April Lorier

April Lorier

April Lorier writes great articles on her “Christian Nature” blog and has agreed to be a guest author. She is allowing us to reproduce some of her very thoughtful and inspiring challenges about birds and the Creator. I trust you will be as blessed by her writings as I am.

April Lorier With The Lord – Oct or Nov 2013

Articles Below:

Sparrows and God Care
Maturing Cockatiels and Christians
A Song Greater Than A Nightingale’s Song
Eagles and the Atmosphere of Grace
Cockatiel Bird Brain Wisdom
Lessons from Smallest Bird
The Secret Only God Knows About Hummingbirds
Who is Worth More – Me or Ravens?
Intelligence of Parrots
Thousands of Eyes, But No Brain?
The Birds, the Economy, and My Provider

April Lorier’s Former Websites:
April Lorier Perspective – God Woman Blog – Christian Nature – April Lorier on Townhall

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