bellied Mountain
Tanager, Scarlet-browed
Tanager, Scarlet-rumped
Tanager, Scarlet-throated
Tanager, Scrub
Tanager, Seven-colored
Tanager, Shrike-like
Tanager, Silver-backed
Tanager, Silver-beaked
Tanager, Silver-throated
Tanager, Sira
Tanager, Slaty
Tanager, Sooty Ant
Tanager, Sooty-capped Bush
Tanager, Spangle-cheeked
Tanager, Speckled
Tanager, Spotted
Tanager, Straw-backed
Tanager, Sulphur-rumped
Tanager, Summer
Tanager, Swallow
Tanager, Tacarcuna Bush
Tanager, Tawny-crested
Tanager, Tooth-billed
Tanager, Turquoise
Tanager, Vermilion
Tanager, Western
Tanager, White-capped
Tanager, White-lined
Tanager, White-rumped
Tanager, White-shouldered
Tanager, White-winged
Tanager, Yellow-backed
Tanager, Yellow-bellied
Tanager, Yellow-crested
Tanager, Yellow-green
Tanager, Yellow-scarfed
Tanager, Yellow-throated
Tanager, Yellow-throated Bush
Tanager, Yellow-whiskered Bush
Tanager, Yellow-winged
Tapaculo, Ancash
Tapaculo, Ash-colored
Tapaculo, Bahia
Tapaculo, Blackish
Tapaculo, Boa Nova
Tapaculo, Bolivian White-crowned
Tapaculo, Brasilia
Tapaculo, Brown-rumped
Tapaculo, Caracas
Tapaculo, Choco
Tapaculo, Chucao
Tapaculo, Chusquea
Tapaculo, Diademed
Tapaculo, Diamantina
Tapaculo, Dusky
Tapaculo, El Oro
Tapaculo, Junin
Tapaculo, Large-footed
Tapaculo, Long-tailed
Tapaculo, Magdalena
Tapaculo, Magellanic
Tapaculo, Marsh
Tapaculo, Merida
Tapaculo, Mouse-colored
Tapaculo, Narino
Tapaculo, Neblina
Tapaculo, Northern White-crowned
Tapaculo, Ocellated
Tapaculo, Ochre-flanked
Tapaculo, Pale-bellied
Tapaculo, Paramillo
Tapaculo, Paramo
Tapaculo, Perija
Tapaculo, Planalto
Tapaculo, Puna
Tapaculo, Rock
Tapaculo, Rufous-vented
Tapaculo, Rusty-belted
Tapaculo, Santa Marta
Tapaculo, Silvery-fronted
Tapaculo, Spillmann’s
Tapaculo, Stiles’s
Tapaculo, Tacarcuna
Tapaculo, Tatama
Tapaculo, Trilling
Tapaculo, Tschudi’s
Tapaculo, Unicolored
Tapaculo, Vilcabamba
Tapaculo, White-breasted
Tapaculo, White-browed
Tapaculo, White-throated
Tapaculo, Zimmer’s
Tattler, Grey-tailed
Tattler, Wandering
Tchagra, Black-crowned
Tchagra, Brown-crowned
Tchagra, Marsh
Tchagra, Southern
Tchagra, Three-streaked
Teal, Andaman
Teal, Andean
Teal, Auckland
Teal, Baikal
Teal, Bernier’s
Teal, Blue-winged
Teal, Brazilian
Teal, Brown
Teal, Campbell
Teal, Cape
Teal, Chestnut
Teal, Cinnamon
Teal, Eurasian
Teal, Green-winged
Teal, Grey
Teal, Hottentot
Teal, Mascarene
Teal, Puna
Teal, Red-billed
Teal, Ringed
Teal, Salvadori’s
Teal, Silver
Teal, Sunda
Teal, Yellow-billed
Tern, Aleutian
Tern, Antarctic
Tern, Arctic
Tern, Australian
Tern, Black
Tern, Black-bellied
Tern, Black-fronted
Tern, Black-naped
Tern, Bridled
Tern, Cabot’s
Tern, Caspian
Tern, Chinese Crested
Tern, Common
Tern, Damara
Tern, Elegant
Tern, Fairy
Tern, Forster’s
Tern, Greater Crested
Tern, Gull-billed
Tern, Inca
Tern, Kerguelen
