W – Last Name

Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) on Wallaby by Ian Montgomery

Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) on Wallaby by Ian

W – Last Name Listing – I.O.C. 9.2 Version

Wagtail, African Pied
Wagtail, Cape
Wagtail, Citrine
Wagtail, Eastern Yellow
Wagtail, Forest
Wagtail, Grey
Wagtail, Japanese
Wagtail, Madagascan
Wagtail, Mekong
Wagtail, Mountain
Wagtail, Western Yellow
Wagtail, White
Wagtail, White-browed
Wagtail, Willie
Wagtail-Tyrant, Greater
Wagtail-Tyrant, Lesser
Warbler, Aberrant Bush
Warbler, Adelaide’s
Warbler, African Desert
Warbler, African Reed
Warbler, African Yellow
Warbler, Aguiguan Reed
Warbler, Aldabra Brush
Warbler, Alpine Leaf
Warbler, Alström’s
Warbler, American Yellow
Warbler, Anjouan Brush
Warbler, Aquatic
Warbler, Arabian
Warbler, Arctic
Warbler, Arrowhead
Warbler, Ashy-throated
Warbler, Asian Desert
Warbler, Audubon’s
Warbler, Australian Reed
Warbler, Bachman’s
Warbler, Bahama
Warbler, Baikal Bush
Warbler, Balearic
Warbler, Bamboo
Warbler, Bangwa Forest
Warbler, Barbuda
Warbler, Barratt’s
Warbler, Barred
Warbler, Basra Reed
Warbler, Bay-breasted
Warbler, Benguet Bush
Warbler, Bianchi’s
Warbler, Bicol Ground
Warbler, Black-and-white
Warbler, Black-browed Reed
Warbler, Blackburnian
Warbler, Black-capped Woodland
Warbler, Black-cheeked
Warbler, Black-crested
Warbler, Black-eared
Warbler, Black-faced
Warbler, Black-faced Rufous
Warbler, Black-headed Rufous
Warbler, Blackpoll
Warbler, Black-throated Blue
Warbler, Black-throated Green
Warbler, Black-throated Grey
Warbler, Blue-winged
Warbler, Blunt-winged
Warbler, Blyth’s Leaf
Warbler, Blyth’s Reed
Warbler, Booted
Warbler, Bougainville Bush
Warbler, Broad-billed
Warbler, Brooks’s Leaf
Warbler, Brown Bush
Warbler, Brown Woodland
Warbler, Brown-flanked Bush
Warbler, Buff-barred
Warbler, Buff-bellied
Warbler, Buff-rumped
Warbler, Buff-throated
Warbler, Canada
Warbler, Cape May
Warbler, Cape Verde
Warbler, Carolinian Reed
Warbler, Cerulean
Warbler, Cetti’s
Warbler, Chestnut-backed Bush
Warbler, Chestnut-crowned
Warbler, Chestnut-crowned Bush
Warbler, Chestnut-sided
Warbler, Chestnut-vented
Warbler, Chinese Bush
Warbler, Chinese Leaf
Warbler, Choco
Warbler, Cinnamon Bracken
Warbler, Cinnamon-breasted
Warbler, Citrine
Warbler, Clamorous Reed
Warbler, Claudia’s Leaf
Warbler, Colima
Warbler, Common Grasshopper
Warbler, Connecticut
Warbler, Cook Reed
Warbler, Cordillera Ground
Warbler, Crescent-chested
Warbler, Cricket
Warbler, Cryptic
Warbler, Cuzco
Warbler, Cyprus
Warbler, Dalat Bush
Warbler, Dartford
Warbler, Davison’s Leaf
Warbler, Dja River Scrub
Warbler, Dusky
Warbler, Eastern Bonelli’s
Warbler, Eastern Crowned
Warbler, Eastern Olivaceous
Warbler, Eastern Orphean
Warbler, Elfin Woods
Warbler, Emei Leaf
Warbler, Eurasian Reed
Warbler, Evergreen Forest
Warbler, Fan-tailed
Warbler, Fiji Bush
Warbler, Flame-throated
Warbler, Flavescent
Warbler, Friendly Bush
Warbler, Gansu Leaf
Warbler, Garden
Warbler, Garrett’s Reed
Warbler, Golden-browed
