Corcoracidae – Australian Mudnesters

Apostlebird (Struthidea cinerea) by Ian

Apostlebird (Struthidea cinerea) by Ian

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CLASS – AVES, Order – PASSERIFORMES, Family – Corcoracidae – Australian Mudnesters

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White-winged Chough (Corcorax melanorhamphos)
Apostlebird (Struthidea cinerea)

White-winged Chough (Corcorax melanoramphos) by Nick Talbot – An adult on a nest



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Ian Montgomery’s Birdway
Nick Talbot – Videographer

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The family is often commonly called Corcoracidae, however this is the junior synonym. It contains just two species in two genera, the White-winged Chough, Corcorax melanorhamphos, and the Apostlebird Struthidea cinerea. Both are endemic to Australia.

Both the Australian mudnesters are found in open habitat in eastern Australia, mostly open eucalypt woodlands and some forest that lacks a closed canopy. The Apostlebird is more tolerant of arid habitats and is found in arid woodland and shrublands. Both species are tolerant of human modified habitats and will occupy farmlands and suburban areas, and even parks and gardens. (Wikipedia)

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