Interesting – Migration and Mechanics of Flight

Canadian Geese by Mike Bader

Canadian Geese by Mike Bader

Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the LORD. (Jeremiah 8:7)

Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south? (Job 39:26 KJVR)

I found this interesting article at Paul Butler’s Production Blog which has audios from Moody Radio.

“For many of us in North America, autumn is characterized by dramatic color, crisp evenings and of course, thousands of birds flying in formation to their winter homes. These features with Dr. Andy McIntosh and Donna O’Daniel look at the mechanics of flight and the science behind bird migration.”

Please listen to the two programs at:
Migration and the Mechanics of Flight – Part I and II

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