Leiothrichidae – Laughingthrushes

Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush (Garrulax mitratus) by Ian

Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush (Garrulax mitratus) by Ian

And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me. (Genesis 21:6 KJV)

CLASS – AVES, Order – PASSERIFORMES, Leiothrichidae – Laughingthrushes

Latest I.O.C. Version
Species (135)

Capuchin Babbler (Phyllanthus atripennis) ©Drawing WikiC
White-throated Mountain Babbler (Kupeornis gilberti) Oiseaux
Red-collared Babbler (Kupeornis rufocinctus) BirdingAfrica
Chapin’s Babbler (Kupeornis chapini) Drawing CollinsBirds – Specimen EOL
Spiny Babbler (Turdoides nipalensis) Video IBC
Iraq Babbler (Turdoides altirostris) IBC
Common Babbler (Turdoides caudata) by Ian
Afghan Babbler (Turdoides huttoni) BOKuwait
Striated Babbler (Turdoides earlei) by Nikhil
White-throated Babbler (Turdoides gularis) IBC
Slender-billed Babbler (Turdoides longirostris) IBC Video
Large Grey Babbler (Turdoides malcolmi) by Ian
Arabian Babbler (Turdoides squamiceps) ©WikiC
Fulvous Babbler (Turdoides fulva) IBC
Scaly Chatterer (Turdoides aylmeri) IBC
Rufous Chatterer (Turdoides rubiginosa) ©WikiC
Rufous Babbler (Turdoides subrufa) ©WikiC
Jungle Babbler (Turdoides striata) by Nikhil
Orange-billed Babbler (Turdoides rufescens) ©Drawing WikiC
Yellow-billed Babbler (Turdoides affinis) ©WikiC
Black-faced Babbler (Turdoides melanops) IBC
Black-lored Babbler (Turdoides sharpei) ©WikiC
Dusky Babbler (Turdoides tenebrosa) IBC
Blackcap Babbler (Turdoides reinwardtii) IBC
Brown Babbler (Turdoides plebejus) ©WikiC
White-headed Babbler (Turdoides leucocephala) BirdingSudan
Arrow-marked Babbler (Turdoides jardineii) ©WikiC
Scaly Babbler (Turdoides squamulata) ©WikiC
White-rumped Babbler (Turdoides leucopygia) Oiseaux
Hartlaub’s Babbler (Turdoides hartlaubii) IBC
Hinde’s Babbler (Turdoides hindei) IBC
Northern Pied Babbler (Turdoides hypoleuca) ©WikiC
Southern Pied Babbler (Turdoides bicolor) ©WikiC
Bare-cheeked Babbler (Turdoides gymnogenys) ©Drawing WikiC
Chinese Babax (Babax lanceolatus) ©Drawing WikiC
Mount Victoria Babax (Babax woodi) IBC
Giant Babax (Babax waddelli) Video IBC
Tibetan Babax (Babax koslowi) IBC
Chinese Hwamei (Garrulax canorus) ©WikiC
Taiwan Hwamei (Garrulax taewanus) Video IBC
White-crested Laughingthrush (Garrulax leucolophus) IBC – *LLABS*
Sumatran Laughingthrush (Garrulax bicolor) by Lee – *LLABS*
White-necked Laughingthrush (Garrulax strepitans) IBC
Cambodian Laughingthrush (Garrulax ferrarius) ARKive
Black-hooded Laughingthrush (Garrulax milleti) IBC
Grey Laughingthrush (Garrulax maesi) IBC
Rufous-cheeked Laughingthrush (Garrulax castanotis) IBC
Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush (Garrulax sukatschewi) IBC
Moustached Laughingthrush (Garrulax cineraceus) ©Drawing WikiC
Rufous-chinned Laughingthrush (Garrulax rufogularis) ©WikiC
Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush (Garrulax konkakinhensis) OBI
Barred Laughingthrush (Garrulax lunulatus) ©WikiC
White-speckled Laughingthrush (Garrulax bieti) IBC
Giant Laughingthrush (Garrulax maximus) IBC
Spotted Laughingthrush (Garrulax ocellatus) ©WikiC
Ashy-headed Laughingthrush (Garrulax cinereifrons) ©WikiC
Sunda Laughingthrush (Garrulax palliatus) IBC
Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush (Garrulax rufifrons) IBC
Masked Laughingthrush (Garrulax perspicillatus) ©WikiC
White-throated Laughingthrush (Garrulax albogularis) by Nikhil
Rufous-crowned Laughingthrush (Garrulax ruficeps) Video IBC
Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush (Garrulax monileger) ©WikiC
Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush (Garrulax pectoralis) ©WikiC
Chestnut-backed Laughingthrush (Garrulax nuchalis) IBC
Black-throated Laughingthrush (Garrulax chinensis) (Proof Shot by Lee) – *LLABS*
White-cheeked Laughingthrush (Garrulax vassali) IBC
Rufous-necked Laughingthrush (Garrulax ruficollis) IBC
Yellow-throated Laughingthrush (Garrulax galbanus) ©Drawing WikiC
Blue-crowned Laughingthrush (Garrulax courtoisi) ©WikiC
Wynaad Laughingthrush (Garrulax delesserti) ©Drawing WikiC
Rufous-vented Laughingthrush (Garrulax gularis) ©Drawing WikiC
Plain Laughingthrush (Garrulax davidi) IBC
Grey-sided Laughingthrush (Garrulax caerulatus) ©WikiC
Rusty Laughingthrush (Garrulax poecilorhynchus) ©WikiC
Buffy Laughingthrush (Garrulax berthemyi) IBC
White-browed Laughingthrush (Garrulax sannio) IBC
Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush (Garrulax mitratus) by Ian
Chestnut-hooded Laughingthrush (Garrulax treacheri) IBC
Spot-breasted Laughingthrush (Garrulax merulinus) OBI
Orange-breasted Laughingthrush (Garrulax annamensis) Video IBC
Striated Laughingthrush (Garrulax striatus) by Nikhil Devasar
Black Laughingthrush (Garrulax lugubris) by Ian
Bare-headed Laughingthrush (Garrulax calvus) ©Drawing WikiC
Streaked Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron lineatum) by Nikhil Devasar
Bhutan Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron imbricatum) IBC
Striped Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron virgatum) OBI
Brown-capped Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron austeni) ©Drawing WikiC
Blue-winged Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron squamatum) by MAMuin
Scaly Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron subunicolor) ©WikiC
Elliot’s Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron elliotii) IBC
Brown-cheeked Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron henrici) Video IBC
Black-faced Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron affine) ©WikiC
White-whiskered Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron morrisonianum) ©WikiC
Variegated Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron variegatum) ©WikiC
Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron erythrocephalum) by Ian
Assam Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron chrysopterum) OBI
Silver-eared Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron melanostigma) ©WikiC
Golden-winged Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron ngoclinhense)  Twearth
Malayan Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron peninsulae) ©Drawing WikiC
Collared Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron yersini) IBC
Red-winged Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron formosum) ©WikiC
Red-tailed Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron milnei) – *LLABS*

