Killdeer atop Killdeer: Appreciating Help from Others

Killdeer  atop  Killdeer:  Appreciating  Help  from  Others

Dr. James J. S. Johnson


KILLDEER perched atop KILLDEER (photo credit: The Offlede)

And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone.  (Ephesians 2:20)

As you strive for a “higher” place in life (whether that be a little higher, or a lot higher, than where you started form)  —  and when you think about your own achievements  —   don’t forget to appreciate those who helped you to rise higher.  Whose shoulders are you standing on?  Whose help should you be appreciative of?

If you are a Christian, this surely applies to your faith’s foundation:  the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is the unique cornerstone of our faith; His apostles and prophets (such as the holy men who wrote the books of the New Testament) provide the theological and historical foundation for our faith, connecting it to the Old Testament (John 5:44-47).

So whatever accomplishment we may ever have, as Christians, we are relying upon — and benefiting from — the firm foundation providentially given to us, i.e., what the prophet Jude calls the “once-delivered-unto-the-saints faith” (Jude 1:3).

That’s what I see, from where I’m perched  —  there are many who have helped me, according to God’s many and good providences along the years!


KILLDEER atop KILLDEER (photo credit: The PhotoNaturalist)


5 thoughts on “Killdeer atop Killdeer: Appreciating Help from Others

    • Thanks — I don’t recall seeing killdeers until I moved to Denton County, Texas, although they probably lived in other areas (in MD and NC) where I resided prior to arriving in the Lone Star State.


  1. Great shot, and very true spiritual truth Lee, we all need to appreciate those who nurtured,guided, mentored,supported, encouraged and spoke into our life, not to mention those who may have prayed daily for us. A good meditation to draw a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude to those who have reflected the Father’s heart to us. Interesting about your Killdeer and interesting name also, though I have never seen them or heard their shrill call) they do look some like our Black Fronted Dotterel, which after all is a small plover and from what I know about your KIlldeer in this case a noisy plover.


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