Tern, Large-billed
Tern, Least
Tern, Lesser Crested
Tern, Little
Tern, Peruvian
Tern, River
Tern, Roseate
Tern, Royal
Tern, Sandwich
Tern, Saunders’s
Tern, Snowy-crowned
Tern, Sooty
Tern, South American
Tern, Spectacled
Tern, Whiskered
Tern, White
Tern, White-cheeked
Tern, White-fronted
Tern, White-winged
Tern, Yellow-billed
Tesia, Chestnut-headed
Tesia, Grey-bellied
Tesia, Javan
Tesia, Russet-capped
Tesia, Slaty-bellied
Tetraka, Appert’s
Tetraka, Dusky
Tetraka, Grey-crowned
Tetraka, Spectacled
Thicketbird, Bougainville
Thicketbird, Buff-banded
Thicketbird, Long-legged
Thicketbird, Melanesian
Thicketbird, New Britain
Thicketbird, New Caledonian
Thicketbird, Rusty
Thick-knee, Double-striped
Thick-knee, Peruvian
Thick-knee, Senegal
Thick-knee, Spotted
Thick-knee, Water
Thistletail, Ayacucho
Thistletail, Black-throated
Thistletail, Eye-ringed
Thistletail, Mouse-colored
Thistletail, Ochre-browed
Thistletail, Perija
Thistletail, Puna
Thistletail, Vilcabamba
Thistletail, White-chinned
Thornbill, Black-backed
Thornbill, Blue-mantled
Thornbill, Bronze-tailed
Thornbill, Brown
Thornbill, Buff-rumped
Thornbill, Chestnut-rumped
Thornbill, Grey
Thornbill, Inland
Thornbill, Mountain
Thornbill, New Guinea
Thornbill, Olivaceous
Thornbill, Purple-backed
Thornbill, Rainbow-bearded
Thornbill, Rufous-capped
Thornbill, Slaty-backed
Thornbill, Slender-billed
Thornbill, Striated
Thornbill, Tasmanian
Thornbill, Western
Thornbill, Yellow
Thornbill, Yellow-rumped
Thornbird, Chestnut-backed
Thornbird, Freckle-breasted
Thornbird, Greater
Thornbird, Little
Thornbird, Orange-breasted
Thornbird, Orange-eyed
Thornbird, Plain
Thornbird, Rufous-fronted
Thornbird, Spot-breasted
Thornbird, Streak-fronted
Thorntail, Black-bellied
Thorntail, Green
Thorntail, Letitia’s
Thorntail, Wire-crested
Thrasher, Bendire’s
Thrasher, Brown
Thrasher, California
Thrasher, Cozumel
Thrasher, Crissal
Thrasher, Curve-billed
Thrasher, Grey
Thrasher, LeConte’s
Thrasher, Long-billed
Thrasher, Ocellated
Thrasher, Pearly-eyed
Thrasher, Sage
Thrasher, Scaly-breasted
Thrasher, White-breasted
Thrush, Abyssinian
Thrush, Abyssinian Ground
Thrush, African
Thrush, Alpine
Thrush, Amami
Thrush, Andean Slaty
Thrush, Ashy
Thrush, Austral
Thrush, Aztec
Thrush, Bare-eyed
Thrush, Bassian
Thrush, Bicknell’s
Thrush, Black
Thrush, Black-backed
Thrush, Black-billed
Thrush, Black-breasted
Thrush, Black-eared Ground
Thrush, Black-hooded
Thrush, Black-throated
Thrush, Blue Rock
Thrush, Blue Whistling
Thrush, Blue-capped Rock
Thrush, Bonin
Thrush, Bornean Whistling
Thrush, Brown-headed
Thrush, Brown-winged Whistling
Thrush, Buru
Thrush, Campina
Thrush, Cape Rock
Thrush, Chestnut
Thrush, Chestnut-backed
Thrush, Chestnut-bellied
Thrush, Chestnut-bellied Rock
Thrush, Chestnut-capped
Thrush, Chiguanco