Warbler, Golden-cheeked
Warbler, Golden-crowned
Warbler, Golden-winged
Warbler, Goldman’s
Warbler, Grace’s
Warbler, Grand Comoro Brush
Warbler, Grauer’s
Warbler, Grauer’s Swamp
Warbler, Gray’s Grasshopper
Warbler, Great Reed
Warbler, Greater Swamp
Warbler, Green
Warbler, Green-crowned
Warbler, Greenish
Warbler, Green-tailed
Warbler, Grey-and-gold
Warbler, Grey-capped
Warbler, Grey-cheeked
Warbler, Grey-crowned
Warbler, Grey-headed
Warbler, Grey-hooded
Warbler, Grey-sided Bush
Warbler, Grey-throated
Warbler, Hainan Leaf
Warbler, Hartert’s Leaf
Warbler, Henderson Reed
Warbler, Hermit
Warbler, Highland Rush
Warbler, Hooded
Warbler, Hume’s Bush
Warbler, Hume’s Leaf
Warbler, Icterine
Warbler, Ijima’s Leaf
Warbler, Island Leaf
Warbler, Japanese Bush
Warbler, Japanese Leaf
Warbler, Javan Bush
Warbler, Kamchatka Leaf
Warbler, Kentucky
Warbler, Kirtland’s
Warbler, Kloss’s Leaf
Warbler, Knysna
Warbler, Kolombangara Leaf
Warbler, Lanceolated
Warbler, Large-billed Leaf
Warbler, Large-billed Reed
Warbler, Laura’s Woodland
Warbler, Layard’s
Warbler, Lemon-rumped
Warbler, Lemon-throated Leaf
Warbler, Lesser Swamp
Warbler, Limestone Leaf
Warbler, Little Rush
Warbler, Long-billed Bush
Warbler, Long-billed Forest
Warbler, Long-tailed Bush
Warbler, Lucy’s
Warbler, MacGillivray’s
Warbler, Madagascan Swamp
Warbler, Magnolia
Warbler, Makira Leaf
Warbler, Malagasy Brush
Warbler, Manchurian Bush
Warbler, Manchurian Reed
Warbler, Mangareva Reed
Warbler, Mangrove
Warbler, Marmora’s
Warbler, Marsh
Warbler, Martens’s
Warbler, Melodious
Warbler, Menetries’s
Warbler, Middendorff’s Grasshopper
Warbler, Moheli Brush
Warbler, Moltoni’s
Warbler, Moorea Reed
Warbler, Mountain Leaf
Warbler, Mountain Yellow
Warbler, Mourning
Warbler, Moustached
Warbler, Moustached Grass
Warbler, Myrtle
Warbler, Namaqua
Warbler, Nashville
Warbler, Nauru Reed
Warbler, Negros Leaf
Warbler, Neumann’s
Warbler, Nightingale Reed
Warbler, Northern Marquesan Reed
Warbler, Olive
Warbler, Olive-capped
Warbler, Olive-tree
Warbler, Orange-crowned
Warbler, Oriental Reed
Warbler, Oriente
Warbler, Oriole
Warbler, Paddyfield
Warbler, Pagan Reed
Warbler, Palau Bush
Warbler, Pale-footed Bush
Warbler, Pale-legged
Warbler, Pale-legged Leaf
Warbler, Pallas’s Grasshopper
Warbler, Pallas’s Leaf
Warbler, Palm
Warbler, Papyrus Yellow
Warbler, Philippine Bush
Warbler, Philippine Leaf
Warbler, Pine
Warbler, Pink-headed
Warbler, Pirre
Warbler, Pitcairn Reed
Warbler, Plain Leaf
Warbler, Plumbeous
Warbler, Prairie
Warbler, Prothonotary
Warbler, Radde’s
Warbler, Rand’s
Warbler, Red
Warbler, Red-capped Forest
Warbler, Red-faced
Warbler, Red-faced Woodland
Warbler, Red-fronted
Warbler, Red-winged
Warbler, Red-winged Grey
Warbler, Rimatara Reed
Warbler, River
Warbler, Riverbank
Warbler, Roberts’s
Warbler, Rodrigues
Warbler, Roraiman
Warbler, Rote Leaf
Warbler, Rubeho
Warbler, Rufous-capped
Warbler, Rufous-eared
Warbler, Rufous-faced
Warbler, Rüppell’s
Warbler, Russet Bush
Warbler, Russet-crowned
Warbler, Saipan Reed
Warbler, Sakhalin Grasshopper
