We Are Fine, but No Electricity

Praise the Lord, we are fine after Hurricane Irma. We stayed with friends during the storm, but are now back home. Our area still doesn’t have electricity (or AC) and our phones were drained. Our neighbor has a generator and recharged the phones for us. So, this is a short post from the phone app.

We had a bit of damage, but our neighbors had more. Will show photos later. Everyone helping each other.

The birds came back as soon as the feeders were hung back up. Glad they found somewhere to hunker down. The eye of the storm went right over us.

Thanks for all the prayers said for those of us who went through the storm. The Lord is good all the time.

7 thoughts on “We Are Fine, but No Electricity

  1. A few years ago, we had a duracho go through our area. I had never heard of one before that time. It’s a storm with hurricane force, straight winds, but develops over land. It literally took huge trees out of the ground by the hundreds, and, of course power poles and lines, etc. Quite a bit of damage to homes as well. It affected about 5 counties in our state. Our town was without power for almost a week. It was really eerie at night, and we had a curfew every night. But it was something of a learning experience. For one thing, I learned to never, never, never leave my refrigerator closed up with food in it during a time like that. You’d think I’d be that smart, but I had other problems on my mind I guess. Anyway, I’m so glad God took such good care of you and Dan.

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  2. Missing my friends. I understand some of Oakwood has power as of last evening. Prayer meeting at FBC must have been “powerful”!!!
    Praying for power to return to your area soon.

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  3. So glad to hear that the damage (chez Dusing) was comparatively minimal, although carport repairs and waiting for electricity to return is not de minimis damage. Anyway, we are glad that God protected you and Dan — may your power be returned soon, and may “normal” return soon thereafter. By the way, on Labor Day, I saw some Black Skimmers in the St. Petersburg/Madeira Beach/St. John’s Pass area. Hopefully I can write something up about that sometime soon.


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