It’s Snowing!

Cardinal by Aestheticphotos

Cardinal by Aestheticphotos

Change is coming to this blog. For one thing, it’s snowing! WordPress has given us some snow for a month or so. I turned it on. How else am I going to get snow down here in Florida?

I am also getting ready to start a new series about Birds in Hymns. It is amazing how many times they are referred to in the hymns we sing as we worship in song. My list of them is getting quite long. The music for them is available and now they can be attached. That “learning curve” has also helped me figure out how to attach the sounds of birds in my blogs.

I hope you will enjoy the new series. As things are figured out, it’s hoped that Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus will only improve and glorify the Lord better.

Yours in Him,


P.S. Below is the first of the new series. Hope you enjoy it. Support pages are coming.

See ~ Wordless Birds

More ~ Birds in Hymns


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