Warbler, Sakhalin Leaf
Warbler, Santa Marta
Warbler, Sardinian
Warbler, Savi’s
Warbler, Sedge
Warbler, Semper’s
Warbler, Seychelles
Warbler, Shade Bush
Warbler, Sichuan Bush
Warbler, Sichuan Leaf
Warbler, Sierra Madre Ground
Warbler, Smoky
Warbler, Socotra
Warbler, Southern Marquesan Reed
Warbler, Speckled
Warbler, Speckled Reed
Warbler, Spectacled
Warbler, Spotted Bush
Warbler, Sri Lanka Bush
Warbler, St. Lucia
Warbler, Streaked Scrub
Warbler, Styan’s Grasshopper
Warbler, Subalpine
Warbler, Subdesert Brush
Warbler, Sulawesi Leaf
Warbler, Sulphur-bellied
Warbler, Sulphur-breasted
Warbler, Sunda
Warbler, Sunda Bush
Warbler, Swainson’s
Warbler, Sykes’s
Warbler, Tacarcuna
Warbler, Tahiti Reed
Warbler, Taiwan Bush
Warbler, Tanimbar Bush
Warbler, Tennessee
Warbler, Thick-billed
Warbler, Three-banded
Warbler, Three-striped
Warbler, Tickell’s Leaf
Warbler, Timor Leaf
Warbler, Townsend’s
Warbler, Tristram’s
Warbler, Tuamotu Reed
Warbler, Two-banded
Warbler, Two-barred
Warbler, Tytler’s Leaf
Warbler, Uganda Woodland
Warbler, Upcher’s
Warbler, Victorin’s
Warbler, Virginia’s
Warbler, Vitelline
Warbler, West Himalayan Bush
Warbler, Western Bonelli’s
Warbler, Western Crowned
Warbler, Western Olivaceous
Warbler, Western Orphean
Warbler, Whistler’s
Warbler, Whistling
Warbler, White-lored
Warbler, White-rimmed
Warbler, White-spectacled
Warbler, White-striped
Warbler, White-tailed
Warbler, White-winged
Warbler, White-winged Swamp
Warbler, Willow
Warbler, Wilson’s
Warbler, Winifred’s
Warbler, Wood
Warbler, Worm-eating
Warbler, Yellow-bellied
Warbler, Yellow-bellied Bush
Warbler, Yellow-breasted
Warbler, Yellow-browed
Warbler, Yellow-headed
Warbler, Yellow-streaked
Warbler, Yellow-throated
Warbler, Yellow-throated Woodland
Warbler, Yellow-vented
Warbler, Yemen
Warbler, Yungas
Warbler-Finch, Green
Warbler-Finch, Grey
Waterhen, White-breasted
Waterthrush, Louisiana
Waterthrush, Northern
Wattlebird, Little
Wattlebird, Red
Wattlebird, Western
Wattlebird, Yellow
Wattle-eye, Banded
Wattle-eye, Black-necked
Wattle-eye, Black-throated
Wattle-eye, Brown-throated
Wattle-eye, Chestnut
Wattle-eye, Jameson’s
Wattle-eye, Red-cheeked
Wattle-eye, West African
Wattle-eye, White-fronted
Wattle-eye, White-spotted
Wattle-eye, Yellow-bellied
Waxbill, Abyssinian
Waxbill, Anambra
Waxbill, Angolan
Waxbill, Arabian
Waxbill, Black-cheeked
Waxbill, Black-crowned
Waxbill, Black-faced
Waxbill, Black-headed
Waxbill, Black-lored
Waxbill, Black-rumped
Waxbill, Blue
Waxbill, Cinderella
Waxbill, Common
Waxbill, Crimson-rumped
Waxbill, Fawn-breasted
Waxbill, Grey
Waxbill, Kandt’s
Waxbill, Lavender
Waxbill, Orange-breasted
Waxbill, Orange-cheeked
Waxbill, Swee
Waxbill, Violet-eared
Waxbill, Yellow-bellied
Waxwing, Bohemian
Waxwing, Cedar
Waxwing, Japanese
Weaver, Asian Golden
Weaver, Baglafecht
Weaver, Bannerman’s
Weaver, Bar-winged
Weaver, Bates’s
Weaver, Baya
Weaver, Bertram’s
Weaver, Black-billed
Weaver, Black-breasted
Weaver, Black-capped Social
Weaver, Black-chinned
Weaver, Black-headed
Weaver, Black-necked