Thrush, Chinese
Thrush, Clay-colored
Thrush, Cocoa
Thrush, Collared Palm
Thrush, Common Rock
Thrush, Comoros
Thrush, Creamy-bellied
Thrush, Crossley’s Ground
Thrush, Dagua
Thrush, Dark-sided
Thrush, Dusky
Thrush, Eastern Slaty
Thrush, Ecuadorian
Thrush, Enggano
Thrush, Everett’s
Thrush, Eyebrowed
Thrush, Fawn-breasted
Thrush, Finsch’s Rufous
Thrush, Forest
Thrush, Forest Rock
Thrush, Fraser’s Rufous
Thrush, Glossy-black
Thrush, Grand Cayman
Thrush, Great
Thrush, Grey Ground
Thrush, Grey-backed
Thrush, Grey-cheeked
Thrush, Grey-sided
Thrush, Groundscraper
Thrush, Guadalcanal
Thrush, Hauxwell’s
Thrush, Hermit
Thrush, Himalayan
Thrush, Island
Thrush, Izu
Thrush, Japanese
Thrush, Javan Whistling
Thrush, Karoo
Thrush, Kessler’s
Thrush, Kurrichane
Thrush, La Selle
Thrush, Lawrence’s
Thrush, Little Rock
Thrush, Littoral Rock
Thrush, Long-billed
Thrush, Long-tailed
Thrush, Makira
Thrush, Malabar Whistling
Thrush, Malayan Whistling
Thrush, Maranon
Thrush, Miombo Rock
Thrush, Mistle
Thrush, Mountain
Thrush, Naumann’s
Thrush, Nilgiri
Thrush, Oberländer’s Ground
Thrush, Olive
Thrush, Orange Ground
Thrush, Orange-headed
Thrush, Orange-sided
Thrush, Pale
Thrush, Pale-breasted
Thrush, Pale-eyed
Thrush, Pale-vented
Thrush, Pantepui
Thrush, Pied
Thrush, Plumbeous-backed
Thrush, Principe
Thrush, Red-and-black
Thrush, Red-backed
Thrush, Red-legged
Thrush, Red-tailed Ant
Thrush, Red-throated
Thrush, Rufous-backed
Thrush, Rufous-bellied
Thrush, Rufous-collared
Thrush, Rufous-tailed Palm
Thrush, Russet-tailed
Thrush, Sao Tome
Thrush, Scaly
Thrush, Sentinel Rock
Thrush, Seram
Thrush, Shiny Whistling
Thrush, Short-toed Rock
Thrush, Siberian
Thrush, Sichuan
Thrush, Slaty-backed
Thrush, Somali
Thrush, Song
Thrush, Sooty
Thrush, Spectacled
Thrush, Spotted Ground
Thrush, Spotted Palm
Thrush, Spot-winged
Thrush, Sri Lanka
Thrush, Sri Lanka Whistling
Thrush, Sulawesi
Thrush, Sunda
Thrush, Swainson’s
Thrush, Taita
Thrush, Taiwan Whistling
Thrush, Tickell’s
Thrush, Tristan
Thrush, Unicolored
Thrush, Usambara
Thrush, Varied
Thrush, Varzea
Thrush, White-chinned
Thrush, White-eyed
Thrush, White-necked
Thrush, White’s
Thrush, White-tailed Ant
Thrush, White-throated
Thrush, White-throated Rock
Thrush, Wood
Thrush, Yellow-legged
Thrush, Yemen
Thrush-Babbler, Dohrn’s
Thrush-Babbler, Spotted
Thrush-tanager, Rosy
Tinamou, Andean
Tinamou, Barred
Tinamou, Bartlett’s
Tinamou, Berlepsch’s
Tinamou, Black
Tinamou, Black-capped
Tinamou, Brazilian
Tinamou, Brown
Tinamou, Brushland
Tinamou, Chilean
Tinamou, Choco
Tinamou, Cinereous
Tinamou, Curve-billed
Tinamou, Dwarf
Tinamou, Elegant Crested
Tinamou, Great
Tinamou, Grey
Tinamou, Grey-legged
Tinamou, Highland
Tinamou, Hooded
Tinamou, Huayco
Tinamou, Little
Tinamou, Ornate
Tinamou, Pale-browed
Tinamou, Patagonian
Tinamou, Puna
