Thousands of Eyes, But No Brain?

This is a copy of a neat article by April Lorier – “Thousands of Eyes, But No Brain?

April Lorier Perspective

Brittlestar from Wikipedia

Brittlestar from Wikipedia

We generally associate eyes with our brain because they are two closely working parts of our nervous system. Our brain is necessary to interpret what our eyes see. However, the brittlestar, a relative of the starfish, has thousands of eyes and no brain.

The brittlestar’s body is covered with a pliable crystalline material. Inserted in this material are literally thousands of perfectly shaped lenses that collect light. Each of these lenses is about half the diameter of a human hair.

Researchers commented that these lenses are much finer than anything we can engineer. Studies show that all of these lenses work together to act as one giant eye. They seem to work rather like the compound eye of the fly. The lenses focus incoming light on photoreceptors.

Brittlestar ©Rachel Graham

Brittlestar ©Rachel Graham

Researchers believe that this arrangement allows the brittlestar to form a rough image of its surroundings and tell what time of day it is. If the light becomes too bright, the brittlestar can darken its skin, in effect, putting on sunglasses. Even more amazing is that the brittlestar does all of this, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a brain! As one researcher put it, “This is very clever engineering.”

The wonders that have come from God’s creative hand can lead even evolutionists to use the language of creation. Yet, God’s greatest wonder is His plan for our salvation.

2010 Christian Nature

“Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the desire…” Ecclesiastes 6:9a —

References: Discover, 11/01, p. 16.

Used with permission of April Lorier.

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  1. Thanks April for your article. In all excellence, it reveals the intricacies of our LORD Jesus Christ who is past finding out.

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