Red-tailed Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron milnei) by Lee

Red-tailed Laughingthrush (Trochalopteron milnei) by Lee

Himalayan Cutia (Cutia nipalensis) ©Drawing WikiC
Vietnamese Cutia (Cutia legalleni) IBC
Blue-winged Minla (Minla cyanouroptera) ©WikiC
Bar-throated Minla (Minla strigula) ©WikiC
Red-tailed Minla (Minla ignotincta) ©Drawing WikiC
Red-faced Liocichla (Liocichla phoenicea) (Proof Shot by Lee) Photo ©WikiC– *LLABS*
Scarlet-faced Liocichla (Liocichla ripponi) Video IBC
Emei Shan Liocichla (Liocichla omeiensis) IBC
Bugun Liocichla (Liocichla bugunorum) ©Drawing WikiC
Steere’s Liocichla (Liocichla steerii) ©Drawing WikiC
Rusty-fronted Barwing (Actinodura egertoni) ©WikiC
Spectacled Barwing (Actinodura ramsayi) ©WikiC
Black-crowned Barwing (Actinodura sodangorum) IBC –  Video Below
Hoary-throated Barwing (Actinodura nipalensis) ©Drawing WikiC
Streak-throated Barwing (Actinodura waldeni) ©Drawing WikiC
Streaked Barwing (Actinodura souliei) IBC
Taiwan Barwing (Actinodura morrisoniana) ©WikiC
Silver-eared Mesia (Leiothrix argentauris) by Ian
Red-billed Leiothrix (Leiothrix lutea) by Dan at NA – *LLABS*
Grey-crowned Crocias (Crocias langbianis) IBC
Spotted Crocias (Crocias albonotatus) ©Drawing WikiC
Rufous-backed Sibia (Heterophasia annectans) Video IBC
Rufous Sibia (Heterophasia capistrata) by Nikhil
Grey Sibia (Heterophasia gracilis)
Dark-backed Sibia (Heterophasia melanoleuca) ©WikiC
Black-headed Sibia (Heterophasia desgodinsi)
White-eared Sibia (Heterophasia auricularis) ©WikiC
Beautiful Sibia (Heterophasia pulchella) Video IBC
Long-tailed Sibia (Heterophasia picaoides) ©WikiC
Nilgiri Laughingthrush (Montecincla cachinnans) ©WikiC (Black-chined)
Banasura Laughingthrush (Montecincla jerdoni)
Palani Laughingthrush (Montecincla fairbanki) ©WikiC (Kerala)
Ashambu Laughingthrush (Montecincla meridionale)


On the photos or slides, a “by” indicates one of the photographers or videographers, who have given their permission, with links on our sidebar. Please visit their sight to see many more fantastic shots, a “©©” copyright symbol indicates a photo from Creative Commons and ©WikiC is a Creative Commons photo from Wikipedia. “†” indicates the bird is extinct. *LLABS* means it is on Our Life List of All Birds Seen.

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Ian Montgomery’s Birdway
MAMuin’s Picasa
Nikhil Devasar’s Gallery
Nikhil Devasar’s Gallery-II

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Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush by Wondersf

Black-crowned Barwing (Actinodura sodangorum) by IBirdCollection

The Laughingthrushes are the genus Garrulax of the large Old World babbler family of passerine birds. They occur in tropical Asia, with the greatest number of species occurring in the Himalaya and southern China.
These are rangy, medium-sized, floppy-tailed landbirds with soft fluffy plumage. These birds have strong legs and are quite terrestrial. This group is not strongly migratory, and most species have short rounded wings, and a weak flight.

A few, like the Streaked Laughingthrush occur in fairly open habitats, but most are jungle species, difficult to observe in the dense vegetation they prefer.

Like other babblers, these are noisy birds, and the characteristic laughing calls are often the best indication that these birds are present. As with other babbler species, they frequently occur in groups of up to a dozen, and the rainforest species like the Ashy-headed Laughingthrush often occur in the mixed feeding flocks typical of tropical Asian jungle. (Wikipedia)

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