Tinamou, Quebracho Crested
Tinamou, Red-legged
Tinamou, Red-winged
Tinamou, Rusty
Tinamou, Slaty-breasted
Tinamou, Small-billed
Tinamou, Solitary
Tinamou, Taczanowski’s
Tinamou, Tataupa
Tinamou, Tawny-breasted
Tinamou, Tepui
Tinamou, Thicket
Tinamou, Undulated
Tinamou, Variegated
Tinamou, White-throated
Tinamou, Yellow-legged
Tinkerbird, Green
Tinkerbird, Moustached
Tinkerbird, Red-fronted
Tinkerbird, Red-rumped
Tinkerbird, Speckled
Tinkerbird, Western
Tinkerbird, White-chested
Tinkerbird, Yellow-fronted
Tinkerbird, Yellow-rumped
Tinkerbird, Yellow-throated
Tit, Acacia
Tit, African Blue
Tit, Ashy
Tit, Azure
Tit, Black-bibbed
Tit, Black-headed Penduline
Tit, Cape Penduline
Tit, Carp’s
Tit, Caspian
Tit, Chestnut-bellied
Tit, Chinese Penduline
Tit, Cinereous
Tit, Cinnamon-breasted
Tit, Coal
Tit, Dusky
Tit, Elegant
Tit, Eurasian Blue
Tit, Eurasian Penduline
Tit, European Crested
Tit, Fire-capped
Tit, Forest Penduline
Tit, Great
Tit, Green-backed
Tit, Grey
Tit, Grey Crested
Tit, Grey Penduline
Tit, Ground
Tit, Himalayan Black-lored
Tit, Indian Black-lored
Tit, Iriomote
Tit, Japanese
Tit, Long-tailed
Tit, Marsh
Tit, Miombo
Tit, Mouse-colored Penduline
Tit, Owston’s
Tit, Palawan
Tit, Pere David’s
Tit, Red-throated
Tit, Rufous-bellied
Tit, Rufous-naped
Tit, Rufous-vented
Tit, Sennar Penduline
Tit, Sichuan
Tit, Sombre
Tit, Southern Black
Tit, Stripe-breasted
Tit, Sultan
Tit, Varied
Tit, White-backed Black
Tit, White-bellied
Tit, White-browed
Tit, White-crowned Penduline
Tit, White-fronted
Tit, White-naped
Tit, White-shouldered Black
Tit, White-winged Black
Tit, Willow
Tit, Yellow
Tit, Yellow Penduline
Tit, Yellow-bellied
Tit, Yellow-browed
Tit, Yellow-cheeked
Tit-Babbler, Bold-striped
Tit-Babbler, Brown
Tit-Babbler, Fluffy-backed
Tit-Babbler, Grey-cheeked
Tit-Babbler, Grey-faced
Tit-Babbler, Pin-striped
Tit-Flycatcher, Grey
Tit-Flycatcher, Grey-throated
Titmouse, Black-crested
Titmouse, Bridled
Titmouse, Juniper
Titmouse, Oak
Titmouse, Tufted
Tit-Spinetail, Andean
Tit-Spinetail, Araucaria
Tit-Spinetail, Brown-capped
Tit-Spinetail, Plain-mantled
Tit-Spinetail, Rusty-crowned
Tit-Spinetail, Streak-backed
Tit-Spinetail, Striolated
Tit-Spinetail, Tawny
Tit-Spinetail, Tufted
Tit-Spinetail, White-browed
Tit-Tyrant, Agile
Tit-Tyrant, Ash-breasted
Tit-Tyrant, Black-crested
Tit-Tyrant, Juan Fernandez
Tit-Tyrant, Pied-crested
Tit-Tyrant, Tufted
Tit-Tyrant, Unstreaked
Tit-Tyrant, Yellow-billed
Tit-warbler, Crested
Tit-warbler, White-browed
Tityra, Black-crowned
Tityra, Black-tailed
Tityra, Masked
Tody, Broad-billed
Tody, Cuban
Tody, Jamaican
Tody, Narrow-billed
Tody, Puerto Rican
Tody-Flycatcher, Black-and-white
Tody-Flycatcher, Black-backed
Tody-Flycatcher, Black-headed
Tody-Flycatcher, Buff-cheeked
Tody-Flycatcher, Common