Weaver, Bob-tailed
Weaver, Bocage’s
Weaver, Brown-capped
Weaver, Cape
Weaver, Chestnut
Weaver, Cinnamon
Weaver, Clarke’s
Weaver, Compact
Weaver, Dark-backed
Weaver, Eastern Golden
Weaver, Finn’s
Weaver, Fox’s
Weaver, Giant
Weaver, Golden Palm
Weaver, Golden-backed
Weaver, Golden-naped
Weaver, Grey-capped Social
Weaver, Heuglin’s Masked
Weaver, Holub’s Golden
Weaver, Juba
Weaver, Katanga Masked
Weaver, Kilombero
Weaver, Lesser Masked
Weaver, Little
Weaver, Loango
Weaver, Lufira Masked
Weaver, Maxwell’s Black
Weaver, Nelicourvi
Weaver, Northern Brown-throated
Weaver, Northern Masked
Weaver, Olive-headed
Weaver, Orange
Weaver, Preuss’s
Weaver, Principe
Weaver, Red-billed Buffalo
Weaver, Red-headed
Weaver, Rufous-tailed
Weaver, Rüppell’s
Weaver, Sakalava
Weaver, Sao Tome
Weaver, Scaly-feathered
Weaver, Slender-billed
Weaver, Sociable
Weaver, Southern Brown-throated
Weaver, Southern Masked
Weaver, Speckle-fronted
Weaver, Spectacled
Weaver, Speke’s
Weaver, Strange
Weaver, Streaked
Weaver, Tanzanian Masked
Weaver, Taveta
Weaver, Thick-billed
Weaver, Usambara
Weaver, Vieillot’s Black
Weaver, Village
Weaver, Vitelline Masked
Weaver, Weyns’s
Weaver, White-billed Buffalo
Weaver, White-headed Buffalo
Weaver, Yellow-capped
Weaver, Yellow-legged
Weaver, Yellow-mantled
Wedgebill, Chiming
Wedgebill, Chirruping
Wedgebill, Geoffroy’s
Wedgebill, White-throated
Wheatear, Abyssinian
Wheatear, Arabian
Wheatear, Black
Wheatear, Black-eared
Wheatear, Capped
Wheatear, Cyprus
Wheatear, Desert
Wheatear, Finsch’s
Wheatear, Heuglin’s
Wheatear, Hooded
Wheatear, Hume’s
Wheatear, Isabelline
Wheatear, Kurdish
Wheatear, Mountain
Wheatear, Mourning
Wheatear, Northern
Wheatear, Pied
Wheatear, Red-breasted
Wheatear, Red-rumped
Wheatear, Red-tailed
Wheatear, Somali
Wheatear, Variable
Wheatear, White-crowned
Whipbird, Black-throated
Whipbird, Eastern
Whipbird, Papuan
Whipbird, White-bellied
Whip-poor-will, Eastern
Whip-poor-will, Mexican
Whistler, Australian Golden
Whistler, Baliem
Whistler, Bare-throated
Whistler, Biak
Whistler, Bismarck
Whistler, Black-chinned
Whistler, Black-headed
Whistler, Bornean
Whistler, Bougainville
Whistler, Brown-backed
Whistler, Cinnamon-breasted
Whistler, Drab
Whistler, Fawn-breasted
Whistler, Fiji
Whistler, Gilbert’s
Whistler, Golden-backed
Whistler, Green-backed
Whistler, Grey
Whistler, Hooded
Whistler, Island
Whistler, Lorentz’s
Whistler, Louisiade
Whistler, Mangrove
Whistler, Mangrove Golden
Whistler, Maroon-backed
Whistler, Melanesian
Whistler, New Caledonian
Whistler, Olive
Whistler, Oriole
Whistler, Red-lored
Whistler, Regent
Whistler, Rennell
Whistler, Rufous
Whistler, Rusty
Whistler, Rusty-breasted
Whistler, Samoan
Whistler, Sclater’s
Whistler, Sulphur-vented
Whistler, Temotu
Whistler, Tongan
Whistler, Vogelkop
Whistler, Wallacean
Whistler, Western
Whistler, White-bellied
Whistler, White-breasted
Whistler, White-vented
Whistler, Yellow-bellied
Whistler, Yellow-throated
White-eye, Abyssinian
White-eye, Aldabra
White-eye, Ambon
White-eye, Annobon
