World Bird Lists on the Internet

There is plenty of data about the birds of the world on the internet. This site is not competing with them, but just trying to use the pages here to introduce the birds and have links to our articles and links to great pages about them on the internet.

Our emphasis is “Birdwatching from a Christian Perspective”, so, we may see things a little different from time to time. When I read so many of the articles, they tell of the birds evolving, whereas, I believe God created them and told them to go multiply and cover the earth. There has been lots of variation going on, but no “evolution” from one kind to another. So, I just read around their remarks about evolution and enjoy the information about the actual birds.

Here are some links for information on the birds of the world.

IOC World Bird List ver 2.1 – Where I got the data for my list.

Bird Families of the World, 9th edition – Used many times for references

Bird Families of the World, Allen Chartier’s photographs – Newly found – Lots of links for birding the internet

Checklist of the World – Many interesting links

Avibase -“Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world”

Handbook of the Birds of the World – Wikipedia’s extensive information on the birds.

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