Do Birds Truly Make Music?

Song Sparrow by Ray - Stoney Creek Ontario Canada

Song Sparrow by Ray – Stoney Creek Ontario Canada

Song of Solomon 2:12
“The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.”

The Bible speaks of bird calls as songs, as most of us do. However, evolutionary theory has led some scientists to say that we are merely assigning human meanings to the calls of birds. They say that the bird calls have nothing to do with real music.

Ornithologists have known for some time that bird songs use the same musical scales as our music. Decades ago, it was noted that some of Beethoven’s work could be heard from the European blackbird. The music was the same as the opening rondo of Beethoven’s “Violin Concert in D, Opus 61.” Since these birds pass their songs from generation to generation, Beethoven could have gotten the lilting music from the forefathers of today’s European blackbird! The songs of some species, like the song sparrow, follow the form of a sonata, beginning with a strong theme, then the theme is musically played with, and for a finish, the original theme is then repeated. Mozart had a starling as a pet. Once, having heard Mozart play his “Piano Concerto in C Major,” the starling not only imitated it, but changed the sharps to flats! Mozart exclaimed, “That was beautiful!” When the starling died, Mozart held an elaborate funeral for it. Eight days later he wrote “A Musical Joke,” which contains the same elaborate structure found in starling song.

Do birds make true music, as the Bible says? Contrary to what some evolutionists say, Beethoven and Mozart certainly thought they did.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You for the gift of music, and I await the music of heaven. Amen.

Author: Paul A. Bartz

Ref: Science News, 4/15/00, pp. 252‑254, “Music without Borders.”  Photo A Song Sparrow singing by Keith  CCA 2.0

Rondo – Violin Concert in D, Opus 61

Mozart’s Piano Concerto in C Major

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14 thoughts on “Do Birds Truly Make Music?

  1. Please continue sharing your fascinating experience and knowledge with us. We appreciate your work!

    They ABSOUTELY make music, that every morning I wake up to- inspiring me and always reminiding me to WORSHIP GOD. We worship together, always. I call them- brothers and sisters of creation because that’s what they are.

    And to think that some masterpieces of classical music have been stolen from Nature- lol, we thought they were masterminds – turns out some of them had an excellent ear for the music of birds. Man copies everything from what God has already made. AMEN!

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  2. It is wonderful Lee that the birds make true music, and also that they , like us, often sing for the pleasure it gives them as they worship their Creator doing what they were created to do well. The endorphin feel good effect is similar to us when we worship.

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