White-eye, Ashy-bellied
White-eye, Bare-eyed
White-eye, Biak
White-eye, Bismarck
White-eye, Black-capped
White-eye, Black-crowned
White-eye, Black-fronted
White-eye, Black-ringed
White-eye, Bonin
White-eye, Bridled
White-eye, Broad-ringed
White-eye, Buru
White-eye, Canary
White-eye, Cape
White-eye, Capped
White-eye, Chestnut-flanked
White-eye, Christmas
White-eye, Citrine
White-eye, Cream-browed
White-eye, Cream-throated
White-eye, Crested
White-eye, Dark-eyed
White-eye, Dusky
White-eye, Everett’s
White-eye, Fiji
White-eye, Forest
White-eye, Giant
White-eye, Gizo
White-eye, Golden
White-eye, Golden-bellied
White-eye, Green
White-eye, Green-backed
White-eye, Grey-brown
White-eye, Grey-hooded
White-eye, Grey-throated
White-eye, Heuglin’s
White-eye, Hume’s
White-eye, Indian
White-eye, Javan
White-eye, Karthala
White-eye, Kikuyu
White-eye, Kirk’s
White-eye, Kolombangara
White-eye, Kosrae
White-eye, Large Lifou
White-eye, Lemon-bellied
White-eye, Long-billed
White-eye, Louisiade
White-eye, Lowland
White-eye, Malagasy
White-eye, Malaita
White-eye, Marianne
White-eye, Mauritius Grey
White-eye, Mauritius Olive
White-eye, Mayotte
White-eye, Mbulu
White-eye, Mees’s
White-eye, Mindanao
White-eye, Morotai
White-eye, Northern Yellow
White-eye, Olive-colored
White-eye, Orange River
White-eye, Pale
White-eye, Pale-bellied
White-eye, Papuan
White-eye, Pearl-bellied
White-eye, Pemba
White-eye, Plain
White-eye, Principe
White-eye, Pygmy
White-eye, Ranongga
White-eye, Rennell
White-eye, Reunion Grey
White-eye, Reunion Olive
White-eye, Robust
White-eye, Rota
White-eye, Samoan
White-eye, Sanford’s
White-eye, Sangihe
White-eye, Sangkar
White-eye, Santa Cruz
White-eye, Sao Tome
White-eye, Seram
White-eye, Seychelles
White-eye, Slender-billed
White-eye, Small Lifou
White-eye, Socotra
White-eye, Solomons
White-eye, South Pare
White-eye, Southern Yellow
White-eye, Sri Lanka
White-eye, Streak-headed
White-eye, Swinhoe’s
White-eye, Tagula
White-eye, Taita
White-eye, Teardrop
White-eye, Togian
White-eye, Vanikoro
White-eye, Vanuatu
White-eye, Vella Lavella
White-eye, Wakatobi
White-eye, Warbling
White-eye, White-chested
White-eye, Yellowish
White-eye, Yellow-ringed
White-eye, Yellow-throated
Whiteface, Banded
Whiteface, Chestnut-breasted
Whiteface, Southern
Whitestart, Brown-capped
Whitestart, Collared
Whitestart, Golden-fronted
Whitestart, Guaiquinima
Whitestart, Painted
Whitestart, Paria
Whitestart, Slate-throated
Whitestart, Spectacled
Whitestart, Tepui
Whitestart, White-faced
Whitestart, White-fronted
Whitestart, Yellow-crowned
Whitethroat, Common
Whitethroat, Desert
Whitethroat, Hume’s
Whitethroat, Lesser
Whitetip, Purple-bibbed
Whitetip, Rufous-vented
Whydah, Broad-tailed Paradise
Whydah, Exclamatory Paradise
Whydah, Long-tailed Paradise
Whydah, Pin-tailed
Whydah, Sahel Paradise
Whydah, Shaft-tailed
Whydah, Steel-blue
Whydah, Straw-tailed
Whydah, Togo Paradise
Widowbird, Fan-tailed
Widowbird, Jackson’s
Widowbird, Long-tailed
Widowbird, Marsh
Widowbird, Montane
Widowbird, Red-collared
