C. Austin Miles

C. Austin Miles

C. Austin Miles

Born: Jan­u­a­ry 7, 1868, Lake­hurst, New Jer­sey.
Died: March 10, 1946, Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.
Buried: Hill­crest Me­mor­i­al Park, Sew­ell, New Jer­sey.
Pseudonym: A. A. Payn.

At twelve years old his musical career started when he played for a funeral in a Methodist Church. Not only did he author and compose the music for hymns, he was a publisher and editor of hymnals.

He is the composer and author of “In The Garden“, written in 1912. This song is right behind “The Old Rugged Cross”, as one of the most popular gospel hymns. In 1912 the music publisher Dr. Adam Geible wanted author and composer C. Austin Miles to write something that was “sympathetic in tone, breathing tenderness in every line; one that would bring tenderness in every line; one that would bring hope to the hopeless, rest for the weary, and downy pillows to dying beds.”

A list of his works (from Cyberhymnal.com):
1. All Alone
2. Answering Thy Call (© 1934)
3. City of Ref­uge, The (© 1943)
4. Cloud and the Fire, The
5. Decision
6. Dwelling in Beulah Land
7. Go and Tell
8. He Is Mine
9. He’s Able and Will­ing
10. I Have a Friend (© 1948)
11. I Love to Think of Je­sus
12. If Jesus Goes with Me
13. In Thee Do I Live (© 1938)
14. I’m Go­ing There
15. In the Ga­rden
16. Look for Me!
17. Lord, Is It I? (© 1938)
18. Love, Mercy and Grace (© 1938)
19. New Name in Glo­ry, A
20. There I Would Be (© 1938)
21. Wide, Wide as the Ocean
22. Win Them One by One
1. Jesus Set the Mu­sic Ring­ing
2. Somebody’s Praying for You (© 1935)
3. Still Sweet­er Ev­ery Day
4. To Victory

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