Tody-Flycatcher, Golden-winged
Tody-Flycatcher, Lulu’s
Tody-Flycatcher, Maracaibo
Tody-Flycatcher, Ochre-faced
Tody-Flycatcher, Painted
Tody-Flycatcher, Ruddy
Tody-Flycatcher, Rufous-crowned
Tody-Flycatcher, Rusty-fronted
Tody-Flycatcher, Slaty-headed
Tody-Flycatcher, Smoky-fronted
Tody-Flycatcher, Spotted
Tody-Flycatcher, White-cheeked
Tody-Flycatcher, Yellow-browed
Tody-Flycatcher, Yellow-lored
Tody-Tyrant, Acre
Tody-Tyrant, Black-throated
Tody-Tyrant, Boat-billed
Tody-Tyrant, Buff-breasted
Tody-Tyrant, Buff-throated
Tody-Tyrant, Cinnamon-breasted
Tody-Tyrant, Eye-ringed
Tody-Tyrant, Fork-tailed
Tody-Tyrant, Hangnest
Tody-Tyrant, Johannes’s
Tody-Tyrant, Kaempfer’s
Tody-Tyrant, Pearly-vented
Tody-Tyrant, Pelzeln’s
Tody-Tyrant, Snethlage’s
Tody-Tyrant, Stripe-necked
Tody-Tyrant, White-bellied
Tody-Tyrant, White-eyed
Tody-Tyrant, Yungas
Tody-Tyrant, Zimmer’s
Topaz, Crimson
Topaz, Fiery
Toucan, Black-billed Mountain
Toucan, Channel-billed
Toucan, Choco
Toucan, Citron-throated
Toucan, Green-billed
Toucan, Grey-breasted Mountain
Toucan, Hooded Mountain
Toucan, Keel-billed
Toucan, Plate-billed Mountain
Toucan, Toco
Toucan, White-throated
Toucan, Yellow-throated
Toucanet, Black-throated
Toucanet, Blue-banded
Toucanet, Blue-throated
Toucanet, Chestnut-tipped
Toucanet, Crimson-rumped
Toucanet, Emerald
Toucanet, Golden-collared
Toucanet, Gould’s
Toucanet, Groove-billed
Toucanet, Guianan
Toucanet, Saffron
Toucanet, Spot-billed
Toucanet, Tawny-tufted
Toucanet, Tepui
Toucanet, Wagler’s
Toucanet, White-throated
Toucanet, Yellow-browed
Toucanet, Yellow-eared
Towhee, Abert’s
Towhee, Bermuda
Towhee, California
Towhee, Canyon
Towhee, Collared
Towhee, Eastern
Towhee, Green-tailed
Towhee, Spotted
Towhee, White-throated
Tragopan, Blyth’s
Tragopan, Cabot’s
Tragopan, Satyr
Tragopan, Temminck’s
Tragopan, Western
Trainbearer, Black-tailed
Trainbearer, Green-tailed
Treecreeper, Bar-tailed
Treecreeper, Black-tailed
Treecreeper, Brown
Treecreeper, Eurasian
Treecreeper, Hodgson’s
Treecreeper, Hume’s
Treecreeper, Papuan
Treecreeper, Red-browed
Treecreeper, Rufous
Treecreeper, Rusty-flanked
Treecreeper, Short-toed
Treecreeper, Sichuan
Treecreeper, Sikkim
Treecreeper, White-browed
Treecreeper, White-throated
Treehunter, Black-billed
Treehunter, Cryptic
Treehunter, Flammulated
Treehunter, Pale-browed
Treehunter, Peruvian
Treehunter, Sharp-billed
Treehunter, Streak-breasted
Treehunter, Streak-capped
Treehunter, Striped
Treehunter, Uniform
Treepie, Andaman
Treepie, Bornean
Treepie, Collared
Treepie, Grey
Treepie, Hooded
Treepie, Racket-tailed
Treepie, Ratchet-tailed
Treepie, Rufous
Treepie, Sumatran
Treepie, White-bellied
Treerunner, Beautiful
Treerunner, Pearled
Treerunner, Ruddy
Treerunner, Star-chested
Treerunner, White-throated
Treeswift, Crested
Treeswift, Grey-rumped