Widowbird, White-winged
Widowbird, Yellow-mantled
Wigeon, American
Wigeon, Amsterdam
Wigeon, Chiloe
Wigeon, Eurasian
Winter, Jacky
Wiretail, Des Murs’s
Woodcock, Amami
Woodcock, American
Woodcock, Bukidnon
Woodcock, Eurasian
Woodcock, Javan
Woodcock, Moluccan
Woodcock, New Guinea
Woodcock, Sulawesi
Woodcreeper, Amazonian Barred
Woodcreeper, Bar-bellied
Woodcreeper, Black-banded
Woodcreeper, Black-striped
Woodcreeper, Brigida’s
Woodcreeper, Buff-throated
Woodcreeper, Ceara
Woodcreeper, Chestnut-rumped
Woodcreeper, Cinnamon-throated
Woodcreeper, Cocoa
Woodcreeper, Duida
Woodcreeper, Elegant
Woodcreeper, Great Rufous
Woodcreeper, Guianan
Woodcreeper, Hoffmanns’s
Woodcreeper, Inambari
Woodcreeper, Ivory-billed
Woodcreeper, Layard’s
Woodcreeper, Lesser
Woodcreeper, Long-billed
Woodcreeper, Long-tailed
Woodcreeper, Montane
Woodcreeper, Moustached
Woodcreeper, Narrow-billed
Woodcreeper, Northern Barred
Woodcreeper, Ocellated
Woodcreeper, Olivaceous
Woodcreeper, Olive-backed
Woodcreeper, Plain-brown
Woodcreeper, Plain-winged
Woodcreeper, Planalto
Woodcreeper, Red-billed
Woodcreeper, Rondonia
Woodcreeper, Ruddy
Woodcreeper, Scaled
Woodcreeper, Scalloped
Woodcreeper, Scimitar-billed
Woodcreeper, Spix’s
Woodcreeper, Spot-crowned
Woodcreeper, Spotted
Woodcreeper, Spot-throated
Woodcreeper, Straight-billed
Woodcreeper, Streak-headed
Woodcreeper, Striped
Woodcreeper, Strong-billed
Woodcreeper, Tawny-winged
Woodcreeper, Tschudi’s
Woodcreeper, Tyrannine
Woodcreeper, Uniform
Woodcreeper, Wedge-billed
Woodcreeper, White-chinned
Woodcreeper, White-striped
Woodcreeper, White-throated
Woodcreeper, Zimmer’s
Woodhaunter, Eastern
Woodhaunter, Western
Woodhen, Lord Howe
Woodhen, Makira
Woodhen, Samoan
Woodnymph, Crowned
Woodnymph, Fork-tailed
Woodnymph, Long-tailed
Woodnymph, Mexican
Woodnymph, Violet-capped
Woodpecker, Abyssinian
Woodpecker, Acorn
Woodpecker, African Grey
Woodpecker, American Three-toed
Woodpecker, Andaman
Woodpecker, Arabian
Woodpecker, Arizona
Woodpecker, Ashy
Woodpecker, Bamboo
Woodpecker, Banded
Woodpecker, Bar-bellied
Woodpecker, Bay
Woodpecker, Bearded
Woodpecker, Beautiful
Woodpecker, Bennett’s
Woodpecker, Black
Woodpecker, Black-and-buff
Woodpecker, Black-backed
Woodpecker, Black-bodied
Woodpecker, Black-cheeked
Woodpecker, Black-headed
Woodpecker, Black-necked
Woodpecker, Blond-crested
Woodpecker, Blood-colored
Woodpecker, Bronze-winged
Woodpecker, Brown-backed
Woodpecker, Brown-capped Pygmy
Woodpecker, Brown-eared
Woodpecker, Brown-fronted
Woodpecker, Buff-necked
Woodpecker, Buff-rumped
Woodpecker, Buff-spotted
Woodpecker, Cardinal
Woodpecker, Checkered
Woodpecker, Checker-throated
Woodpecker, Chestnut
Woodpecker, Chestnut-colored
Woodpecker, Choco
Woodpecker, Cinnamon
Woodpecker, Cream-backed
Woodpecker, Cream-colored
Woodpecker, Crimson-bellied
Woodpecker, Crimson-breasted
Woodpecker, Crimson-crested
Woodpecker, Crimson-mantled
Woodpecker, Crimson-winged
Woodpecker, Cuban Green
Woodpecker, Darjeeling
Woodpecker, Dot-fronted
Woodpecker, Downy
