Sylviidae – Sylviid Babblers

Western Orphean Warbler (Sylvia hortensis) by Nikhil Devasar

Western Orphean Warbler (Sylvia hortensis) by Nikhil Devasar

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: (1 Timothy 6:20 KJV)

CLASS – AVES, Order – PASSERIFORMES, Family – Sylviidae – Sylviid Babblers

Latest I.O.C. Version
Species (70)

Fire-tailed Myzornis (Myzornis pyrrhoura)
Abyssinian Catbird (Parophasma galinieri)
African Hill Babbler (Pseudoalcippe abyssinica)
Rwenzori Hill Babbler (Pseudoalcippe atriceps)
Dohrn’s Thrush-Babbler (Horizorhinus dohrni)
Bush Blackcap (Lioptilus nigricapillus)
Eurasian Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)
Garden Warbler (Sylvia borin)
Barred Warbler (Sylvia nisoria)
Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia curruca)
Desert Whitethroat (Sylvia minula)
Hume’s Whitethroat (Sylvia althaea)
Western Orphean Warbler (Sylvia hortensis)
Eastern Orphean Warbler (Sylvia crassirostris)
Arabian Warbler (Sylvia leucomelaena)
Asian Desert Warbler (Sylvia nana)
African Desert Warbler (Sylvia deserti)
Common Whitethroat (Sylvia communis)
Dartford Warbler (Sylvia undata)
Marmora’s Warbler (Sylvia sarda)
Balearic Warbler (Sylvia balearica)
Tristram’s Warbler (Sylvia deserticola)
Spectacled Warbler (Sylvia conspicillata)
Subalpine Warbler (Sylvia cantillans)
Moltoni’s Warbler (Sylvia subalpina)
Sardinian Warbler (Sylvia melanocephala)
Menetries’s Warbler (Sylvia mystacea)
Rüppell’s Warbler (Sylvia ruppeli)
Cyprus Warbler (Sylvia melanothorax)
Yemen Warbler (Sylvia buryi)
Brown Parisoma (Sylvia lugens)
Banded Parisoma (Sylvia boehmi)
Chestnut-vented Warbler (Sylvia subcoerulea)
Layard’s Warbler (Sylvia layardi)
Golden-breasted Fulvetta (Lioparus chrysotis)
Rufous-tailed Babbler (Moupinia poecilotis)
White-browed Fulvetta (Fulvetta vinipectus)
Chinese Fulvetta (Fulvetta striaticollis)
Spectacled Fulvetta (Fulvetta ruficapilla)
Indochinese Fulvetta (Fulvetta danisi)
Brown-throated Fulvetta (Fulvetta ludlowi)
Grey-hooded Fulvetta (Fulvetta cinereiceps)
Manipur Fulvetta (Fulvetta manipurensis)
Taiwan Fulvetta (Fulvetta formosana)
Yellow-eyed Babbler (Chrysomma sinense)
Jerdon’s Babbler (Chrysomma altirostre)
Beijing Babbler (Rhopophilus pekinensis)
Tarim Babbler (Rhopophilus albosuperciliaris)
Wrentit (Chamaea fasciata)
Great Parrotbill (Conostoma aemodium)
Three-toed Parrotbill (Cholornis paradoxus)
Brown Parrotbill (Cholornis unicolor)
Spectacled Parrotbill (Sinosuthora conspicillata)
Vinous-throated Parrotbill (Sinosuthora webbiana)
Ashy-throated Parrotbill (Sinosuthora alphonsiana)
Brown-winged Parrotbill (Sinosuthora brunnea)
Grey-hooded Parrotbill (Sinosuthora zappeyi)
Przevalski’s Parrotbill (Sinosuthora przewalskii)
Fulvous Parrotbill (Suthora fulvifrons)
Black-throated Parrotbill (Suthora nipalensis)
Golden Parrotbill (Suthora verreauxi)
Short-tailed Parrotbill (Neosuthora davidiana)
Pale-billed Parrotbill (Chleuasicus atrosuperciliaris)
White-breasted Parrotbill (Psittiparus ruficeps)
Rufous-headed Parrotbill (Psittiparus bakeri)
Grey-headed Parrotbill (Psittiparus gularis)
Black-headed Parrotbill (Psittiparus margaritae)
Black-breasted Parrotbill (Paradoxornis flavirostris)
Spot-breasted Parrotbill (Paradoxornis guttaticollis)
Reed Parrotbill (Paradoxornis heudei)


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Nikhil Devasar’s Gallery

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The “Old World Warblers” is a large group of birds formerly grouped together in the bird family Sylviidae. The family held over 400 species in over 70 genera, and were the source of much taxonomic confusion. Two families were split out initially, the cisticolas into Cisticolidae and the kinglets into Regulidae. In the past ten years they have been the subject of much research and many species are now placed into other families, including the Acrocephalidae, Cettiidae, Phylloscopidae, and Megaluridae. In addition some species have been moved into existing families or have not yet had their placement fully resolved. A smaller family of warblers, together with some babblers formerly placed in the family Timaliidae and the parrotbills, are retained in a much smaller family Sylviidae. (Wikipedia)

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