Certhiidae – Treecreepers

Brown Creeper (Certhia americana) by Ray

Brown Creeper (Certhia americana) by Ray

O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches. (Psalms 104:24 KJV)

CLASS – AVES, Order – PASSERIFORMES, Family – Certhiidae – Treecreepers

Latest I.O.C. Version
Species (11)

Yellow-bellied Warbler (Abroscopus superciliaris)
Rufous-faced Warbler (Abroscopus albogularis)
Black-faced Warbler (Abroscopus schisticeps)
Mountain Tailorbird (Phyllergates cuculatus)
Rufous-headed Tailorbird (Phyllergates heterolaemus)
Broad-billed Warbler (Tickellia hodgsoni)
Philippine Bush Warbler (Horornis seebohmi)
Japanese Bush Warbler (Horornis diphone)
Manchurian Bush Warbler (Horornis borealis)
Palau Bush Warbler (Horornis annae)
Tanimbar Bush Warbler (Horornis carolinae)
Shade Bush Warbler (Horornis parens)
Bougainville Bush Warbler (Horornis haddeni)
Fiji Bush Warbler (Horornis ruficapilla)
Brown-flanked Bush Warbler (Horornis fortipes)
Hume’s Bush Warbler (Horornis brunnescens)
Yellow-bellied Bush Warbler (Horornis acanthizoides)
Sunda Bush Warbler (Horornis vulcanius)
Aberrant Bush Warbler (Horornis flavolivaceus)
Grey-bellied Tesia (Tesia cyaniventer)
Slaty-bellied Tesia (Tesia olivea)
Russet-capped Tesia (Tesia everetti)
Javan Tesia (Tesia superciliaris)
Cetti’s Warbler (Cettia cetti)
Chestnut-crowned Bush Warbler (Cettia major)
Grey-sided Bush Warbler (Cettia brunnifrons)
Chestnut-headed Tesia (Cettia castaneocoronata)
Asian Stubtail (Urosphena squameiceps)
Bornean Stubtail (Urosphena whiteheadi)
Timor Stubtail (Urosphena subulata)
Pale-footed Bush Warbler (Urosphena pallidipes)
Neumann’s Warbler (Urosphena neumanni)


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The treecreepers are a family, Certhiidae, of small passerine birds, widespread in wooded regions of the Northern Hemisphere and sub-Saharan Africa. The family contains ten species in two genera, Certhia and Salpornis. Their plumage is dull-coloured, and as their name implies, they climb over the surface of trees in search of food.

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