Woodpecker, Eastern Grey
Woodpecker, Elliot’s
Woodpecker, Eurasian Three-toed
Woodpecker, European Green
Woodpecker, Fine-spotted
Woodpecker, Fire-bellied
Woodpecker, Freckle-breasted
Woodpecker, Fulvous-breasted
Woodpecker, Gabon
Woodpecker, Gila
Woodpecker, Golden-cheeked
Woodpecker, Golden-collared
Woodpecker, Golden-fronted
Woodpecker, Golden-green
Woodpecker, Golden-naped
Woodpecker, Golden-olive
Woodpecker, Golden-tailed
Woodpecker, Great Slaty
Woodpecker, Great Spotted
Woodpecker, Green-backed
Woodpecker, Green-barred
Woodpecker, Grey-and-buff
Woodpecker, Grey-breasted
Woodpecker, Grey-capped Pygmy
Woodpecker, Grey-crowned
Woodpecker, Grey-headed
Woodpecker, Ground
Woodpecker, Guadeloupe
Woodpecker, Guayaquil
Woodpecker, Hairy
Woodpecker, Heart-spotted
Woodpecker, Helmeted
Woodpecker, Himalayan
Woodpecker, Hispaniolan
Woodpecker, Hoffmann’s
Woodpecker, Iberian Green
Woodpecker, Imperial
Woodpecker, Ivory-billed
Woodpecker, Jamaican
Woodpecker, Japanese Green
Woodpecker, Japanese Pygmy
Woodpecker, Kaempfer’s
Woodpecker, Knysna
Woodpecker, Laced
Woodpecker, Ladder-backed
Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted
Woodpecker, Levaillant’s
Woodpecker, Lewis’s
Woodpecker, Lineated
Woodpecker, Lita
Woodpecker, Little
Woodpecker, Little Green
Woodpecker, Little Grey
Woodpecker, Magellanic
Woodpecker, Maroon
Woodpecker, Melancholy
Woodpecker, Middle Spotted
Woodpecker, Mombasa
Woodpecker, Nubian
Woodpecker, Nuttall’s
Woodpecker, Ochre-backed
Woodpecker, Okinawa
Woodpecker, Olive
Woodpecker, Olive-backed
Woodpecker, Orange-backed
Woodpecker, Pale-billed
Woodpecker, Pale-crested
Woodpecker, Pale-headed
Woodpecker, Philippine Pygmy
Woodpecker, Pileated
Woodpecker, Powerful
Woodpecker, Puerto Rican
Woodpecker, Red-bellied
Woodpecker, Red-cockaded
Woodpecker, Red-collared
Woodpecker, Red-crowned
Woodpecker, Red-headed
Woodpecker, Red-necked
Woodpecker, Red-rumped
Woodpecker, Red-stained
Woodpecker, Ringed
Woodpecker, Robust
Woodpecker, Rufous
Woodpecker, Rufous-bellied
Woodpecker, Rufous-headed
Woodpecker, Rufous-winged
Woodpecker, Scaly-bellied
Woodpecker, Scaly-breasted
Woodpecker, Scarlet-backed
Woodpecker, Sind
Woodpecker, Smoky-brown
Woodpecker, Sooty
Woodpecker, Speckle-breasted
Woodpecker, Speckle-throated
Woodpecker, Spot-breasted
Woodpecker, Stierling’s
Woodpecker, Streak-breasted
Woodpecker, Streak-throated
Woodpecker, Strickland’s
Woodpecker, Stripe-breasted
Woodpecker, Stripe-cheeked
Woodpecker, Striped
Woodpecker, Sulawesi Pygmy
Woodpecker, Sulu Pygmy
Woodpecker, Sunda Pygmy
Woodpecker, Syrian
Woodpecker, Tullberg’s
Woodpecker, Velasquez’s
Woodpecker, Waved
Woodpecker, West Indian
Woodpecker, White
Woodpecker, White-backed
Woodpecker, White-bellied
Woodpecker, White-fronted
Woodpecker, White-headed
Woodpecker, White-naped
Woodpecker, White-spotted
Woodpecker, White-throated
Woodpecker, White-winged
Woodpecker, Yellow-browed
Woodpecker, Yellow-crested
Woodpecker, Yellow-crowned
Woodpecker, Yellow-eared
Woodpecker, Yellow-fronted
