Momotidae – Motmots

Blue-crowned Motmot (Momotus momota) by Ian

Blue-capped Motmot (Momotus momota) by Ian

But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: (Job 12:7 KJV)

CLASS – AVES, Order – CORACIIFORMES, Family – Momotidae – Motmots

Latest I.O.C. Version
Species (14)

Tody Motmot (Hylomanes momotula)
Blue-throated Motmot (Aspatha gularis)
Russet-crowned Motmot (Momotus mexicanus)
Blue-capped Motmot (Momotus coeruliceps)
Lesson’s Motmot (Momotus lessonii)
Whooping Motmot (Momotus subrufescens)
Trinidad Motmot (Momotus bahamensis)
Amazonian Motmot (Momotus momota)
Andean Motmot (Momotus aequatorialis)
Rufous Motmot (Baryphthengus martii)
Rufous-capped Motmot (Baryphthengus ruficapillus)
Keel-billed Motmot (Electron carinatum)
Broad-billed Motmot (Electron platyrhynchum)
Turquoise-browed Motmot (Eumomota superciliosa)


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The motmots or Momotidae are a family of birds in the near passerine order Coraciiformes, which also includes the kingfishers, bee-eaters and rollers. All extant motmots are restricted to woodland or forest in the Neotropics, and the largest diversity is in Middle America. They have a colourful plumage and a relatively heavy bill. All except the Tody Motmot have relatively long tails that in some species has a distinctive racket-like tip.

Motmots eat small prey such as insects and lizards, and will also take fruit. In Costa Rica, motmots have been observed feeding on poison dart frogs. (Wikipedia with editing)

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