Complete Creation – 1

The Complete Creation is a series of video by Ian Juby of Creation Ministries of Ian Juby.

Ian is “the president of CORE Ottawa, Citizens for Origins Research and Education.” He is “also the director of the Creation Science Museum of Canada, a member of Mensa Canada and the president of the International Creation Science Special Interest Group for Mensans.” He has also had extensive personal studies in Origins for about the past eighteen years.

These are very interesting videos on creation and I plan to post them every few days. There are at least 20 and counting. I hope you enjoy them. Ian Juby has given me permission to “Ya – go for it, post away with the videos.” Thank you, Ian.

Part 1 : Creation/Evoluinon, Who Cares? An exhaustive look at the Creation/Evolution debate with Ian Juby. In this video, Ian introduces Creation and Evolution, and explains why the subject is important. He then introduces the history of the old earth and evolutionary theory.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth


All videos in this series are used with permission from Ian Juby at Creation Ministries of Ian Juby

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