Woodpecker, Yellow-throated
Woodpecker, Yellow-tufted
Woodpecker, Yellow-vented
Woodpecker, Yucatan
Woodshrike, Common
Woodshrike, Large
Woodshrike, Malabar
Woodshrike, Sri Lanka
Woodstar, Amethyst
Woodstar, Bahama
Woodstar, Chilean
Woodstar, Esmeraldas
Woodstar, Gorgeted
Woodstar, Inagua
Woodstar, Little
Woodstar, Magenta-throated
Woodstar, Purple-collared
Woodstar, Purple-throated
Woodstar, Rufous-shafted
Woodstar, Santa Marta
Woodstar, Short-tailed
Woodstar, Slender-tailed
Woodstar, Sparkling-tailed
Woodstar, White-bellied
Woodswallow, Ashy
Woodswallow, Black-faced
Woodswallow, Dusky
Woodswallow, Fiji
Woodswallow, Great
Woodswallow, Ivory-backed
Woodswallow, Little
Woodswallow, Masked
Woodswallow, Masked
Woodswallow, White-backed
Woodswallow, White-breasted
Woodswallow, White-browed
Wren, Antioquia
Wren, Apolinar’s
Wren, Band-backed
Wren, Banded
Wren, Bar-winged Wood
Wren, Bay
Wren, Bewick’s
Wren, Bicolored
Wren, Black-bellied
Wren, Black-throated
Wren, Boucard’s
Wren, Buff-breasted
Wren, Cabanis’s
Wren, Cactus
Wren, Canebrake
Wren, Canyon
Wren, Carolina
Wren, Chestnut-breasted
Wren, Clarion
Wren, Cobb’s
Wren, Coraya
Wren, Eurasian
Wren, Fasciated
Wren, Fawn-breasted
Wren, Flutist
Wren, Fulvous
Wren, Giant
Wren, Grass
Wren, Grey
Wren, Grey-barred
Wren, Grey-breasted Wood
Wren, Grey-mantled
Wren, Happy
Wren, Hermit Wood
Wren, House
Wren, Inca
Wren, Isthmian
Wren, Long-billed
Wren, Lyall’s
Wren, Marsh
Wren, Merida
Wren, Mountain
Wren, Moustached
Wren, Munchique Wood
Wren, Musician
Wren, Nava’s
Wren, Niceforo’s
Wren, Ochraceous
Wren, Pacific
Wren, Peruvian
Wren, Plain-tailed
Wren, Riverside
Wren, Rock
Wren, Rufous
Wren, Rufous-and-white
Wren, Rufous-backed
Wren, Rufous-breasted
Wren, Rufous-browed
Wren, Santa Marta
Wren, Sclater’s
Wren, Sedge
Wren, Sepia-brown
Wren, Sinaloa
Wren, Socorro
Wren, Song
Wren, Sooty-headed
Wren, Speckle-breasted
Wren, Spot-breasted
Wren, Spotted
Wren, Stripe-backed
Wren, Stripe-breasted
Wren, Stripe-throated
Wren, Sumichrast’s
Wren, Superciliated
Wren, Tepui
Wren, Thrush-like
Wren, Timberline
Wren, Tooth-billed
Wren, Veracruz
Wren, Whiskered
Wren, White-bellied
Wren, White-breasted Wood
Wren, White-headed
Wren, Wing-banded
Wren, Winter
Wren, Yucatan
Wren, Zapata
Wren-Babbler, Bar-winged
Wren-Babbler, Black-throated
Wren-Babbler, Bornean
Wren-Babbler, Chin Hills
Wren-Babbler, Eyebrowed
Wren-Babbler, Falcated
Wren-Babbler, Grey-bellied
Wren-Babbler, Large
Wren-Babbler, Limestone
Wren-Babbler, Long-billed
Wren-Babbler, Marbled
Wren-Babbler, Mountain
Wren-Babbler, Naga
Wren-Babbler, Pale-throated
Wren-Babbler, Rufous-throated
Wren-Babbler, Rusty-breasted
Wren-Babbler, Rusty-throated
Wren-Babbler, Streaked
Wren-Babbler, Striated
Wren-Babbler, Striped
Wren-Babbler, Sumatran
Wren-Babbler, Tawny-breasted
Wren-Babbler, White-throated
Wren-Spinetail, Bay-capped
Wren-Warbler, Barred
Wren-Warbler, Grey
Wren-Warbler, Miombo
Wren-Warbler, Stierling’s
Wryneck, Eurasian
Wryneck, Red-throated


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