Treeswift, Moustached
Treeswift, Whiskered
Trembler, Brown
Trembler, Grey
Triller, Black-and-white
Triller, Black-browed
Triller, Long-tailed
Triller, Mussau
Triller, Pied
Triller, Polynesian
Triller, Rufous-bellied
Triller, Samoan
Triller, Varied
Triller, White-browed
Triller, White-rumped
Triller, White-shouldered
Triller, White-winged
Trogon, Amazonian
Trogon, Baird’s
Trogon, Bare-cheeked
Trogon, Bar-tailed
Trogon, Black-headed
Trogon, Black-tailed
Trogon, Black-throated
Trogon, Blue-crowned
Trogon, Choco
Trogon, Cinnamon-rumped
Trogon, Citreoline
Trogon, Collared
Trogon, Cuban
Trogon, Diard’s
Trogon, Ecuadorian
Trogon, Elegant
Trogon, Gartered
Trogon, Green-backed
Trogon, Guianan
Trogon, Hispaniolan
Trogon, Javan
Trogon, Lattice-tailed
Trogon, Malabar
Trogon, Masked
Trogon, Mountain
Trogon, Narina
Trogon, Orange-breasted
Trogon, Philippine
Trogon, Red-headed
Trogon, Red-naped
Trogon, Scarlet-rumped
Trogon, Slaty-tailed
Trogon, Sumatran
Trogon, Surucua
Trogon, Ward’s
Trogon, Whitehead’s
Trogon, White-tailed
Tropicbird, Red-billed
Tropicbird, Red-tailed
Tropicbird, White-tailed
Troupial, Campo
Troupial, Orange-backed
Troupial, Venezuelan
Trumpeter, Dark-winged
Trumpeter, Grey-winged
Trumpeter, Pale-winged
Tuftedcheek, Buffy
Tuftedcheek, Pacific
Tuftedcheek, Streaked
Turaco, Bannerman’s
Turaco, Black-billed
Turaco, Fischer’s
Turaco, Great Blue
Turaco, Guinea
Turaco, Hartlaub’s
Turaco, Knysna
Turaco, Livingstone’s
Turaco, Purple-crested
Turaco, Red-crested
Turaco, Ross’s
Turaco, Ruspoli’s
Turaco, Rwenzori
Turaco, Schalow’s
Turaco, Violet
Turaco, White-cheeked
Turaco, White-crested
Turaco, Yellow-billed
Turca, Moustached
Turkey, Ocellated
Turkey, Wild
Turnstone, Black
Turnstone, Ruddy
Twinspot, Brown
Twinspot, Dusky
Twinspot, Dybowski’s
Twinspot, Green
Twinspot, Pink-throated
Twinspot, Red-throated
Twistwing, Brownish
Twistwing, Rufous
Tyrannulet, Alagoas
Tyrannulet, Ashy-headed
Tyrannulet, Bahia
Tyrannulet, Bay-ringed
Tyrannulet, Black-capped
Tyrannulet, Black-fronted
Tyrannulet, Bolivian
Tyrannulet, Brown-capped
Tyrannulet, Buff-banded
Tyrannulet, Chico’s
Tyrannulet, Choco
Tyrannulet, Cinnamon-faced
Tyrannulet, Coopmans’s
Tyrannulet, Ecuadorian
Tyrannulet, Golden-faced
Tyrannulet, Greenish
Tyrannulet, Grey-and-white
Tyrannulet, Grey-capped
Tyrannulet, Guianan
Tyrannulet, Loja
Tyrannulet, Minas Gerais
Tyrannulet, Mishana
Tyrannulet, Mistletoe
Tyrannulet, Mottle-cheeked
Tyrannulet, Mouse-colored
Tyrannulet, Northern Beardless
Tyrannulet, Olive-green
Tyrannulet, Oustalet’s
Tyrannulet, Paltry
Tyrannulet, Panamanian
Tyrannulet, Peruvian
Tyrannulet, Planalto
Tyrannulet, Plumbeous-crowned
Tyrannulet, Red-billed
Tyrannulet, Reiser’s
Tyrannulet, Restinga
Tyrannulet, River
Tyrannulet, Rough-legged
Tyrannulet, Rufous-browed
