Prayer Request for a j mithra

In Our Thoughts and PrayersYou may have noticed that our fine inspirational and insightful writer, a j mithra, has not had any of his usual articles lately. a j (he prefers to have his name in lower case) slipped and fell recently and has dislocated his shoulder. He was already getting very busy with a new school year starting, (he teaches music there in India) and doing special presentations. Now he is slowed down with his shoulder.

Please pray for a j that he heals quickly and has no complications. We miss his articles.

You can catch up on the articles you might have missed by going to his page here – a j mithra plus he has his own website at – Crosstree

a j loves the Lord and is serving Him greatly. Please do keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request for a j mithra

  1. Hello Sister Lee,
    Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and prayers..
    I thank all those who have thought of me in your prayers..
    Please continue to pray for the doctor has asked me to be in plaster until the 13th of September.. Pray that this shouldn’t happen again..

    Love you all and God bless you all..



    • Hello to you, a j,
      Glad your plaster has allowed you to type again. We have missed you and will continue to pray as you patiently wait for the 13th. Lord Bless, Lee


  2. Praying for a j. The insights he shares are so deep.

    i wonder if you watch the news much Lee, and if you saw an item on the Phil. We had a hostage taking situation here last week — a dismissed policeman commandeered a tourist bus 9 am the other Monday. About 12 hours later (everything was on TV) he was dead and so were 8 tourists from Hong Kong. The negotiations went wrong, everything went wrong. The Chinese are outraged, and we are an embarrassed nation. Requesting prayer for the Philippines. We are struggling to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of development but have so many disasters and problems, both natural and man-made.



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