Monarchidae – Monarchs

Black-faced Monarch (Monarcha melanopsis) by Ian

The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth and upon every bird of the heavens, upon everything that creeps on the ground and all the fish of the sea. Into your hand they are delivered. (Genesis 9:2 ESV)

CLASS – AVES, Order – PASSERIFORMES, Family – Monarchidae – Monarchs

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Species (102)

Black-naped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea)
Pale-blue Monarch (Hypothymis puella)
Short-crested Monarch (Hypothymis helenae)
Celestial Monarch (Hypothymis coelestis)
Cerulean Paradise Flycatcher (Eutrichomyias rowleyi)
Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher (Trochocercus cyanomelas)
Blue-headed Crested Flycatcher (Trochocercus nitens)
Bedford’s Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone bedfordi)
Rufous-vented Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone rufocinerea)
Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone rufiventer)
Annobon Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone smithii)
Bates’s Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone batesi)
African Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone viridis)
Indian Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi)
Blyth’s Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone affinis)
Amur Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone incei)
Japanese Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone atrocaudata)
Blue Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone cyanescens)
Rufous Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone cinnamomea)
Sao Tome Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone atrochalybeia)
Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone mutata)
Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone corvina)
Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone bourbonnensis)
Kauai Elepaio (Chasiempis sclateri)
Oahu Elepaio (Chasiempis ibidis)
Hawaii Elepaio (Chasiempis sandwichensis)
Rarotonga Monarch (Pomarea dimidiata)
Tahiti Monarch (Pomarea nigra)
Maupiti Monarch (Pomarea maupitiensis)
Marquesan Monarch (Pomarea mendozae)
Ua Pou Monarch (Pomarea mira)
Nuku Hiva Monarch (Pomarea nukuhivae)
Iphis Monarch (Pomarea iphis)
Eiao Monarch (Pomarea fluxa)
Fatu Hiva Monarch (Pomarea whitneyi)
Vanikoro Monarch (Mayrornis schistaceus)
Versicolored Monarch (Mayrornis versicolor)
Slaty Monarch (Mayrornis lessoni)
Buff-bellied Monarch (Neolalage banksiana)
Southern Shrikebill (Clytorhynchus pachycephaloides)
Fiji Shrikebill (Clytorhynchus vitiensis)
Black-throated Shrikebill (Clytorhynchus nigrogularis)
Santa Cruz Shrikebill (Clytorhynchus sanctaecrucis)
Rennell Shrikebill (Clytorhynchus hamlini)
Chuuk Monarch (Metabolus rugensis)
Black Monarch (Symposiachrus axillaris)
Spot-winged Monarch (Symposiachrus guttula)
Black-bibbed Monarch (Symposiachrus mundus)
Flores Monarch (Symposiachrus sacerdotum)
Black-chinned Monarch (Symposiachrus boanensis)
Spectacled Monarch (Symposiachrus trivirgatus)
Moluccan Monarch (Symposiachrus bimaculatus)
White-tailed Monarch (Symposiachrus leucurus)
White-tipped Monarch (Symposiachrus everetti)
Black-tipped Monarch (Symposiachrus loricatus)
Kofiau Monarch (Symposiachrus julianae)
Biak Monarch (Symposiachrus brehmii)
Hooded Monarch (Symposiachrus manadensis)
Manus Monarch (Symposiachrus infelix)
Mussau Monarch (Symposiachrus menckei)
Black-tailed Monarch (Symposiachrus verticalis)
Solomons Monarch (Symposiachrus barbatus)
Kolombangara Monarch (Symposiachrus browni)
White-collared Monarch (Symposiachrus vidua)
Rufous Monarch (Monarcha rubiensis)
Island Monarch (Monarcha cinerascens)
Black-faced Monarch (Monarcha melanopsis)
Black-winged Monarch (Monarcha frater)
Bougainville Monarch (Monarcha erythrostictus)
Chestnut-bellied Monarch (Monarcha castaneiventris)
White-capped Monarch (Monarcha richardsii)
Yap Monarch (Monarcha godeffroyi)
Tinian Monarch (Monarcha takatsukasae)
White-eared Monarch (Carterornis leucotis)
White-naped Monarch (Carterornis pileatus)
Golden Monarch (Carterornis chrysomela)
Ochre-collared Monarch (Arses insularis)
Frilled Monarch (Arses telescopthalmus)
Frill-necked Monarch (Arses lorealis)
Pied Monarch (Arses kaupi)
Magpie-lark (Grallina cyanoleuca)
Torrent-lark (Grallina bruijnii)
Oceanic Flycatcher (Myiagra oceanica)
Palau Flycatcher (Myiagra erythrops)
Guam Flycatcher (Myiagra freycineti)
Pohnpei Flycatcher (Myiagra pluto)
Moluccan Flycatcher (Myiagra galeata)
Biak Black Flycatcher (Myiagra atra)
Leaden Flycatcher (Myiagra rubecula)
Steel-blue Flycatcher (Myiagra ferrocyanea)
Makira Flycatcher (Myiagra cervinicauda)
Melanesian Flycatcher (Myiagra caledonica)
Vanikoro Flycatcher (Myiagra vanikorensis)
Samoan Flycatcher (Myiagra albiventris)
Azure-crested Flycatcher (Myiagra azureocapilla)
Chestnut-throated Flycatcher (Myiagra castaneigularis)
Broad-billed Flycatcher (Myiagra ruficollis)
Satin Flycatcher (Myiagra cyanoleuca)
Shining Flycatcher (Myiagra alecto)
Velvet Flycatcher (Myiagra hebetior)
Paperbark Flycatcher (Myiagra nana)
Restless Flycatcher (Myiagra inquieta)


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Bob & Nan’s Gallery
Dave’s BirdingPix
Ian Montgomery’s Birdway
Keith Blomerley – Videographer
Nick Talbot – Videographer
Nikhil Devasar’s Gallery
William Kwong’s Galleries

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The monarch flycatchers (Monarchidae) comprise a family of passerine birds which includes boatbills, shrikebills, paradise flycatchers, and magpie-larks.

Monarchids are small insectivorous songbirds with long tails. They inhabit forest or woodland across sub-Saharan Africa, south-east Asia, Australasia and a number of Pacific islands. Only a few species migrate. Many species decorate their cup-shaped nests with lichen. (Wikipedia)


Nick Talbot’s Black-Faced Monarch


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Keith Blomerley’s Spectacled Monarch


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