Tyrannulet, Rufous-lored
Tyrannulet, Rufous-winged
Tyrannulet, Sao Paulo
Tyrannulet, Sclater’s
Tyrannulet, Serra do Mar
Tyrannulet, Slender-footed
Tyrannulet, Sooty
Tyrannulet, Sooty-headed
Tyrannulet, Southern Beardless
Tyrannulet, Spectacled
Tyrannulet, Straneck’s
Tyrannulet, Sulphur-bellied
Tyrannulet, Tawny-rumped
Tyrannulet, Torrent
Tyrannulet, Tumbesian
Tyrannulet, Urich’s
Tyrannulet, Venezuelan
Tyrannulet, White-banded
Tyrannulet, White-bellied
Tyrannulet, White-crested
Tyrannulet, White-fronted
Tyrannulet, White-lored
Tyrannulet, White-tailed
Tyrannulet, White-throated
Tyrannulet, Yellow
Tyrannulet, Yellow-bellied
Tyrannulet, Yellow-crowned
Tyrannulet, Yungas
Tyrant, Amazonian Black
Tyrant, Antioquia Bristle
Tyrant, Black-backed Water
Tyrant, Black-capped Pygmy
Tyrant, Black-chested
Tyrant, Black-fronted Ground
Tyrant, Blue-billed Black
Tyrant, Bronze-olive Pygmy
Tyrant, Brown-breasted Bamboo
Tyrant, Cattle
Tyrant, Chapman’s Bristle
Tyrant, Chocolate-vented
Tyrant, Cinereous
Tyrant, Cinereous Ground
Tyrant, Cinnamon-bellied Ground
Tyrant, Cock-tailed
Tyrant, Crested Black
Tyrant, Dark-faced Ground
Tyrant, Double-banded Pygmy
Tyrant, Drab Water
Tyrant, Drab-breasted Bamboo
Tyrant, Eared Pygmy
Tyrant, Flammulated Bamboo
Tyrant, Hazel-fronted Pygmy
Tyrant, Helmeted Pygmy
Tyrant, Hudson’s Black
Tyrant, Jelski’s Black
Tyrant, Little Ground
Tyrant, Long-crested Pygmy
Tyrant, Long-tailed
Tyrant, Many-colored Rush
Tyrant, Marble-faced Bristle
Tyrant, Masked Water
Tyrant, Ochre-naped Ground
Tyrant, Pale-eyed Pygmy
Tyrant, Paramo Ground
Tyrant, Patagonian
Tyrant, Pied Water
Tyrant, Plumbeous
Tyrant, Puna Ground
Tyrant, Red-rumped Bush
Tyrant, Riverside
Tyrant, Rufous-bellied Bush
Tyrant, Rufous-headed Pygmy
Tyrant, Rufous-naped Ground
Tyrant, Rufous-sided Pygmy
Tyrant, Rufous-tailed
Tyrant, Rufous-webbed Bush
Tyrant, Santa Marta Bush
Tyrant, Sao Francisco Black
Tyrant, Scale-crested Pygmy
Tyrant, Sharp-tailed Grass
Tyrant, Shear-tailed Grey
Tyrant, Short-tailed Field
Tyrant, Short-tailed Pygmy
Tyrant, Smoky Bush
Tyrant, Southern Bristle
Tyrant, Spectacled
Tyrant, Spectacled Bristle
Tyrant, Spot-billed Ground
Tyrant, Strange-tailed
Tyrant, Streak-throated Bush
Tyrant, Streamer-tailed
Tyrant, Taczanowski’s Ground
Tyrant, Tawny-crowned Pygmy
Tyrant, Tumbes
Tyrant, Variegated Bristle
Tyrant, Velvety Black
Tyrant, Venezuelan Bristle
Tyrant, White-bellied Pygmy
Tyrant, White-browed Ground
Tyrant, White-fronted Ground
Tyrant, White-headed Marsh
Tyrant, White-winged Black
Tyrant, Yellow-browed
Tyrant-Manakin, Dwarf
Tyrant-Manakin, Pale-bellied
Tyrant-Manakin, Saffron-crested
Tyrant-Manakin, Serra do Mar
Tyrant-Manakin, Sulphur-bellied
Tyrant-Manakin, Tiny
Tyrant-Manakin, Wied’s


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