Flying Dust


(Update 10/3) Closed the Blog. All articles relocated to Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus

Update (9/3)  Just realized that when I added pre-dated articles, it is sending you notices of its posting. I thought that pre-dating would keep you from being notified. Since you will get notices (followers), I might as well post them as current dates. So expect more than one post a day for awhile!! The post are being copied from the Birds of the Bible For Kids website to the Kids Section here. Besides, you might enjoy them even though they are for the younger readers. The dust is still flying.

Update (9/1) Opened up a new section of the blog called Kids Section. This is the Introduction for their Bible Birds section, which has links to easier reading articles or ones written for the younger folks.

Some of these articles were here already and others were written just for the Birds of the Bible For Kids blog.  We are placing a copy of all articles on this blog. This will save much duplications. Also, the younger readers will also have the benefit of the wealth of information here also.

Expect to see more articles for both our regular readers and our younger readers. You might be surprised how interesting they can be.

Trust all of this is honoring to the Lord. He is the Creator of all these neat birds and I hope you will be able to easily navigate to the various sections. I really like the new menu on the left side.

Update: (8/29) 10:00pm – Vodpods fixed, now I am trying to adjust the new Sunspot Theme. The dust is really getting thick! Hope you like it, it will get better, I HOPE!

Update: (8/29) All the videos with Vodpod are broken and Peterson’s Bird Series – The dust is getting thick!

I am in the process of preparing this site for a theme change. There are some preparations that are being done behind the scenes. There are over 2,000 post and pages that are being checked.

Missing photos and videos have already been discovered and some broken links are crying for help. So ignore the dust again.

If you want to check out what the new theme will look like, check out the Birds of the Bible for Kids. It will be similar. Click a blog and you will see how the columns change. If you would like to leave a comment or like to let me know if you like it or not, it would be appreciated.

Please leave a Comment. They are encouraging.

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